The 20 Cutest Pitbull Videos of All-Time

Pitbulls have received a really bad rap because of a few misbehaving dogs that had issues of their own. The truth of the matter is that this breed which has been outlawed in many areas of the country, is a loving breed. The American standard is known for being gentle and loving with their families and even strangers when they are properly trained and socialized. It is when they are cross bred with some other more aggressive dog breeds that the problems occur. These dogs can be so adorable, and we have the proof. Here are the twenty cutest pitbull videos of all time.

1. Pitbulls Acting Cute – Funny Pitbull Videos Compilation

Would you believe that adult pitbulls can actually be cat lovers? This collection of adorable pitbull videos opens with a cute kitten getting some attention from the family pit. They start out with a little cuddling, then go into getting the morning bath. This pit knows how to properly take care of the family’s new kitten. Next, we see how much pits really do love to cuddle. When it’s time to take a nap, the second pit in the video insists on sleeping with his favorite Muppet. This video is proof that even the biggest dogs need to get some love from their owners. The third video in this amazing compilation shows a full grown pit sitting calmly while his owner, who is about the same size when in a sitting position, gives him some well deserved special attention. This compilation is a must see for all pit lovers and for anyone who doesn’t believe that these dogs are amazing pets.


2. Funniest & Cutest Pitbull Puppies Of All Time – Funny Puppy Videos Compilation 2017

This is possibly the most hilarious collection of pit puppies and grown ups on the internet. Watch to see what happens when a tiny kitten plays with the huge wagging tail of his pit buddy. The video is so popular that it’s already gotten more than a hundred and seventy two thousand views. It’s also educational because it shows you how pit puppies feel about large plants in the home as a youngster does his best to relieve the huge houseplant of it’s copious number of leaves. Another segment of this funny compilations shows a white mama pit and her beautiful pup being pulled on a scooter. did you know that they make baby backpacks for pitbulls? As if this one wasn’t adorable enough, the video immediately switches to a pit that is outfitted in a backpack and is carrying his favorite muppet baby on his back. Some dogs just can’t go anywhere without their babies and here is the proof!

3. Top 10

This collection features the tiniest little pit pups at their finest. The compilation opens with the pit pup host, a little brown buddy that is cute as a button. He doesn’t really talk, but he doesn’t have to because we get the gist that this is his show. Next, we see a wiggly little guy being held by his rough and tough looking owner, giving kisses and wagging his tail so hard that it’s tough for the pit lover to hold onto him. If this isn’t love in it’s purest form, then we don’t know what is. The next clip shows a tiny little guy that hasn’t been weaned from his mom for long because his teeth aren’t yet big enough to take on the carpeted step that he’s so fascinated with. This is by far the cutest pit puppy yawn we’ve seen so far. Right after, one of his buddies is nearly mowed down by a flying Dachshund who comes sailing past to give him a lesson in dog parasailing. It almost looks like the wiener dog is the special agent assigned to keep this puppy from chewing on the bed pillows because every time he starts, the flying wiener makes a dash right past him. With over three thousand likes, this compilation is a must see if you’re a fan of pit puppies.


4. Funny Videos Vines Compilation 2017

The star of the opening video is a pup who seems to know that he’s being filmed. This little guy is possibly the most adorable adolescent pit we’ve seen so far. This adorable video shows how inquisitive he is about the camera and gives us some really precious angles of the good looking pup. It’s as though he knows that he is about to become one of the next YouTube sensations. The playful pup keeps his eyes on the camera and does a few tricks for us. The next clip is really amazing because it features a slightly older pit pup that is showing off his communications skills. Every time his owner asks him a question, he responds appropriately with a combination of verbal responses and the accompanying body language. He’s one smart dog. The next clip of the compilations shows a family of pits and mama is on the treadmill working out. It’s great to see a dog family that is serious about staying fit and healthy. The baby isn’t quite sure what is going on, but is sure curious about the device that mama is using.

