Dogs’ Rescue from a Shelter in Mexico Was the Start of a 1,000 Mile Plus Journey

Many dogs who end up in an animal shelter in the United States are adopted by people who live locally, so they do not have far to travel to their forever home. However, there are many dogs that have already gone on an amazing journey before they even arrive at an American shelter. These stories highlight the unseen work of animal organizations that go above and beyond to help animals in need. This is sometimes the case for dogs that originally live in countries where there are high kill rates at the rescue shelters. There are organizations that rescue the dogs from the shelters to stop them from being euthanized. One such organization is START Rescue, which is a charity that provides transport to move dogs from high-kill rescues to a shelter that will rehome them. They also offer low-cost neutering and spaying services.

It is thanks to this organization that two dogs called Caty and Doreen had the chance to start a whole new life. They had both been living at a shelter in Tecate, Mexico, that was over capacity and would euthanize dogs to reduce numbers. The pair were rescued from the Tecate animal shelter and lived temporarily with foster carers in California. From there, the dogs were transported north by START Rescue to the SafeHaven Humane Society in the Pacific Northwest. This was a long trip for Caty and Doreen, as they traveled for more than 1,000 miles from their starting point to their final destination. However, it was a trip that was well worth making as it was a journey that marked the beginning of a new life for them.

The duo has now settled into their temporary home at the SafeHaven Humane Society, which is located in Oregon. This shelter has a no-kill policy, so there is no fear of either dog being euthanized as they would have been if they had stayed in the shelter in Mexico. Both dogs are now warm, comfortable, well-fed, and being looked after well by staff. On their arrival in Oregon, both dogs received a warm welcome from the staff and volunteers at the shelter, who were delighted to meet them after the dogs’ long journey. They posted before and after pictures of the dogs online, showing the dogs when they were living in poor conditions in Mexico and then them being warmly welcomed to Oregon by the shelter staff.

Both dogs have been confirmed as being in good health, so they are now awaiting the next stage in their life journey, which is finding a forever home. The staff at the shelter are doing everything they can to help the happy dogs to find families that want to adopt them. Although they are not yet adopted, their futures look bright. SafeHaven has a mission to help all dogs find their forever homes. Therefore, not only do they help dogs that are rescued locally, but also dogs from far afield. They work in partnership with many organizations, including START, to help as many dogs find homes as possible and to reduce the number of rescue dogs that are euthanized. They are fully committed to doing everything they possibly can to find a home for each and every dog that comes into their care. Their belief is that no dog should be euthanized if they are adoptable or treatable.

Unfortunately, they cannot rescue every dog from around the world. Countless strays and rescued dogs are killed each year, simply because the shelters do not have the capacity or funding to care for them properly. Prior to being euthanized, the dogs often live a miserable existence in cold, cramped and dirty conditions. Sadly, not all dogs are as lucky as Doreen and Caty, and nobody will come to rescue them to help them start a new life in a loving home environment. It is only thanks to the co-operation of no-kill shelters, charities that transport dogs, and the kind donations of animal lovers that makes any of the rescues possible. The story of Doreen and Caty was covered by I Heart Dogs, who also support the work of both animal shelters and organizations that transport dogs to help them find a new home.

They do this by donating a percentage of their profits to such organizations. Their website sells various animal-related products, and each time you buy one of their products, they will tell you how you have helped to raise money. For example, the funds raised may go towards meals for dogs living in shelters, or as a donation to one of the many amazing organizations that help to rescue or care for neglected or unwanted animals. At the top of the website, visitors are told how many meals have been donated so far, and how much money has been donated to the various organizations they support.

I Heart Dogs further supports the charities by reporting interesting stories on their blog. This highlights the plight of rescue animals to their readers and raises awareness of the amazing work done by animal welfare organizations around the world. This encourages people to donate money or useful items to the organizations highlighted. The website also covers stories of dogs that are still awaiting adoption, like Doreen and Caty. By making people aware that these dogs are looking for a family, it increases their chances of finding a forever home with a loving family who will care for them in the way that they deserve.

With so much support behind them, it is hopeful that both Doreen and Caty will have happy endings to their stories by somebody welcoming them into their home soon. Unfortunately, not all dogs are as lucky, so it is vital that animal welfare organizations can continue with their good work. It is only through the kindness of members of the public who are willing to donate money, supplies, or time that they can fulfill their missions to help as many dogs in need as possible.

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