Pit Bull Saves Woman from Vicious Stabbing and Finds a Forever Home

Heroic Pit Bull

There are many stories about pets showing loyalty to their owners. These stories feature cats, horses, and dogs alike who are willing to put their owner’s safety before their own to save them from peril. Similarly, there is an abundance of stories about dogs serving the police or the armed forces protecting their handler in a variety of dangerous situations that have put them under threat. What is less common are stories about animals saving someone with whom they have no emotional connection. However, there are examples of dogs who have done just that. One heroic dog who was willing to put the safety of a stranger before their own safety was a stray Pit Bull Terrier and the heroic actions of this animal led to both negative and positive outcomes.

According to I Heart Dogs a stray Pit Bull Terrier from Baldwin, Georgia, was willing to put his own life on the line. Wandering around the streets one day, the dog came across a man attempting to violently attack a woman with a knife. Without wasting any time or thinking of his own safety, the dog dived between the man and woman to form a barrier of protection for the frightened woman.

Unfortunately for the dog, this did not stop the man from continuing with the attack. While the woman was protected and suffered no serious injuries as a result of the attack, the poor dog took the brunt of the brutality. This led to the dog suffering from five stab wounds and in a serious condition.  The police soon arrived at the scene, and it was Officer Daniel Seeley and Sergeant Timothy Clay who attended the incident. They found the frightened Pit Bull lying on the ground and suffering from severe bleeding from his stab wounds.

Speaking about the incident later, Sergeant Clay said that he and his colleague felt that the dog deserved to get some help after its heroic actions and that they couldn’t just leave the stray to die on the street. Fortunately, they found a local veterinarian who was willing to treat the dog, even though the surgery had closed for the day.  When the veterinarian saw the condition of the dog, she rushed him straight into surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and the heroic dog survived his devastating wounds. He then recovered at the surgery for several days and the staff at the surgery decided to call him Hero as a tribute for his bravery in saving a stranger.

The next problem was that Hero was a stray and did not have a good home to return to where loving owners would help him to recover from his horrific ordeal. As he didn’t have a home, Hero was collected by Carla Welch from Fighting for the Bullys, which is a rescue center devoted to Pit Bull Terriers. She drove him 190 miles to the Tennessee-based rescue center.  Carla decided to tell Hero’s story on her social media pages. Immediately, people started responding to the story and people were soon sending Carla requests to adopt the heroic dog. This prompted Carla to arrange an open day at the rescue center so that people could meet Hero and the other dogs in her care.

One of the couples who saw Hero at the rescue center’s adoption event were Sarah and David Simpson. The couple, who already had dogs, fell in love with Hero straight away and were keen to take him home with them.  Sarah said that she was really excited at the prospect of providing a loving home for a dog that had never had a home before and who had not received the affection that is given to most dogs. She wanted to make Hero a part of her family.

Although Carla and the staff at Fighting for the Bullys were happy that Hero had found a new home, they were also sad to see him leave the rescue center. Carla said that he is an amazing dog who had taken everything in his stride and that there is no dog more deserving of a loving home after showing such heroic bravery.  While most dogs who show bravery save their owners, Hero is not alone in coming to the aid of a complete stranger. In fact, there are many heart-warming stories of dogs who have demonstrated great bravery by coming to the aid of a stranger in need. The Week tells some of the best stories about dogs saving strangers.

The first example they give is of a stray dog in Poland who found and cared for Julie, a three-year-old toddler who had gone missing from home. The toddler had last been seen playing in her backyard with the stray dog. When she went missing, officials and locals searched for the young girl overnight. It wasn’t until they heard the puppy barking in a local forest that they found Julie. Rescuers say that the dog had stayed with her all night to keep her warm and safe. It then barked to alert people of her whereabouts.

Another example given by The Week is a story that is similar to that of Hero’s as it involves a stray dog stopping a man from violently attacking a woman. In 2009, a domestic fight broke out in Maningrida, an Australian town. The fight was escalating quickly, and a 24-year-old man was attacking his partner in front of family members. He had then dragged her out onto the street. It was a stray dog that brought the fight to an end before things could escalate further and before further harm came to the frightened woman. To stop the man from battering his partner further, the stray dog jumped on the man’s back and bit him hard. The man was later arrested and sentenced to three months in prison.

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