Dog Found Frozen To The Ground Now Awaits Adoption

Animals are not always at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to weather conditions. While we try to get ourselves and our children warm and toasty on cold blistery days, our pets aren’t always as fortunate to get that much care and concern. Cats and dogs are often left out in the snow and freezing temps to fend for themselves, find shelter, and find warmth. When the cold is too cold, finding even a little warmth is virtually impossible in some states, like in Michigan where there are some really harsh winters and brutally cold days and nights.

One pup who had a near death experience relating to this type of weather, is Frozen. She was named Frozen, an apt moniker, due to her situation and how her rescuers found her. Frozen is a pit bull mix pup who is about 1 1.5 years old. The Saginaw police found the pit bull literally frozen to the ground just last month, and when they found her, they knew her condition was grim as she bravely barely clung to life.

According to Saginaw Animal Care and Control, Director, Lisa Stoffel, who told M Live, “Unfortunately, when they’re out like that in the cold, we’ve had some really bad cold snaps, then they just lay down, go to sleep and get some rest, while the condensation freezes them to the ground.”

This is what had obviously happened to Frozen. She had laid down on the ground and the condensation froze around her, literally freezing her to the ground where she was then unable to move and break free. When this happens to an animal, it is a tricky situation to get them free because you cannot warm them quickly. It has to be done slowly, and you cannot just pull them out or free of the frozen ground.

Luckily Frozen’s rescuers were able to gently warm her with a blanket and get her temperature back up to where it was safe to get her out of the frozen ground. Once it was safe, she was carefully removed and according to Stoffel, it wasn’t too long before the pit bull was back to her bouncy self and doing well. She was taken to the Saginaw Animal Care and Control to recover, and a part of her recovery was to give her warm fluids to help ensure her body temperature got to a normal temp and stayed there.

So far this winter in the great state of Michigan, five dogs have been discovered frozen to the ground, unfortunately only four of the five survived the ordeal.

Frozen has recovered enough to be put up for adoption and find her forever home where hopefully she will never have to experience the cold like that again. Stoffel has said that the adoption fee, if anyone is interested in taking Frozen home with them, is $62, and goes on to describe her personality as very friends and she gets along well with other dogs.

Although animal activists and the news reporters try to spread the word every winter how important it is to make sure pets are brought inside when temps get low, not all pets are, and not all pets have homes to be able to be let in from out of the cold. Even still, not all pet owners are as diligent as they should be, thinking their dog has plenty of fur to keep them warm, which can be a very misleading way of thinking. No matter how thick of a coat a dog has, they can still succumb to freezing temperatures, especially if they are not the type of breed who is used to extreme cold, or conditioned for it.

You should always make sure your pet is safe from both too hot or too cold of weather conditions and prepare to take care of your pet in both extremes. Hopefully pet owners will start to heed the calls of warning and protect their dog the way they would their child, and if you see a stray out in the cold, it’s always best to call your local Humane Society or Animal Control to get them off the street and help get them shelter from the elements.

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