Sweet Dog Doesn’t Sleep Until Mommy Tucks Him in Every Night

Many parents find that their child benefits from a good bedtime routine, and this varies from one household to the next. Some children like to have a parent lie next to them to help them fall asleep, while others enjoy a warm drink or a bedtime story. Similarly, many adults find that a bedtime routine helps them to get a good nights’ sleep. If a bedtime routine works so well for humans, then it makes sense to think that it can also benefit some pets. One dog has recently attracted attention due to his bedroom routine, as he cannot go to sleep until his mum has tucked him into bed every night.

Meet Fusion and Steffi Trott

The dog in question is a gray and white Border Collie called Fusion, and his owner is Steffi Trott, who is a dog trainer. Fusion and Steffi spend a lot of time together, particularly practicing Steffi’s dog training skills. As a result of the extensive training Fusion has received, he can now understand more than 150 commands. Steffi told The Dodo that she and Fusion are together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even when they are not working together and learning new tricks, they are together either relaxing or playing fun games, such as frisbee. She loves nothing more than spending time with her dog and teaching him new tricks.

She even takes him along to all her dog training classes, which he really enjoys. As he is a Border Collie, he is a highly intelligent dog, but the breed also has a demanding nature. However, he is a sweet dog that is very obedient during the dog training sessions and enjoys the attention he receives. Border Collies are popular as both working dogs and as family pets. They were originally bred for herding sheep and working on farms on the border of England and Scotland, says Dog Time. Border Collies are ideal for these jobs due to their intelligence. On the other hand, their pleasant temperament means they make excellent companions.

Fusion’s Sleeping Preferences

Although Steffi has taught Fusion most of the tricks he knows, there is one special trick that he has come up with all on his own, and that is his special nighttime routine. Many dogs like to sleep as close to their humans as possible, and many even sleep in their human’s bed. However, Fusion prefers to sleep in his own bed. He has his own silky blanket on his bed, so it is a comfortable space for the dog to sleep. Fusion is not the only dog in the house, as Steffi also has two other dogs in her family. These dogs differ from Fusion as they prefer to sleep with Steffi rather than in their own beds. Therefore, Fusion’s habits stand out in this household.

His Special Bedtime Routine

Although it may not seem that strange to many dog owners that Fusion likes to sleep in his own bed, the difference is that he needs tucking in first before he can fall asleep. It may make you wonder how he got into this routine in the first place. Ron Project says that Steffi has explained the reason she believed the routine started. She thinks that it stems from her 10-year-old son tucking Fusion into bed with his blanket one night. Fusion seemed to take a liking to being tucked into bed, and the routine has continued from there.

Bedtime Sabotage from His Canine Siblings

Sometimes, Fusion’s canine siblings try to sabotage his bedtime routine. When this happens, he cannot go to sleep until the ever-patient Steffi fixes the problem for him. However, Steffi is always happy to keep Fusion happy and to keep him as comfortable as possible during the night. Steffi gives the example of one of the other dogs stealing his bed. Instead of just getting in alongside the other dog or getting in bed with his human family, Fusion will go and stand next to Steffi’s bed until she gets up and finds him another bed to sleep on. Although this is inconvenient, it is something that Steffi is more than happy to do, as she knows he will not settle until the situation is resolved.

Saying Goodnight Each Night

You might by now wonder how the family knows when Fusion is ready for sleep and needs tucking into his bed. Well, he does the same thing every night. When his canine siblings go off to bed, Fusion simply goes and stands next to his bed. He will stand next to his bed without making any effort to lie down until one of his human family arrives to tuck him in for the night.

Fusion on Social Media

Steffi thinks that her dog’s bedtime routine is adorable, so she has shared it on social media so that other people can enjoy watching Fusion’s cute bedtime routine. However, this is not the only thing that Fusion does that Steffi shares on social media. She is very proud of her dog’s talents and the many skills that he has picked up during his extensive training. As she is his trainer, she sees her dog’s skills as a demonstration of her own professional talents. Showing off Fusion’s skills is a fine example of what she can achieve during dog traini9ng sessions.

Therefore, she has set up a YouTube channel called Spirit Dog Training. Steffi posts regular videos of her dog training sessions. She also posts various videos at home that feature her three dogs. Of course, the star of the show is Fusion, who can demonstrate his abilities to understand more than 150 commands. If you are fascinated by Fusion’s bedtime routine, or you are interested in seeing his other tricks, then you should check out the Spirit Dog Training channel on YouTube.

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