Adorable Scared Puppy Falls in Love with 120lb Great Dane

They say opposites attract. That certainly seems to be the case with Luna and Zeus, a tiny puppy and a 120lb Great Dane who fell head over heels in love the moment they met. If you thought you’d had your fill of adorable pet stories, just wait until you hear about this little love story… the ending is going to warm you heart no end.

Luna’s Story

Where Luna was born and who her family was, no one knows. She was found abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box with no information to give a clue to her origins. After a good Samaritan found the little pup, she was taken to Love and Rescue in Houston, Texas. Dina, a volunteer with the shelter, offered to give her a temporary home until a new forever family could be found. At first, Luna needed almost constant attention. She’d been left so traumatized by her experience, she shook almost constantly. Unable to walk and barely able to eat, she had to be hand-fed, taking tiny licks from Dina’s hand until she gradually progressed to eating from a spoon. Clearly unused to being held or stroked, she cried whenever Dina tried to pet her, and would hide away as much as possible. “When I first got her, she was shaking all the time,” Dina recalls to The Dodo. “She was crying all the time. It was the most heartbreaking sound. I’ve never seen a more depressed dog.”

Making Progress

Having been devoid of human interaction for so long, it took Luna a while to become accustomed to being around people and other dogs. For the first few days of her stay with Dina, she was clearly too terrified to venture from her bed. But after a while, she slowly started to build up confidence. A week after her arrival, she took her first steps. But she was clearly unaccustomed to walking, and every time she tried to take a step, she’d fall down almost straight away. But the little dog clearly had a steely determination: each time she fell, she picked herself up, dusted herself off, and tried again. Soon enough, she’d got the hang of it – and from there, there was no turning back. “After she started walking, she was just like, ‘Oh okay, I kind of like this. I kind of like this walking thing,” Dina says.

Still a little shaky on her legs, Luna built up enough courage to sniff her way up to the other dogs in the house. Although anxious at first, she slowly began to relax and even started to wag her tail for the first time since she’d arrived. Soon, she’d built up her confidence enough to try and run alongside her new friends. The first time she saw the little puppy trying to keep pace with the others, Dina knew she was going to be ok. “It wasn’t until she figured out she could run, was she happy,” she says. And she was right. Finding her feet proved a turning point for the little dog: soon, she was chewing on toys, leaping on the furniture, and generally behaving exactly like any other normal, happy pup.

The Love Story

In a matter of weeks, Luna had transformed from a malnourished, terrified creature into a happy, outgoing puppy. And if there’s one thing every happy, outgoing puppy needs, it’s a friend. The other dogs in Dina’s home were all fully grown, but fortunately, she knew a friend with a puppy of her own. The only problem was that her friend’s pup, Zeus, was no ordinary dog. He was a mammoth, 120lb Great Dane. Although Luna had grown since Dina had taken her in, she was still tiny. Would she be scared of such a huge playmate? Would the meeting undo all Dina’s good work?

But Dina decided to plow ahead with the playdate. “I was like, He’s a puppy, she’s a puppy. Let’s just give it a go,’” she explains. As it turned out, she was right to try. The moment Luna met Zeus, it was love at first sight. Despite being roughly the size of her new playmate’s nose, Luna showed no fear around him at all. After making friends straight away, they started hanging around together as much as possible.

Even though Zeus could have batted away the tiny pup with one flick of his whiskers, he never did. No matter how much she batted him with her paws (something she’d decided was the most fun in the world and would later lead Dina to joke that she was half kangaroo) or clambered around on his back, he stayed infinitely gentle and patient, apparently delighting in their friendship as much as she did.

“They formed this really weird big creature-small creature relationship,” Dina says. “He was so gentle with her. She would go up to him like she was completely fearless; she was not scared of one thing.”

As Dina goes on to tell, the confidence that Luna got from Zeus soon carried over into the rest of her life. Every morning, she’d wake Dina up by playful boxing her. Her appetite was back (with a vengeance!) and any trace of shyness or fear seemed to have melted away. After weeks of hard work, it seemed Luna had finally found her feet.

Finding Her Forever Home

After making friends with Zeus, the only way was up for Luna. With each passing day, she seemed to become ever happier and ever more confident. The shaking, pitiful creature that Dina had first welcomed into her home was gone. In her place was a beautiful, joyous creature that was more than ready to find her forever family. And that’s exactly what she did. Once Love and Rescue saw the great progress Luna had made, they started inviting adoption applications. The applications flooded in, but there was one couple in particular who struck up an immediate bond with the pup: Hunter and Genevieve. After they passed the adoption checks, they introduced Luna to her new home. After giving it the sniff of approval, she settled in straight away. “She has been a cuddle monster,” the couple tells . “She is probably the most fun dog I’ve ever had. She has enough spunk for the whole planet.”

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