Meet Adorable Two-Legged Lieutenant Dan

Lt. Dan is the two-legged dog who has been making headlines. He’s even been featured on local and world news stations because of his inspirational story. This brave pooch has recently been appointed as an ambassador for a major brand and his fame is just starting to take off. We recently heard about this heartwarming story and had to find out more about the special pup who is becoming the new sweetheart of America. Here is everything that we know about Lt. Dan

A star is born

Lieutenant Dan is a two-legged dog who has recently achieved celebrity status. He was named the official Cadbury USA 2020 Easter Bunny. His picture is being used in the candymaker’s promotions. He was awarded this distinction thanks to the voters who cast their ballots and helped him to earn this big recognition. The world will be seeing a lot more of him between now and Easter.

What makes Lieutenant Dan so special?

Lieutenant Dan serves as an inspiration to almost everyone on the planet. He is a disabled pet that faces some really huge challenges, but with the help of others, he is overcoming them. There are many life lessons that we can learn from him. Lt. Dan was competing with more than 4,000 other hopefuls for the role of Cadbury Bunny 2020, and he was able to go the distance through the eliminations to make it to the number one position.

He shows us how good life is

Instead of lying in a corner and withering away, Lieutenant Dan enjoys every day of his life to the fullest. He is a happy dog according to his owner, and he spreads his joy for life to all who have the privilege of being around him. It is perhaps his brave spirit and inner happiness that inspires us the most. He sets an example of how we can see the good that we do have instead of struggling with the things that we don’t.

Who is Lieutenant Dan?

Lieutenant Dan is a coonhound who was born with severe deformities in his hind legs and his tail. He has been different since the time that he was born so he doesn’t know what it is to have normally functioning back legs. His owner shared that he has never allowed it to slow him down. His zest for life and inborn joyous nature is not only inspiring, but it is also infectious. He’s a rescue dog who was taken in by Laura Weber, his owner when he was only five months old. She adopted him with the full knowledge of his physical issues. She was faced with the decision of whether to allow the amputation of his hind paws and tail or to forego the surgery that could improve his comfort. The New Richmond, Ohio pet lover made the heart-wrenching decision and then helped him by nurturing him back to health after the amputation and arranging for his new wheels that he uses religiously to get around. She also commented that he is not even aware that he is handicapped because it doesn’t slow him down or stop him from doing the things that he wants to do.

Lieutenant Dan as an inspiration for pet lovers

There are a lot of dogs and cats in the world today that are born with physical deformities. Many of them are discarded and either sent off to shelters or dropped off without the benefit of a place to stay. Lieutenant Dan’s story has inspired many of us pet lovers to consider some of these underdogs that are hard to place because they’re not physically perfect, as alternatives. He shows us that the most important thing is the personality of a pet and the connection that we develop with them. Some of the sweetest animals are those that are not perfect. Often, their imperfections become endearing qualities that make them different and unique. This heartwarming story opens our eyes to the love and companionship that is waiting in many of these pets that have been overlooked.

He teaches us technology is for pets too

While the focus is largely on creating accommodations for humans with physical challenges, the current technology in medical science applies to our pets as well. Lieutenant Dan gets around very well in his wheelchair. When he moves around without struggling, those who see it are deeply moved by the love and care shown by his owners and the creators of this device, and his willingness to adapt to the use of the wheelchair. Technology is for helping our beloved pets have the most normal and happy lives possible, as much as it is for people.


Every time a touching human interest story comes along, like Lieutenant Dan’s, we’re reminded of just how wonderful life can and should be. We see hope, happiness and joy in pets that are simply happy to be alive and loved by their human families. We are reminded that our pets are a big part of our lives and they not only have the capacity to bring companionship and an escape from loneliness, but they also inspire us on a daily basis. Our pets have a lot to teach us about the things that are important in life, but often, we’re too busy to stop and consider just how important they are. Sometimes just being alive, having what we need to exist, being surrounded by love, and seeing another wonderful day on the planet is enough. They show us that the simple things in life are free and they are all around us. And every once in a while, a very special furry friend, like Lieutenant Dan touches our hearts so profoundly that we can’t help but take a few moments for reflection on the things that really matter.

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