The Top Five Healthy Dog Treats on the Market Today

Good nutrition not only helps to keep dogs in good physical health, but it can play a role in their mental and emotional health too.

With so many dog treats on the market today, it can be hard to know what to feed them.

Some dog treats have a lot of additives and preservatives your pet doesn’t need, while others are high in fat and can cause weight gain, also bad for a dog.

If you have been trying to find snacks that are not only healthy for your dog, but tasty too, here is a list of the top five healthiest dog treats on the market today.

Cheese Please Dog Treats

Real Wisconsin cheese is what these treats are made of, but with low salt, for healthier treats for dogs. It is also 99% lactose free for dogs with low tolerance to lactose products.


Carolina Prime Dog Treats

Carolina Prime dog treats incorporates vitamins in their treats. They used locally sourced chicken, along with sweet potatoes for beta carotene and vitamins A & C.


Sancho and Lola’s Beef Jerky Treats

Sancho and Lola’s Beef Jerky dog treats are made with all-natural Elk meat and come in a variety of sizes and hardness, from sticks to chews.


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