Possibly The Most Motivational Therapy Dog In The World

A particular therapy dog, takes workout to a whole other level with his killer moves alongside his owner. The video of a dog busting some sick moves with his owner in an exercise has made rounds on Twitter and Instagram, and for the right reasons. According to Time, the dog, identified as Magnus, is a certified therapy dog. The three-year-old Lab has a keen eye for workout, especially sit-ups and has a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to it. In the short clip, Magnus sees his owner working out and rests on top of him for some press-ups. He additionally, provides the best motivational company that any gym-goer could dream of. Magnus is even familiar with the downward facing dog exercise position. From the video, Magnus has collected immense praise and admiration from internet users. He makes work out so much fun and interesting for his owner.

The Relationship Between Dogs And Workout Motivation

Most times, every gym-goer or workout fanatic has a workout partner. Your gym buddy is one who supports you unconditionally and knows how to motivate you, especially when you can’t keep going any further. It is no secret that dogs do make everything better. However, studies show that owning a dog has increased health benefits. These benefits stretch way beyond the euphoric feeling of happiness and love.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Owning A Dog?

According to Well and Good, pets can help reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels just to mention a few. A study conducted by the American Heart Association concluded that people with pets were at lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, your dog can be your best gym buddy yet. Do you struggle to hit your targeted steps for the day? Well, your dog is an accountability buddy who encourages you to keep walking. Studies show that taking your dog out for a walk or a jog depending on how excited they are, could be all the motivation you need. Moreover, the walks with your dog will not only see your heart rate improving but also ensure that the two of you spend some quality time. The University of Columbia conducted a study in 2019 and discovered that participants who walked dogs for more than 20 minutes a day for five weeks lost close to 14 pounds.

If you are a dog owner, you know that having a dog encompasses more than just the physical benefits. Having a canine friend has been proven to improve one’s mental health over time. Dogs have a way of making you feel like the most important person in the universe. They are always excited when their owners come home. A study also concluded that dog owners have high self-esteem levels, are significantly fit and less lonely than their non-pet owner counterparts. Additionally, it is difficult to feel stressed with a dog around as one study from VCU suggests. The study found that employees were less likely to be stressed and were generally happy on the job with a dog around. According to Journal & Courier, walking your dog also helps take their minds off loneliness. Exercising dogs prevents them from chewing on things in the house, which could lead to destruction.


So how do You Turn You Dog into a Workout Buddy?

The recommended amount of exercise for a dog varies greatly depending on their age, breed and general physical health. However, most dogs need to be on the move, and so do you. If your dog has gotten accustomed to walking around the block or you feel it is time to upgrade your exercises, then the ideas below might work for you. Before we get to the exercise ideas, it’s always essential to consult with your vet to determine which exercise fits your pet more. Always keep in mind that just like humans, not all activities are fit for all dogs. Generally, short-snouted dogs such as pugs and pit bulls have a hard time breathing, so it is best to make the judgment call before engaging in some intense agility training exercises or distance running for your canine.

Stair Running

Before you undertake your stair activity with your furry friend, keep in mind that dogs climb stairs quicker than humans. his will ensure that you don’t trip over them when you are both running up and down the stairs. With that being said, if both of you are used to taking the stairs when going for a walk, try switching things up by stair running and watch your dog enjoy the activity. It will probably tire you out faster since, as mentioned above dogs are quick on their feet. Regardless it is a great cardio exercise for both of you.

Hit The Gym Together

If you are not a fan of the whole stair climbing exercise routine, then try the gym. Again, it is essential to remember that dogs can’t exercise like humans. Consult your vet first to determine the most appropriate exercise for your furry friend. You can start by introducing your dog to an agility training course in your area to determine their strengths. It is also noteworthy to point out that dogs are great athletes, and once they have cracked the code, you will be the one fighting to keep up with them.

Jumping Through Hoops

This exercise is also an excellent way for your dog to determine its agility. Seeing your dog manage to jump through the hoops proves to be exciting for the owner and an excellent workout for your dog.

Final Thoughts

While dog walking or exercising can seem like an utterly menial task, it is of great importance to both you and your furry friend. Researchers conclude that dogs are a consistent motivation for exercises, so the next time you need some sort of incentive to hit the gym, try taking your dog with you.

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