Youtube Star MrBeast Finds Homes for Every Dog in the Shelter

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is the North Carolina-based YouTube star who’s risen to fame for pulling some of the most outrageous stunts on the web. He started out by publishing lengthy videos (and we really do mean lengthy – some of them went on for 12 hours) of him performing mundane tasks that somehow turned into compulsory viewing. If you thought watching someone read every word in the dictionary would be boring, you clearly haven’t seen MrBeast do it. Gradually, he progressed to ever showier and ever more expensive stunts with the likes of “Paying People $10,000 To Eat Ghost Pepper,” “I Bought Everything in A Store,” and “Last to Remove Hand, Wins House.” As the ambitions of the videos got bigger, so did the viewing numbers. In just a couple of years, his channel has gone from 100,000 subscribers to over 40 million subscribers – and their ranks are still growing.

“It doesn’t matter what the topic of the video is anymore, really,” Rob Wilson, a YouTube creator and analyst at VidIQ, tells The Verge. “They’re just fascinated by what he does. He has the ideas of a 12-year-old and he turns them into a reality in a way YouTubers haven’t done before.” But if he has the ideas of a 12-year-old, it’s a 12-year-old with a heart. In his latest video, MrBeast has pulled off the impossible task of finding a home for every single dog at a shelter in Georgia. No mean feat, especially considering he was working to a deadline, but somehow, he did it.

The Idea

Some of MrBeast’s videos have no real purpose other than entertainment value. Filling a friend’s backyard with pennies might be fun, but other than laughs, no one’s really feeling the benefit. But for every outrageous stunt, there’s one with a deeper value-none more so than his latest video, “I Adopted EVERY Dog in A Shelter”. After deciding to put some of the money he’d made from his YouTube career to work, MrBeast got in touch with Furkids Shelter in Georgia to sound out an idea – an idea that would result in every one of the shelter’s 14 dogs getting a new home. Obviously, the shelter had no problem in going along with MrBeast’s proposition – even if it failed in its ultimate goal, the publicity would surely help bring in more potential adopters in the future. As it turned out, it didn’t fail (although it did manage to pull in plenty of publicity as well – 40 million YouTube subscribers don’t count for nothing).

“MrBeast has said his mission is to make the world a better place before he dies,” Samantha Shelton, CEO and founder of Furkids, says via “Furkids makes the world a better place for homeless dogs and cats who have been abandoned, lost, injured, or sick. Our goals are aligned, and Furkids was profoundly honored to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with MrBeast and his extraordinary team.”

The Campaign

MrBeast’s campaign to re-home all of Furkids Shelter’s 14 dogs kicked off on July 6, 2020. MrBeast and his team had given themselves a deadline of just 2 days to empty the shelter of its residents. Faced with such a tight schedule, they needed to go big, go fast, and go outrageous. They got off to a swinging start by posting a Furkids billboard promoting dog adoptions at 44466 Scenic Highway in Suwanee. The billboard was a bold statement, but not big enough to do the job on its own. With the deadline looming, MrBeast instructed another 49 billboards to be posted all across the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. He also littered the area with thousands of fliers and even used a box truck as a mobile ad. After a slow start, more and more people started to turn up at the shelter to enquire about adoptions. Every time the flood of people started slowing to trickle, MrBeast would put up another billboard.

Keeping It Real

Although the sudden proliferation of billboards all over town may have raised suspicions, MrBeast was careful to make the adoption process as authentic as possible. Concerned that people might be lured more by his fame than the chance to adopt a dog, he kept his presence secret. Furkids followed their usual screening process with each potential adopter to make sure they were suitable candidates and that the dog they’d chosen was a good fit for their home. MrBeast and his team, meanwhile, stayed well out of sight… although the cameras, of course, were constantly rolling.

The Big Reveal

Once Furkids had completed screening the potential adopters and the application process had been completed, MrBeast staged his big reveal. Some of the older people didn’t have a clue who or what he was, of course, but most of the younger ones recognized him immediately, even behind the protective mask he was wearing. In typical MrBeast style, the adoption process didn’t end there. As well as taking an adorable new pooch home, all of the adopters got a widely expensive gift to take away. According to, one very lucky lady even scooped a year’s worth of dog food worth a whopping $6000.

A Dog of His Own

Before starting the process, MrBeast and his team made sure to get to know each and every one of the shelter’s 14 dogs personally. What none of them had anticipated when they’d come up with the idea was just how quickly and easily they’d be won over by the doggy charms of Foxtrot, Winston, Iris, Monica, Taffy, Didi, Zeppelin, Gumpy, Tommy, Jive, Noah, Pepper, Gia, and Kelly. But charmed they were – so much so, in fact, that one of them ended up adopting Gumpy (a very cute little Bulldog) while MrBeast and his girlfriend adopted the very last of the dogs to find a new home, Pinky.

A Resounding Success

Despite the tight deadline, MrBeast had done it. Every single one of the shelter’s residents had found a new forever home. Thanks to the fact he’d filmed the whole thing, he’d also managed to spread the word on adoption to over 40 million YouTube subscribers. Furkids in Georgia might be clean out of dogs (at least for today) but the organization still has plenty of shelters across the US packed full of pooches waiting to find a forever home. Thanks to MrBeast, they might be finding it much sooner than they thought.

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