20 Awesome Gift Ideas for Pit Bull Lovers

Red nose Pit Bull

A well-chosen gift can be worth more than its monetary value. Sometimes, choosing the right gift is a serious challenge. After all, you need to know the intended recipient. Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily have a good understanding of what they want even when you know them because some people are just frustratingly unclear about these things.

Other times, well, suffice it to say that pit bull lovers tend to be very open about their love for their dogs. That is a good thing rather than a bad thing. If nothing else, that makes it much easier to choose the right gift for them.

Here are 20 awesome gift ideas for Pit Bull lovers between $20 and $30:

1. I’m a Good Dog

It seems safe to say that Pit Bull lovers won’t need to be convinced that their dogs are misunderstood for the most part. That isn’t the appeal of I’m a Good Dog to them. Instead, they are much likelier to be interested in the book’s inspiring stories and photographs of Pit Bulls. Something sure to strengthen their fondness for their chosen dogs.

2. Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon

For people who enjoy a bit of history from time to time, there is Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon. It is exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, an account of how Pit Bulls acquired their rather mixed reputation. What makes the book particularly interesting is that it uses this history to examine not just American dogs but also American dog owners, meaning there is a fair amount of insight packed into these pages.

3. Pit Bull-Themed Blanket

Blankets are a useful gift for a wide range of people under a wide range of circumstances. A lot of people will automatically think of blankets as something they cover themselves with while sleeping.

However, it is important to note that blankets are a very easy way to add a touch of welcoming warmth to their surroundings, thus making them that much more useful for the home. The Pit Bulls on this blanket make it extra-comforting for Pit Bull lovers.


4. Pit Bull-Themed Collar

Speaking of which, a practical gift for a Pit Bull can be just as good as a practical gift for a Pit Bull lover. To name an example, consider getting them a new collar. This one is on the practical end of things.

If you think your intended recipient would prefer something else, you should have no problem finding something more suitable from the incredible selection of similar dog products out there.

5. Pit Bull-Themed Coloring Book

Generally speaking, people associate coloring books with kids. Even so, they should know there are also coloring books for adults, which see a surprising amount of use for various reasons.

For example, some people enjoy the challenge of coloring more realistic-looking pictures. Similarly, other people find the process of coloring restful and relaxing. Whatever the case, this and other Pit Bull-themed coloring books can make excellent gifts for Pit Bull lovers with some artistic flair to them.

6. Pit Bull-Themed Decal

Bare surfaces are boring. Decals are a simple tool with which to fix said issue. Better still, decals tend to be easy to remove. Thanks to that, if someone gets tired of their decals, they can just switch them out for something new.

This is a minimalistic-looking Pit Bull decal that can give a laptop case a much-needed touch of personal character. You should know there are other Pit Bull decals for other surfaces. Due to that, if you are interested, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for Pit Bull decals for everything from car windows to building walls.

7. Pit Bull-Themed Keychain

There might come a time when keychains become obsolete. If so, it won’t be happening anytime soon. As such, keychains remain as practical a gift as ever. This Pit Bull keychain enables Pit Bull lovers to show some of their love for their canine companions.

Better still, it is made out of stainless steel, which is a strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant material. That means people can count on it to last no matter what they subject it to.

8. Pit Bull-Themed Mug

Mugs are also good gifts because they see so much use. Unsurprisingly, there is a wide range of Pit Bull-themed mugs perfect for Pit Bull lovers. Some of them bear simple but eloquent statements of love for these dogs.

For proof, look no further than this Fringe Studio mug, which makes use of the classic colored image plus slogan combo on a white background. Meanwhile, you should also check out the wide range of humorous Pit Bull-themed mugs if you know the Pit Bull lover in your life would prefer that instead. Some of them are delightfully snarky.

9. Pit Bull-Themed Necklace

Humans like jewelry so much that we have been making necklaces and the like since prehistoric times. It stands to reason that there would be Pit Bull-themed necklaces and the like for Pit Bull lovers.

This particular piece is made out of sterling silver. For those unfamiliar, that means an alloy of about 92.5 percent silver and about 7.5 percent other metals. Copper is the most common option for the latter, but other metals are also possible.

As for why people would want sterling silver, the answer is that the alloy combines the shining beauty of the precious metal with greater durability than otherwise possible. Pure silver is too soft and malleable, meaning pure silver jewelry is too easily damaged.

10. Pit Bull-Themed Ornaments

There is nothing wrong with classic Christmas ornaments. However, it would be a shame to use them exclusively, seeing as how there is a huge variety of themed Christmas ornaments for interested individuals.

