A Complete Price Guide for the Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of the most hardworking and sturdy breeds of dogs in the world right now. It should come as no surprise then that most of the police forces and military units that have K-9 all around the globe use Belgian Malinois. This is also why most people prefer to have it as their pet. Like with all pets, you will need to make a lot of careful considerations to make an informed decision about it all. Also, to this effect, it should be noted that since a lot of people and organizations want the Belgian Malinois, it is in very high demand, and thus, especially for the pure breeds, it is a bit expensive. That being said, they are pleasant dogs, and they do make wonderful guard dogs if you can put in the time and effort to train them to be so. Thus, they are worth all the money, time, and planning for many. The raison d’etre of this article is to make sure that you understand everything that is a contributing factor when it comes to the pricing of this breed of dogs so that if you would like to purchase one, you will know what to look out for.

Exactly how much will it cost you to get a Belgian Malinois?

The Belgian Malinois price depends on a couple of factors, one of the main ones being age. A healthy well breed Belgian Malinois pup will cost you upwards of 2,500 dollars, according to Pup Vine. If you decide to get yourself a pup, you should pay some mind to a couple of things. They include microchips, health checks, and vaccinations. Show-quality puppies are a bit more expensive. You will have to part with up to 3,000 dollars. Their higher price is because they need to be purebred and have a different lineage to be considered show-quality puppies. The term show quality may seem like a bit of an eccentricity, but all it means is that the puppies are the standard in terms of breed and that they come from a lineage that has won some shows, which means that they too are likely to win the dog shows. If you want to get a pet and not a show-quality pup, then you should focus more on getting one from a reputable breeder in your area. If you cannot find a pup, you should get yourself a fully-grown dog. There are a plethora of Belgian Malinois shelters in the country, teeming with dogs that want to get home. Each rescue center will charge a different fee, depending on the dog’s age. That being said, you can expect to pay around 350 dollars to get an adult Belgian Malinois. Getting an adult dog is a far easier solution for those who do not have the required effort to start training puppies. Another advantage of adopting an adult dog is that you will know the personality and temperament of the dog before you get them. Additionally, most dogs in shelters already have pre-established manners and are housetrained. Adopting an adult Belgian Malinois does have a couple of drawbacks, the biggest being the fact that some dogs have a history of trauma and will first need to be treated to get them to act right.

The price of a service dog

Though it is bred for herding, the Belgian Malinois is a wonderful dog when it comes to being a guard dog because of its natural protective instincts. The pups are high energy, and they are very trainable when young and dependable when they get older. Certain breeders do sell fully trained Belgian Malinois guard dogs, and the price most often starts from around 30,000 dollars. The said price will increase depending on the time spent to breed the dogs.

The factors that impact the Belgian Malinois price

As mentioned earlier, many factors affect the amount you will pay to get your hand on a Belgian Malinois. They range from age to certification, and the onus is upon the breeder to determine the price that they will charge for the dogs. Below are some of the most important, and thus the most common, factors that are considered when buying a Belgian Malinois.

The color of the coat

According to the official breed standards which the American Kennel Club has set, the Belgian Malinois should have a coat whose color ranges from fawn to mahogany. Moreover, they should have a black mask and ears, which is the breed’s signature. Most of the show-quality puppies will follow this standard to the latter. However, it is not all show-quality puppies that will do so, and not many puppies in the market today are show quality. Thus, even though the dogs will have some nuances in terms of the color of the coat and the standard, it makes little difference if you just want a pet, according to All Things Dogs. It should be noted that the color of the coat, contrary to myth, does not indicate the level of health in the puppy. All it means is that the better coat, in terms of closeness to standard, will be better ranked in the show.

The gender

As is the case with other dogs, the female Belgian Malinois is more expensive than the male counterpart. This is only by a couple of hundred dollars in the max. You should note that fully grown makes are heavier than their female counterparts, which means they will eat more. This means that for males, you will have to spend a lot more money when it comes to the provision of food.

Lineage and bloodline

Pups that come from a lineage that is known to win awards in dog shows will be more expensive than other show quality puppies, and more so with pet quality puppies who don’t have an award-winning lineage. In terms of companionship and health, there is little that distinguishes the two types, and both of them make wonderful companions. If you are looking for a companion, then it is best if you consult and buy the dog from a reputable breeder.