5. Funny Pitbull and Baby Videos Compilation (2017)

What do pit bulls think about tiny babies? Here is a collection that will show you. It opens with a very young baby that has fallen asleep on her parents’ bed. The family pit has positioned itself right beside the sleeping child and is taking a nap with the baby. This is a good example of how loving and protective pit bulls are of the kids in the family. You can tell that there is no place she would rather be. The next clip is a hilarious video of baby on a play mat. As dad circles the area where the baby is playing, the family pet sits near the child and keeps his eye on the dad. He turns his head to make sure that the dad isn’t going to do anything to disturb the baby in this heartwarming clips that highlights just how protective pits are of young babies in their families. They also make good playmates. The next clip shows a pit puppy having a great time with a toddler. He plays with the toys and goes for a game of fetch with gusto. This is a must see compilation of really adorable and touching clips of pit bulls interacting with human babies and toddlers.

6. Pitbull Dogs And Puppies – A Funny Videos And Cute Videos Compilation

This compilation is one of the funniest that we’ve seen. It opens with an adolescent pit who has learned to talk. The vocal pup is helped out by his owner in making a variety of sounds that actually sounds like he is carrying on a conversation with his favorite person. Would you believe that a pit bull would climb a tall ladder to join his master atop the roof? The second clip in this collection shows a full grown pit climbing very careful up each rung of a ladder and she does it so well that she makes it to the top and joins her owner on the roof for lots of hugs and love. Next, see a pit pup frolicking in a room that is filled with balloons. you can tell that he doesn’t know which one to go after first. This little guy truly is the life of the party but you’ll have to watch it for yourself to get the full impact.


7. Best Funny Pitbull Videos Ever

This collection of adorable pit clips starts with a lovable pit playing on the bed with a toddler. The child is delighted by the antics of her loving pet. Brilliantly the collection moves to an older dog who is lying on his back on the bed with his head on the pillow, catching a few ZZZs. If you didn’t know better and the room was dark, you’d probably mistake him for a person because of the way he’s positioned himself. The way his tongue sticks out of the front of his mouth when he’s sleeping is so adorable. Next we see the classic lovers pose as two pits are competing for a ball. Each dog has a firm grip on one end of the object and their noses are smashed together in what looks like a big wet kiss. They’re both patiently waiting for the other to loosen the grip and neither is giving an inch in the contest.

8. Woman Overwhelmed When Her Rescue Pit Bull Places Her 11 Newborn Puppies Into Her Lap

This is a very touching video about Gracie, a rescued pit bull. The dog gave birth to 11 puppies. Her owner is a bit overwhelmed when the dog carefully placed all 11 of the puppies in her lap. This is perhaps one of the greatest acts of love and trust that we’ve seen yet. It really touches your heart to see how much this dog loves and trusts her new owner. It is a scene that reminds you of a new mother handing her baby over to grandma to hold for the first time. This is a must see video that will pull at your heart’s strings.

9. Dad Defends Letting His 1-Year-Old Son Nap and Cuddle With Huge Pit Bull

This collection of pit videos starts out with a toddler taking a nap on a huge pit bull’s stomach. The dog is stretched out so she makes the perfect warm and cuddly bed for the napping child. It’s an adorable video that shows the immense amount of love and care that these dogs have for the children of their families. There are several other clips in this video compilation that show the pit bull dogs and puppies that the family owns interacting with the children in a variety of different everyday situations. There is a lot of love and kisses being shared in this compilation that was featured on the popular new show “Inside Edition.” The owner wanted to show the world what amazing pets this breed can be. He’s doing his part to educate the world about the true nature of the pit bull breed. While care should always be given, along with plenty of supervision when any dog is in the presence of children, this adorable video is evidence that not all pit bulls are brutal or vicious.

10. Man Rescues Abandoned Pit Bull After Seeing This Heartbreaking Photo

This video is a must see for all dog lovers around the world. It’s a bit on the heartbreaking side at first, but the story really does have a happy ending. It shows an abandoned pit bull, resting on a mattress that was left in the yard when its’ owners moved out of the home. The left the poor pooch behind, but if this is the way that they treat animals, perhaps it was for the best that they removed themselves from his life. When a man saw the video, he couldn’t stand the thought of the poor dog being left with no resources. Mike Diesel is the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue. He saw the post and went to visit the dog on several occasions. He took food and water to the dog and worked with him until the dog became comfortable with him, then rescued him. This story was featured on “Inside Edition” as an amazing human interest story.

