Whatever Happened to Mariko Takahashi from that Weird Poodle Video?

Mariko Takahashi is an actress, dancer and model who made waves with her “Video from a Different Universe: Exercise with the Poodle People.” The video is among the most bizarre that we’ve seen to date and we bet that there’s not another one around like it. The video was made and released 14 years ago and it went viral within a short period of time. For those of you who remember the offputting video, we’ve done a little research to find out what became of Mariko.

Mariko Takahashi’s background

Mariko is a Japanese-American who was born in San Francisco, California in 1984. In 2004, she shot a fitness video with a different twist. She performed fitness exercises with a group of poodles who were morphed into humans. Takahashi herself has taken on some of the characteristics of the dogs she’s working out with. Her arms and legs have ball-shaped muscles, similar to the fancy grooming job given her workout companions. In the video, Mariko is a lean and muscular girl who is labeled as “ex-fat girl.” an inset of a picture taken of her prior to her amazing weight loss, is included in the video and the transformation is remarkable.

Takahashi’s credits

Thanks to the fitness video involving the poodles, Mariko became a YouTube sensation. For anyone who is wondering what became of her, she’s been involved in several films. She appeared in “Funky Forest” and “Movie Hustle” in 2005, then went on to act in two more in 2007, including “Academy” and “Aria.” The 33-year old has continued on with her YouTube career and she goes by Mari Takahashi as a part of the group that is called Smosh. She’s a former ballerina and host of “Smosh Pit Weekly” as well as hosting “Maricraft” which is her own YouTube show that was previously known as “Super Mari Fun Time.”

Her first video

She didn’t start out with the poodle fitness video Her first major appearance was in “Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE,” which is a Smosh video. You can also catch some of her professional performances as a ballerina on ATOMICMARI on YouTube.

Her personal life

Mari had been dating Peter Kitch for several years before he popped the question and the couple became engaged in 2017. After a much shorter engagement, the two were married in April of 2018. She’s a newlywed and looks radiant in her YouTube appearances, so we can only assume that she’s blissfully happy.

The Poodle video sent a message

If you’re wondering why the “Poodle Fitness” video was made, it was to make a strong statement. Takahashi took on some characteristics of the poodles through the use of prosthetics to give her the fluffy muscles. The poodles are actually human actors with the heads of real poodles superimposed on them for the sake of the video. The oddness of the body shapes of the actors in the video represents the distorted view that people have of the ideal body and what it should look like. It’s more of a spoof shot that is aimed towards body shamers as well as all others who feel pressured into looking like a picture perfect model from the cover of an expensive glam magazine. If you haven’t seen the video, you can catch it here:

More than a weird fitness guru

Mari Takahashi is a versatile and amazing YouTube star who has earned her stripes in this sector of the industry. She’s multi-talented and continues to use her abilities to keep us entertained. If you haven’t’ yet seen her in action, but remember the Poodle fitness video, you really should check out her latest videos. She’s an amazing woman and she’s moving ahead in her internet video career. Don’t judge her by the strange video that may not reflect her finest hour. It’s unique and it was made with a worthy goal behind its creation.

What’s ahead for Mari?

Mari shows no sign of slowing down in her career. She’s doing well and is enjoying a new chapter in her personal life as well as success in her YouTube career. We expect to see her continue on with the Smosh videos as well as hosting the two internet programs she’s currently involved in. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see her name added to a few new films in the future, at least we’re hoping this will be the case.

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