The distance between where you live, or where you want your dog to come to, and the breeder you are purchasing from will affect the price. The further you live, the higher the price. Though some breeders will tell you to come and pick your pup in person, others will hire trained drivers to deliver it to your front door. The rate you will be charged for this service will depend on the distance between you. Additionally, you can get your dog shipped via air. This service does have its own additional fees, at least 1000 dollars, and it depends on the distance to be covered, as well as the size of the puppy. Essentially, puppies in your locality will be far cheaper than puppies from another state.

The breeder practices

The Belgian Malinois is a registered breed in the American Kennel Club, and this means that any person who wants to be considered a breeder of Belgian Malinois is to follow the AKC breeding standards. As a result, the said breeders are required to meet and provide certain care to their puppies. This, inevitably, increases the price of the dog. If you buy a puppy from a registered breeder, you are assured of quality, and for this quality, you have to acquiesce when it comes to price. The non-registered breeders can charge less than their registered counterparts since they can skip certain requirements. When selecting a breeder, you should be very wary and do intensive research on them all before deciding on anyone. The best way to know if a breeder is worth their salt is through referrals and testimonials from people who have dealt with them.

Warranties and certifications

The certification is probably the single biggest contributing factor to price when it comes to Belgian Malinois puppies. When a puppy comes with a certificate, it is proof of its pedigree and award-winning lineage. This will inevitably command high premiums, and for such puppies, you should not be surprised if you find that the breeder required a deposit and there is a huge waiting line. However, for the same puppy, but without the certification, the price could drop by up to fifty percent. Show quality puppies should always come with certifications. Pet quality dogs are just as healthy and reliable, provided that you get them to form a reputable breeder.

Long term costs

The factors mentioned previously were to do with the initial cost: the amount of money you have to part with to get the dog. There are, additionally, more costs, and they tend to be long-term. After all, having a dog is a lifetime commitment, so there are costs that you will incur when your pup is getting older.


The Belgian Malinois as a breed is known to be very intelligent and highly trainable. If you have experience in training dogs, then there will be no need to take the dog to obedience classes. Nonetheless, if you do choose to take them to the said classes, you should be ready to part with between 200 and 300 dollars per group class. You can also consider search and rescue training after the dog is done with obedience training. A full search and rescue training course will cost you between 15,000 and 20,000 dollars.


You want your dog to look good. Everyone wants their dog to look good. Luckily, when you get a Mal, you don’t have to take it to a full spa day every day, as is the case with other breeds. Mals, in grooming, are very affordable. They shed their skin twice a year and thus should be groomed regularly, but their grooming sessions, as aforementioned, will not entrench your wallet. You can buy a bristle brush or hound glove and complement these with some essentials like nail clippers. The pricing of each tends to vary, but you can get a brush for as cheap as 10 dollars.


When it comes to health, Mals are generally very healthy dogs and can live for up to 16 years. That being said, in their later years, they are particularly susceptible to developing elbow and hip dysplasia, according to Dog Time, and bloat. The surgery to fix the hip dysplasia will cost up to 3000 dollars, depending on the severity of the condition and the experience of the vet. This sum does not include the money you will spend on consultations and additional vet visits. The surgery to fix elbow dysplasia can be priced up to 4000 dollars per elbow. Treating bloat will cost 7,500 dollars. Sadly, this does not guarantee success if the case is severe. All these treatments are emotionally and financially taxing, and thus prevention is the best option. Make sure that you invest in a good vet and follow their advice to the latter. Additionally, you should make sure that you purchase your pup from a reputable owner.


The cost of insurance will depend on the premium you choose. The average monthly premium for Mals can be as low as 10 dollars or as high as 100 dollars. The price will be dependent on the list of inclusions, as well as excess. Thus, you will need to make sure that you conduct your research package to choose a tailor-suited package for you.

Foods and treats

Just like other breeds, Mals will thrive when given high-quality feed. On average, a 30-pound bag of feed will cost you about 50 dollars and contains approximately 120 cups. If your dog feeds on two cups a day, this bag will last about 60 days. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the food. Ensure that you check the food’s dates when buying and consult with your vet to know what your dog is lacking and thus what foods you should feed them.

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