11. Giant Pit Bull Hulk & The Newborn Baby

Marlon Grennon trains pit bulls to be fearless as defense animals. One of the most famous dogs that he works with is named Hulk. He is one of the largest pits around. The scene shows Hulk in action during a training session. This is enough to make you want to hide your children, but you need to keep watching to find out how good this dog really is with small children. The mother shares her philosophy on the situation. Hulk understands the difference between defending his loved ones from an attacker and allowing parents to care for their children. He is fiercely loyal, but very loving when it comes to his owners and the children. The mom has no fear of the dog and doesn’t believe that he poses any risk as we see in this adorable video that shows how wonderful Hulk can be when he’s not on the job of defecting would be attackers.


12. Pitbull Dogs Showing Love To Babies and Toddler

This is a really cute and adorable collection of video clips that show pit bulls giving their human babies lots of love and affection. They even go so far as to play with the toys and keep the youngsters entertained. One of the sweetest clips in this collection shows a proud adult pit bull posing happily with a young baby. He looks like a proud papa that is getting ready for family portraits. This video compilation has already received nearly three hundred and sixty thousand views and it is well worth watching if you want to get that warm and fuzzy feeling. The dogs are nearly as cute as the babies and their antics are also amusing.

13. 4 year old boy feeding 4 giant Pit bull puppies then feeds himself!

There isn’t any music added to this video but it’s a keeper as well. It shows a four year old boy taking care of the chore of feeding the four family pit bulls. The adult dogs wait patiently for their dinner as he carefully fills their feeding containers. The parents of course, are supervising him, but he does a great job and the dogs seem thankful for his efforts. The cutest part of this video is when the four year old has finished his chores, it’s time for him to get his own snack. He settles on a peanut butter sandwich.

14. One Amazing family of Dogs

This is one of the coolest videos that shows a family of pit bulls and their humans. Would you try wrestling a hulk of a pitpull that likely weighs more than you? This pet owner doesn’t have a problem with it. He goes further by showing us how the big dog can become defensive when there is a threat to the mom and baby of the family. He stands in between the would be attacker and the mother and child and his is no-nonsense in the warnings that he is giving for the dude to back off. This dog isn’t going to let anyone hurt his family. The owner is a professional dog trainer who specializes in teaching family pets how to defend their families while recognizing the difference between family members and potential threats. He is the owner of a pit bull but he trains dogs of all breeds.

15. Funny And Cute Pitbull Dogs Love Babies Compilation

This is a compilation that was made a couple of years ago. It’s so darned adorable that we had to share it with you. The first clip in the collection shows a pit bull pup trying to catch a few winks of sleep after being worn out by the resident baby. The child isn’t ready to quit playing yet and tries a few different tricks to rouse her playmate. Finally, the dog gives in and good naturedly, resumes play with the little one. This adorable video shows how gentle and loving pit pulls can be with babies and toddlers. The clips are filled with very cute and loving moments and it comes highly recommended if you feel the need to smile a lot.


16. Top 10 Best Funny PitBull Videos Ever Compilation

Have you ever watched a pit bull pup run across a high gloss hardwood floor? This video is hilarious as it opens with the pooch doing his best to hold his own on the fairly slick surface. He does a much better job than some we’ve seen and we think that we’ve found some real talent here. Two frisky pits are playing a game of hide and seek and the results are hilarious.

17. 4 year old little girl feeding and controlling 6 pitbulls

This is one of the cutest videos of a four year old little girl preparing her herd of pitbulls for dinner time. She gives them instructions on the code for behavior before dishing up their food. It’s amazing to see how well the huge dogs respond to her instructions. She skillfully controls six full grown male pitbulls. After setting their food out, they won’t even attempt to touch it until the little girl tells them that it’s okay to eat.

18. Pit Bull patiently waits in line for ice cream

Okay, this is one that Pavlov would have loved to have seen. This video is a combination of cute, adorable and funny. The pit in this clip has learned that when he hears the sound of the ice cream truck, a treat is on it’s way. He doesn’t crowd in front to get his treat, but waits patiently in line for his turn in this must see video.

19. Amazing Funny Talking Dog Bully Pit Bull Compilation

We had to share this funny video about the talking pit bull. He was seen in an earlier video but this one is entirely different. The amazing pooch is so talented and skilled at communication that he understands what his owner is saying, and responds with the appropriate grunts and gestures.

20. Pit Bulls Howling – We miss daddy

This video is so cute and adorable that we had to include it in our top twenty cutest. It’s a pair of pit bull pups who are faithfully waiting by the window to see when their favorite person is going to come home. It doesn’t take much to get them going and their howls are delightfully funny.

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