Heroic Boys Save Abandoned and Starving Dog Tied up with Bungee Cords

In these days we are all more than aware of the level of animal neglect that is out there, and those of us who love out pets are, more often than not, appalled by it all. The depravity shown by human begins seems to know no bounds, and stark photographic evidence is flashed across our television screens throughout the day by charity groups for animals, constantly reminding us that real monsters do exist. Since 2016 more than 10,000 strays were removed from the streets in Detroit, according to Freep.com. Some were simply living on the streets; others were removed from abusive situations. All were neglected and abandoned to some level. But, as you know, the darkness and lack of love these pets have experienced is a place of darkness that, thanks to the efforts of organizations like humane societies, animal rights groups, and pet adoption organizations all over the world. Places like this, and individuals like the group of boys you are getting ready to read about, are the light at the end of the long tunnel that the seemingly hopeless animals need if they are to have a future.

One Good Deed Turns to Two

The year was 2016, and four boys from Detroit were setting out to do their good deed for the day: help a new neighbor move their things into their new home. The day was progressing as expected when they heard something that sounded like a cry coming from a house nearby, which had been abandoned. Now, it’s pretty much a given that most of us would want to investigate, but you can imagine the curiosity that Andrew Daniels, 7, Kenneth Dancy, 11, Kevin Dancy (age not given), and Kenny Dancy, 13, felt when the sound reached their young ears. They, of course, couldn’t resist.

The boys approached the house and, while checking things out, discovered a dog behind the house. The animal was emaciated weak, and worst of all, she had been bound with bungee cords. It was as though whoever had done this wanted to immobilize the animal, so it was forced to starve to death. The dismay and sadness in the dog’s eyes said it all. Who in the world would do something like this? Well, there was never a question amongst the four of them as to what they should do. Without hesitation they rushed over to her and released her from the cords. But they didn’t stop there. One of them decided that she should be taken home and cared for, so he hurriedly got her to the home he shared with his parents. Together, the four of them named her ‘Sparkles’. For what may have been the first time in her life, Sparkles was about to learn what it was like to be really loved.

The Light Gets Brighter

The dog was now safe until someone with more resources could respond to her needs. Soon, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (DPCDR) arrived to do their part. The mission of this non-profit organization states as follows: “…To rescue to destitute stray dogs of [the city of] Detroit. We rescue any breed of dog that is living on the streets of Detroit and that is injured, sick, or pregnant.” Obviously, there was no one better to respond to Sparkles needs at that time, but the boys couldn’t be too sure. All four of them discussed what the future held for the dog with the rescue team so they could rest assured that she was going to be okay. According to Theresa Sumpter, founder of the DPCDR, “You could really tell [the boys] love this dog; they were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.” The team was so impressed with the concern the boys expressed for the animal that they asked them if they would like to be interviewed; of course, the kids all agreed with excitement.

Time to Say Goodbye…

After all the ado and some extensive hugging, the boys told Sparkles goodbye and the crew bussed the dog off to a veterinarian, where she was checked for man and given a good once-over to check her overall health status. It turned out that she was fine, mostly needing food, rest, and love. Once they got Sparkles on her feet and the pep back into her step she was fostered to a loving home, and shortly after that she was introduced to her ‘fur-ever’ family, who adopted her and took her home to love for good. While all of those hugs marked the last time the Dancy Brothers and little Andrew Daniels would see Sparkles, it proved to light a spark in them that was just beginning. Meeting and saving that poor dog motivated their hearts, and the boys continued saving stray, sick, and needy animals in the Detroit area. It’s wonderful to know that, as cliché as it may sound, every cloud, no matter how dark and gray, has a silver lining that shines on.

Something to Consider…

As we stated earlier, most of us would never consider harming an animal, but there are far too many people out there would and DO. As angry as this may make us, it is important to remember that the best way to combat the darkness is with light. Rather than letting our anger get out of control, take a proactive role when you see, hear about, or know of an animal who is being abused. Do what you can to ensure the animal is saved and taken to safety. Know the numbers to, and the locations of, your local rescue missions or humane societies; they will be able to either help you directly or provide you with the names and phone numbers to resources who can. When it comes to these innocent pets, it is important to do the right thing. Remember to think of the animals, and to make the best decision for them in any situation. Most of all, if you can’t afford to provide all the care they need, realize it might not be the best time to get one. All of these things aids in the fight against animal neglect and abuse.

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