The 10 Least Intelligent Dog Breeds


There are some dog breeds out there that unfortunately aren’t as smart as some other breeds. However, just to be clear we want to define what makes a dog less smart than other dogs. A few of the factors are ability to be trained, their memory, sense of direction, adaptability to new situations, zoning out, and being confused about who runs the show. Another important thing to remember is that some people actually like a less intelligent dog. Sometimes these breeds are much better for the simpler things in life like cuddling or not being too complicated when it comes to being fed or even given orders. So without further interruption, in the pages to follow we’d like to share with you ten of the least intelligent dog breeds out there….


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:   Unfortunately because of a history of being inbred there’s a lot to be desired in the intelligence department with this breed.  Don’t fret however, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known to be a great family dog and extremely affectionate.


Rottweiler:  Oddly enough this dog gets on a fair amount of “high intelligence” lists.  This breed is known for having trouble concentrating and learning commands.  They are also known for having poor memory.  Their loyalty however, is a huge plus and probably gets mistaken for intelligence.


Beagle:   While this is a great hunting dog with a solid sense of smell that doesn’t make it a smart dog.  The Beagle’s learning capacity is limited and it’s a very tough dog to train.  Great instincts but not highly adaptable.


Basset Hound:  This is another breed with a great sense of smell and can actually be trained to use it.   However, that’s about all.  Don’t worry thought.  The Basset hound is a very family friendly pet.


Pekingese:  Unfortunately the Pekingese has two poor qualities going for them.   They seem to always think they are in charge and they’re also incredibly stubborn.  But the Pekingese is also a loyal and excellent companion.


Borzoi:  The Borzoi is a great pet because of its stability.  However, it almost stops there.   Some folks compare Borzois to good looking people who don’t have a lot up top.


Mastiff: The mastiff makes a fantastic guard dog with its imposing presence.  However, if you tried training one of these dogs you’d be trying for a very long time.


Chow Chow:  Considered one of the best looking dogs in the world doesn’t make you the smartest.  The chow chow is another dog who has a hard time understanding who is in charge.   They’re great for showing off but not necessarily for solving equations.


Bloodhound: Like the Beagle and the Basset Hound the Bloodhound has an amazing sense of smell.   However, again, it stops there.   Still though, this dog makes for a great companion and family dog.


Bulldog: This bully breed is feisty and funny but not so bright. He’s prone to bullying and can be very tough to train.  His good characteristics such as his loyalty, guarding ability and affectionate nature make him a fun dog to own.

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