The Awesome Dogs Helping to Deliver Quarantine Beer

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on our social lives. Due to the social distancing measures to curb its spread, people can no longer go outside to have fun. Beaches, bars, and hotels have been closed down and any form of partying prohibited. This has further worsened the already tough situation, as having fun in such areas usually relieves stress. That is why the news of two dogs that help deliver beer during this quarantine period has warmed the hearts of many people. According to BuzzFeed News, the two dogs named Buddy and Barley, help deliver beer to customers. They belong to Karen and Mark, a couple who owns the Heuwetter’s Long Island microbrewery. Before the pandemic, the dogs used to love hanging around their owners at the family business. You would often spot them playing around and having fun with those around them.

Now that the pandemic has forced customers to stay at home, Karen and Mark decided to bring the party to them. To add flavor to their deliveries the couple tag along Buddy and Barley. According to cute photos shared on their Instagram pages, the two dogs are always excited and eager to perform their new task. Whenever there is an order, their dad Mark carries them at the backseat of his car. When they arrive at their destination, he gives them each a collar with four empty beer cans attached. They then run over lawns, around bushes and over yards, all in a rush to locate a customer’s porch. With the bottles rattling and each other and the whole mood they display, it hard to ignore them. Customers usually meet them and at porch and are so much elated.

However, the two do not deliver the actual beer. It is done by humans wearing gloves and masks. This is because as the dogs quickly run and jump around they may end up shaking the beer – no one wants that. The dogs task is to alert the customer of their arrival and cheer them up. According to Karen, the dogs enjoy doing deliveries as they get to exercise and also meet new people. Putting a smile on customers’ faces is pretty effortless for them. The two have even brought in more business as people get to share cute photos of them doing deliveries. In an almost similar story, another dog Soda Pup has also made a name for himself by doing wine deliveries to customers around Huggerstown. According to his owner Lori Yata, the dog loves socializing with people and has been gloomy ever since the social distancing measures were put in place. In the past Soda would always eagerly await anyone coming in and jump up to greet them. But since guests no longer come to the winery, the dog has been idle and sad for the most part. That is, until his owner thought of a brilliant way to cheer him up.

According to Today, on March 20, Yata bought a saddle bag meant for horses and posted a note on Facebook hoping to attract Soda’s old friends. In the post ‘Soda’ promises to personally deliver wine, in the new wine saddlebag. This post did the trick, and soon after orders started streaming in and Soda became as busy as he could be. Customers call to place an order ahead of time. They then drive to the winery’s parking and call the staff to alert them that they are ready for their order. Yata equips Soda’s vest with a couple of treats and opens the door for him. The dog then matches to the parking lot bearing the goodies for the awaiting customer. According to Yata, customers are always so excited to see him deliver. The move also promotes social distancing.

At first Soda had not been so good at the task, as he severally whacked the door frame when getting out. With time, however, he has gotten the hang of it. His owner, only has to make sure there are no critters such as geese, squirrels or bunnies roaming around as the dog may suddenly abandon his task and chase after them. Otherwise, Soda is great at his job and seemingly enjoys doing it. The dog has also boosted the winery’s finances as some people have come to buy, and brought along their kids, just to see Soda deliver. Yata is truly thankful to her furry companion for his role during this stressful time.

How to Train a Dog to Run Errands

If you admire dogs who run errands like Buddy, Barley, and Soda, and would like to own one, you can either buy one that is trained, or train yours. According to Modern Mechanix, if your dog obeys simple instructions such as ‘Sit’, ‘Come’ and ‘Speak’ he can be taught so many other tricks. You only need to exercise patience and take him through a step by step method when learning a new trick. For example, if you want your dog to help in carrying staff around the house, you can start with simple items such as a rolled newspaper. Once the dog masters carrying that, you can then move to a wood dumbbell then a basket. However, you have to ensure that the dog’s weight and size are ideal for it to be able to perform the task at hand. Dogs that weigh more than 75 pounds are considered suitable to perform such physicals tasks. Whereas dogs that weigh less than 75 pounds can be trained to perform intelligent tasks such as alerting you when your telephone rings. If you do not have the time or patience to adequately train your dog, you can always hire an expert. Dogs are quite smart and loyal, and once given appropriate lessons will not only bring joy to you and those around you but can also offer a helping hand.

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