Something like this Pit Bull-themed blown glass Christmas ornament can help Pit Bull lovers celebrate the holiday season in style.

11. Pit Bull-Themed Pillowcase

Pillows are another amazing way to give a space some much-needed comfort. The issue is that pillows tend to be very boring-looking on their own, which is why people need pillowcases.

Something like this pillowcase featuring Pit Bulls wearing glasses can give even the most basic pillows a lot of visual character.

12. Pit Bull-Themed Pouch

Cosmetic pouches are great for people who want to bring their makeup with them on the go. For that matter, just because cosmetic pouches are called cosmetic pouches, that doesn’t mean that they are limited to carrying makeup.

Interested individuals can use them to carry everything from dog snacks to other small items because more storage space is always nice to have.

13. Pit Bull-Themed Print

As mentioned earlier, bare surfaces are boring-looking. That is as true for building walls as for laptop cases. A Pit Bull-themed print can provide building walls with an attractive bit of decor that can be used as either an eye-catching centerpiece or something more supplemented as needed.

That is particularly true for something as this Dean Russo print, which is colorful enough to stand out just about anywhere.

14. Pit Bull-Themed Sign

There are a lot of Pit Bull signs with messages meant to intimidate. That makes sense because these dogs have a formidable reputation. As a result, Pit Bull signs can be a surprisingly effective way to scare off burglars and other malicious individuals, who are often very risk-averse.

With that said, you might prefer something more humorous. Pit Bull lovers have a keen awareness of how their dogs are perceived. Thanks to that, a lot of them have developed a very snarky sense of humor about it, meaning something more humorous might be perfectly suited to their particular preferences.

For that matter, these signs can be just as effective as deterrence as their more intimidating counterparts. A Pit Bull is a Pit Bull no matter how cutely a sign announces its presence.

15. Pit Bull-Themed Socks

Socks are sometimes derided as gifts people give out when they can’t think of anything better to give out. That is unfair because socks can be so useful for their intended recipients.

Yes, people living in places that are warm all year round might not need them. Unfortunately, most people live in places with warmer seasons and colder seasons, meaning that a warm pair of socks is a very nice thing to have during the latter.

That is particularly true when either their heating or their circulation isn’t the best because either one of those two things can result in cold feet. Regardless, Pit Bull lovers might enjoy a nice pair of Pit Bull-themed socks.

16. Pit Bull-Themed Stuffed Toy

A stuffed toy isn’t as good as the real thing. Still, it is much better than nothing. People like stuffed toys for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, they find them cute, meaning they like to keep them around.

Other times, they find them cuddly, meaning they find them comforting. This stuffed toy is on the smaller side of things. However, if you are willing to search, you should have no problem finding something bigger if the Pit Bull lover in your life would prefer that instead.

17. Pit Bull-Themed Throw

The exact line of distinction between a blanket and a throw isn’t always clear. Even so, there are some general guidelines in place. For example, blankets tend to be bigger than throws.

Similarly, blankets tend to be used on beds, whereas throws are often used for more decorative purposes. In other words, you should be checking out throws if you think a Pit Bull lover could benefit from having a more comfortable home.

This particular example has an attractive design, a humorous line, and a pleasant-to-the-touch material, which are a winning trio of characteristics.

18. Pit Bull-Themed Tote Bag

Storage space is always useful. As a result, consider checking out Pit Bull-themed tote bags. For instance, this tote bag is the perfect choice for people who try to buy their groceries in the most eco-conscious manner possible.

It comes with enough space for them to carry everything they need, thus sparing them the need to buy shopping bags time after time.

19. Pit Bull-Themed T-Shirt

T-shirts are a surprisingly effective way to send a message. This is one example of something that Pit Bull lovers might want to wear. However, it is far from being the only example out there.

Whether Pit Bull lovers would like something colorful or minimalistic, there is surely a T-shirt design perfect for them.

20. Pit Bull-Themed Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are another great example of gifts that are good because they are so useful. They are great for providing extra traction, thus lowering the chances of someone suffering a slip and fall accident.

Simultaneously, they offer a place where people can wipe their feet, thus lowering the amount of dirt, dust, and other unwanted substances brought into the home. On top of this, welcome mats are a great way to make a statement at the entrance to the home, which can color every subsequent interaction within it.

In this case, the welcome mat makes it very clear that there is a Pit Bull on the premise. That means a Pit Bull lover can use it to show off their love for their canine companion. Moreover, that means that a Pit Bull-themed welcome mat can serve much the same function as a Pit Bull-themed sign but in a somewhat friendlier fashion.


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