Vet Told to Euthanize Dog: Changes His Life Instead

There are many unpleasant tasks that are part of a vet’s role, such as draining anal glands or dealing with diarrhea and vomiting. However, the worst job of all is euthanizing animals. Sometimes, euthanasia is the kindest option for an animal that is facing death and is suffering greatly. The worst situation for a vet is when they are asked to euthanize an animal that is ill but has the potential to recover. There are various reasons why this can happen, including animals that are unlikely to find a home that are living in shelters, and pet owners not having the funds to treat a condition. It was the latter that led to one dog nearly losing their life until a kind-hearted vet stepped in to change the dog’s future.

Debo the Pitbull

According to I Heart Dogs, a seven-year-old Pitbull called Debo was taken to the vet by his owners. Not only was the dog emaciated, but he was also suffering from various health conditions. These included heartworm disease, hookworms, and serious eye and ear infections. Unfortunately, Debo’s owners could not afford to give the dog the treatments he desperately needed. Instead, they made the heartbreaking decision to take him to the vets and ask for the vet to euthanize the dog. The vet in question was Dr. Seter. Thankfully, the vet had other ideas and did not think euthanasia was appropriate in this circumstance. The kind-hearted vet decided he wanted to give Debo a second chance at life.

Dr. Setzer’s Decision

Dr. Setzer is the owner and the lead vet at the Lesslie Animal Hospital, which is located in Rockhill, South Carolina. Treating dogs and rescuing them from the brink of death is all in a day’s work for the vet. He even has his own dog, which is a dog that he saved to prevent euthanasia. His pet is a three-legged dog called Snoop. Since Dr. Seltzer welcomed Snoop into his home, he has become a much-loved member of the family, and he has also become the unofficial mascot of the animal hospital. The vet has explained that he fell in love with Debo the second the Pitbull arrived at his clinic, and his staff felt just the same. When Debo walked into the clinic, he rubbed himself against the vet’s leg and showed everyone his sweet and loving nature.

When Debo’s parents asked Dr. Setzer to euthanize the dog, the vet had other ideas. He had looked into the Pitbull’s eyes and saw that the dog had the will to live. He decided to ask the dog’s owners if they would sign their dog over to the clinic. Thankfully, the owners were persuaded by Dr. Setzer, and they agreed to his idea. They even made a small contribution towards the cost of his planned medical care. However, this was not enough to get Debo back to health, so Dr. Setzer needed more health.

Getting Support for Debo

The vet turned to Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue for help. They found a foster home for Debo, which gave the pooch a comfortable and loving home for his recovery. He then began the long journey back to health, which involved a strict regime of medication and treatments. Throughout his recovery, Debo made regular trips to see the staff at the Lesslie Animal Hospital, which gave Dr. Setzer the chance to catch up with him and to help him along the road to recovery. Soon, Dr. Seltzer and his team had transformed Debo’s life. While he had once been skinny with a swollen face, he had soon gained weight and was looking a lot healthier. According to Dr. Setzer, the dog’s recovery was also apparent from his behavior. Each time Dr. Setzer saw him, Debo seemed a little bit livelier. The vet said he began to vocalize more, and his tail wagged harder at each visit.

Debo’s Continuing Journey to Recovery

Although Debo has come a long way, he still has a battle for his health ahead of him. He will continue to need treatment for heartworms, and he has several surgeries. These include undergoing the neutering procedure and a double ear ablation, which is a surgical procedure that involves removing his ear canals. His medication and surgeries all come at a cost, and it is more than either the animal hospital or the rescue center can afford. Therefore, the Big Heart Big Barks Rescue Center has started fundraising to raise the necessary money. They hope their efforts will help to raise a further $2,700, which is the figure needed for Debo to complete his treatment. To raise this money, they have set up a YouCaring page for Debo.

Finding a Permanent Home for Debo

Despite Debo still having a long road to recovery, Dr. Setzer feels confident that the Pitbull can fight his way back to health and enjoy a happy life. The vet’s aim now is to get Debo as healthy as possible so that they can find him a permanent home where he has a loving family. Dr. Setzer believes that the ideal home for Debo is a family with children due to the dog’s loving and friendly nature. He needs to feel part of a family and to get involved in family life. All Debo wants is a family to love him, and he will love them in return. Although Debo does not have his forever home yet, Dr. Setzer truly believes that happy family life is what the future holds for the dog. Although he has not had a great life so far, he is still only seven-years-old, so he has many years ahead of him and a lot of love left to give to the right people. Hopefully, the efforts of Dr. Setzer and his team will be worthwhile, and Debo will get a second chance at life.

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