The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Colorado

For 30 years, Colorado banned pit bulls after the breed attacked residents in the 1980s. In 2021, voters overturned the ban, but pit bulls have to undergo evaluations to get a permit.

The requirements to own a pit bull in Colorado makes it clear that the breed is still highly misunderstood. Therefore, several shelters have committed themselves to the well-being of pit bulls. Among the many, here are the ten best pit bull rescues in Colorado.

10. Animal Rescue of the Rockies

This rescue focuses on all animals in need, but it makes it to this list because you will still find a pit bull here. It collaborates with other rescues within Colorado to help with transporting, fostering, and adoptions.

Since its founding in 2003, Animal Rescue of the Rockies has successfully placed over 10,000 animals in their forever homes. They call upon people to open their homes as foster parents to homeless animals so they can socialize in readiness for adoption.

9. Foothills Animal Shelter

The Foothills Animal Shelter was founded in 1966, but it started as Table Mountain Animal Center, an impound facility. It focused on holding lost and dangerous dogs, but the mission has since changed; the shelter is now an animal adoption service.

The shelter boasts of being one of the largest in Colorado, rescuing at least 8,000 animals every year. You are welcome to browse their page to see available dogs, but the adoption fee varies.

8. Dumb Friends League

Dumb Friends League is recognized as the largest independent, non-profit, community-based rescue in the Rocky Mountain region. It rescues cats, dogs, and horses, accepting those that are lost or relinquished. It dates back to 1910 when Jean Milne Gower founded it after visiting a shelter in London and wondering if she could set up one in Denver.

If you are looking to adopt a pit bull, this should be your first stop as it offers loads of options for rescued dogs. Besides, you are guaranteed of taking a healthy and well-trained dog home.

7. Life is Better Rescue

According to Life is Better Rescue, they are not entirely dedicated to rescuing pit bulls. Instead, they are committed to saving any animal in danger, including cats. They emphasize that they are about creating a better life for the pets, not just rescuing them from euthanasia. Life is Better Rescue insists that for you to adopt their rescues, you must be willing to provide the pets with a good life. Therefore, even the adoption fee does not come cheap; you will have to part with $400 to adopt any available dogs.

6. Colorado Pit Bull Rescue

According to Adopt A Pet, Colorado Pit Bull Rescue rescues pit bulls with nowhere to go. The saved dogs are kept in the rescue until they find a permanent home. Adopting from this rescue will cost you at least $150, but it is worth it considering that the dogs are up to date with vaccinations. They are also house and crate-trained and even spayed or neutered.

5. Grand Valley Pit Crew

After working as a graphic designer for decades, Shanna Davis thought about taking a different path that would bring her fulfillment. Davis landed on helping dogs because she had always loved canines.

So she researched the most vulnerable breed. The stars aligned because when was at a crossroads, wondering which breed to take on, she rescued Zeus, a pit bull. Davis’ research resulted in her settling to help rescue pit bulls; thus, in 2009, she founded Grand Valley Pit Crew. It is privately run, so she foots the expenses.

4. Obe’s Angels Rescue

Nikki Rosenbaugh owned a black Labrador, Obe, who passed on, so she founded a rescue to save pit bulls and named it after Obe. Rosenbaugh said that before rescuing dogs, she did not know her purpose in life. Her satisfaction in seeing pit bulls happy saw the woman open the doors of her own home to the needy canines.

In 2021, she opened a thrift store to sell items she had collected over the years so the proceeds would help sustain the rescue. Rosenbaugh even launched a furniture refurbishing project to raise money for the dogs, saying she is willing to go to any lengths to make money for her rescues.

3. Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue

According to Post Independent, Chelsea Shaw, the founder of Grand Junction Pit Bull Rescue, did not grow up with pit bulls. However, when she and her husband, Dowdy, inherited her brother-in-law’s pit bull, Oso, Shaw had to familiarize herself with what the breed entailed.

She learned that pit bulls are often misunderstood and wound up falling in love with them. Therefore, Shaw and her husband founded the rescue in 2011 to educate the public about pit bulls and to help the dogs find forever homes.

2. Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue

The founder of Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue fell in love with pit bulls after adopting Peanut. The love for Peanut led to the establishment of Peanut’s Place Bully Rescue, a haven that gives pit bulls a second chance at life.

Unfortunately, Peanut died in 2007 from Cushing’s Disease complications but the love for pit bulls has remained strong. The rescue is therefore dedicated to educating people about pit bulls saying that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

1.Colorado Bullies & More

As the Colorado Bullies & More website enlightens us, it is a small shelter and foster-based rescue founded to provide a sanctuary for pit bulls. However, the shelter is still open to needy dogs regardless of the breed but only on a case-to-case basis.

The priority is pit bulls, so the rescue creates awareness and offers temporary foster homes for this misunderstood breed. You can adopt by visiting the website and filling out an adoption form. You will then be interviewed and meet the pet. Once they determine you are a good fit, you will sign an adoption contract, and after paying the adoption fee, you can take the pit bull home.

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