Dog’s Begging Routine Makes her a Viral Star

Some dogs are so full of personality that they take the center stage just by being themselves. There are hundreds of adorable videos of them on the internet these days. During these times of pandemic and limited resources for entertainment, we’ve been seeing more pet owners posting the hilarious antics of their fur-babies on social media. It’s just what the doctor ordered because a good dose of humor is just what we need to turn our focus from gloom and doom to the more pleasurable things in life.

Dog’s begging routine makes her a viral star

Fox News recently ran the story of a smart pup who found a way to convince her pet parent to cave in and serve her dinner a little earlier in the day. Tommy Vietor’s dog is a resourceful pup who has the biggest brown eyes and she knows how to use them to make her owner have a little pity and give her what she’s asking for. The dog puts on a good show and gives us a good dose of the fine art of negotiation. She knows just how to sit up and look pretty and stare at her master to evoke an emotional response. She’s a real entertainer. The dog resorts to a variety of different tactics to get what she wants, and begging isn’t her only finely honed skill. She also knows how to get her owners’ attention when she wants to have her breakfast served early by laying on her head. Vietor posted a video of the incredible begging dog on Twitter and it went viral.

Dogs deserve more credit than we give them

As it turns out, dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. According to Reader’s Digest, dogs are amazing problem solvers. They learn things and remember them, often for years. If your dog uses a psychological strategy on you to get what he wants, and it works, he remembers it. Consider Pavlov’s bellringing experiment. He could elicit a salivation response by ringing a bell every time he fed the dog. In anticipation of the treat, the dog would salivate in anticipation of the food whether it was present or not. Dogs know what it means when you go to the kitchen and start getting pots and pans out to cook a meal. They know when you pack a suitcase you’re getting ready to go somewhere. They also watch your daily habits and can predict pretty much what your next actions are going to be if they’re habitual.

Scientists confirm that dogs can read people

According to Vox, there has been researching done on canine intelligence and behaviors. Multiple studies have been done to find out more about how smart dogs are and what they’re intellectually capable of. Test results have placed them at an intellect level of roughly a two-and-a-half-year-old human child. Also, they confirm that dogs can process some complex thought patterns. Some of the smarter canines can learn and remember hundreds of words. Dogs know what you’re talking about much of the time. Although we don’t speak the same languages in the same ways, dogs have a good understanding of humans and what their words and behaviors signify. Scientists assess that this is likely because man and dog have coexisted for so long that we’re adapting to one another’s habits. Dogs show emotional connections to humans. They’re capable of love, hate, jealousy, and anger. They can also be empathetic and remarkably sensitive on an emotional level. Not all dogs show these emotions openly but most of the smarter ones do have the capacity to do some truly amazing things. They understand social behaviors and cues and it seems that at times your dog even knows how you’re feeling.

Dogs are better than chimps at reading people

The studies have also shown that dogs have a better grasp on humans than chimps do. They know how to read social cues better than the primates and they know how to respond through training by the humans. Dogs know when we’re sad, and sometimes they try to bring us comfort. They feel our excitement and often try to join in the fun when we’re playing games. They’re lifelong companions that may know us better than anyone else.

Can dogs manipulate people emotionally?

We see proof that our dogs know how to push our buttons. They know how to use their big eyes to make us feel sympathy for them and they know how to get our attention by laying a paw across our laps or through other cute gestures. As much as they read our social cues, they also provide their social cues if we know how to read them. Yes, dogs can manipulate people emotionally. If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t give in and share snacks with them when they beg in a way that is cute and funny. They win us over with their cunning and their antics.

Final thoughts

Our dogs can know and understand our moods much better than we could ever imagine. The smarter dogs that are well-trained and have lovely personalities bring us some of life’s greatest pleasures. When there’s nobody else to turn to, they’re loyal and faithful companions who simply love us for who we are. They know when we’re happy, or when we’re sad and they just want to be a part of our lives for the good and the bad. It appears that dogs and humans have evolved together over the centuries. These amazing creatures who know us so well, also know how to get what they want from us. Some dogs are incredible little actors who put on a show and they can reach us at deep emotional levels in many regards. They enrich our lives so we try to give back when we know they ask so little in return.

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