Dog Makes Miracle Recovery only to find out No one Wants Her

Recovery Dog

For centuries, purebred dogs have been treasured as a status symbol and there are clubs and events to promote and protect the bloodline of a certain breed. Nevertheless, dogs do not hold such prejudices and millions of mixed breed dogs are born every year. In some parts of the world, mixed breed dogs (or mutts as they are called) are relegated as persona non grata as a desirable pet. This is a shame as mixed breed dogs are known to be better behaved and have fewer inbred congenital health conditions, so they make the ideal pet.

A lovely little girl hound named Lila suffered horrible abuse including starvation and dehydration. Her food and water had been placed out of reach from where she was securely tethered. She would have surely expired if not for an Osa Peninsula Rescue worker who took her for immediate medical treatment. Miraculously, Lila survived and regained her strength, health, and playfulness. All she needed was a forever home with humans who would take her into their heart–but there have been no takers.

In most shelters around the world, purebreds tend to have the shortest stays; however, in Costa Rica, due to dense overcrowding in shelters and personal preferences of adopters, mixed breed dogs are looked down upon as substandard and undesirable. After all Lila has been through and despite the efforts of animal rescue workers and veterinary personnel, she has recovered from neglect only to be still left out in the cold.


Humans adopt dogs as pets for several reasons. Some wish to have a certain breed because they have status, like designer purse dogs or breeds like pit bulls that seem trendy in their neighborhood. Some families prefer purebred large German Shepherds to make them feel more secure in their homes.These types of dogs, when given up for adoption, have little trouble being placed to find new homes. Many adopt a dog for nefarious reasons as dogs usually can’t fight back against sadistic abuse and are dependent upon their owners for their quality of life. Unfortunately, there are such demented individuals who enjoy torturing defenseless animals. It’s a sad fact of life, and these mistreated pets depend upon rescue organizations like OSA Peninsula to find them and rehabilitate them from their ordeal.

The lucky ones who survive need help in the form of support for animal rescue operations as well as finding a home for these amazing dogs who still need love and have love to give to their new owners. Did Lila make a comeback from the threshold of death, only to be cast aside by prejudice? The OSA Pensinsula rescue is doing all they can do to rehabilitate and restore life in these forgotten canine friends.

The best reason to adopt a canine is to share a loving bond with the animal with the intent of giving it a safe, secure, forever home. One look at Lila’s gentle, pretty face on the OSA Peninsula Animal Rescue Page tells prospective owners that she would make a great companion.

Those who cannot adopt a rescue dog can help in other ways like donations to help these valiant rescue workers find dogs who are still waiting to be rescued.

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