Incredible Story of How This Pit Bull Survived a Plane Crash

Very recently, a small plane went down in the state of Colorado. Both of the human passengers died during the incident. However, veterinarians at Arrowhead Animal Hospital were notified of a dog named Chata wandering near the wreckage. She was brought to a local animal shelter. Subsequently, she received medical treatment for a laceration behind her ear. Eventually, Chata’s owner confirmed that Chata had been on the small plane when it went down. No one knows how she managed to survive. Considering the circumstances, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has been described as being miraculous in nature.

How Is It Possible For Anyone to Survive Plane Crashes?

Having said that, it is possible for people to survive plane crashes. We tend to think of the most horrible examples. However, it is important to remember that the term covers a wide range of incidents, meaning that some of them are more survivable. In fact, interested individuals can find a fair number of suggestions for those who want to increase their chances of surviving a plane crash. For starters, people might be curious whether some seats on a plane are safer than others. The answer from the aviation authorities is, “No.” However, Popular Mechanics claims that the rear of the plane is safer than the rest of the plane, which is based on their investigation into the commercial plane crashes that happened in the United States over a 36-year period. Moreover, there isn’t a minor difference. Instead, Popular Mechanics claims that people seated at the rear of the plane are 40 percent likelier to survive than their counterparts seated in the first few rows on the plane, which is considerable to say the least.

Moving on, there are a number of suggestions that people are supposed to keep in mind whenever they get on a plane. First, people are supposed to find out where the two closest exits are situated. Furthermore, they are supposed to find out the number of seats between them and those two exits, which is important because in case either darkness or some other issue makes it impossible for them to see what is going on. Second, people are supposed to know how to brace themselves for the plane crash. Apparently, this involves putting their crossed hands on the seat before them, putting their head on their crossed hands, and tucking their feet underneath their seat. Any carry-on luggage is supposed to go beneath the seat before them. If there isn’t a seat before them, they are supposed to bend over so that their head is down while their arms are wrapped beneath their knees. Third, people are supposed to wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes. If something goes wrong, their clothing will provide them with a bit of extra protection from glass, metal, and other concerns. Fourth, families are supposed to talk about their course of action during an emergency. People should put on their own oxygen mask if that drops. After which, they can move on to assisting other people with their oxygen masks. The parents are supposed to divide up the task of assisting their kids beforehand so that they know exactly who to help in case of an emergency. Fifth, people are supposed to listen to the preflight instructions whenever they get on a plane. Every plane is different, so it is important that they know what they should be doing when it comes to the particular plane that they are traveling on.

Other than these, there are a lot of other tips for the aftermath that get brought up as well. For instance, it is very common to see generic recommendations for people to remain clam, which to be fair, makes sense because panicking people tend to make poor choices. Furthermore, they are supposed to leave their carry-on luggage behind because that can hinder them. However, a lot of tips are much more specific. For example, people are supposed to get out as soon as possible while staying low in the event of a fire. This is because the smoke is extremely toxic, meaning that it can kill them even faster than the fire. Similarly, if people manage to get out, they are supposed to get away from the plane before sheltering behind something large in case of an explosion. On top of this, people are also recommended to wait until they get out before they inflate their lifejacket because an inflated lifejacket could hinder them while they are still on the plane. Regardless, if it is possible for humans to survive plane crashes, it makes sense that it is possible for dogs to survive plane crashes. In fact, smaller animals are supposed to be capable of surviving falls that would kill their bigger counterparts because they experience less force upon impact. At a certain point, animals are just straight-up immune to being hurt from a fall because their weight is negligible when compared with their air resistance. Of course, that is true for insects rather than something the size of a dog. Still, most dogs are smaller than most humans, so it seems reasonable to speculate that most dogs would have a bit of an advantage when compared with most humans.

What Causes Plane Crashes Anyway?

On a final note, planes have become more and more reliable over time. Mechanical failures still make up something like 20 percent of plane crashes. However, pilot error is responsible for something like 50 percent of plane crashes, which should make it clear that this is a much more common issue. Other than these, both sabotage and bad weather account for about 10 percent of plane crashes respectively. The remaining 10 percent can be blamed on errors made by people other than the pilots. Summed up, it is clear that pilot error is the most common cause of plane crashes by a considerable margin, seeing as how it is responsible for about the same percentage as the other causes put together. Pilots have to engage with planes at every step, meaning that there is more potential for pilot error to come into play.

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