The 10 Best Pit Bull Breeders in Pennsylvania


If you want to adopt a pit bull puppy, the first thing is to find a reputable breeder. Several pit bull breeders in Pennsylvania are known to be competent in socializing dogs and performing health checks. You are in the right place if this is the information you want. Here is a list of the best breeders in Pennsylvania, based on quality, client reviews, and reputation. Finding a good breeder guarantees you will get a healthy puppy.

The following are the ten best breeders in Pennsylvania.

10. Sentown Pit bulls

Sentown Pit bulls is a reputable breeder located in Monessen, Pennsylvania. If you live in Pennsylvania and want to buy a pit bull, you can head to Sentown Pit bulls. They are open daily from 9 am to 3 pm from Monday to Friday. The Pitbull Breeders Association registers the company because they follow the rules and guidelines set by this association. Sentown breeders conduct regular health checks when they breed their dogs.

Additionally, they also participate in performances and beauty dog shows. We are all aware of the horror stories that come with adopting pit bulls. You can avoid being part of these horrible stories by contacting a recognized pit bull breeder. According to We Love Doodles, one of the things you should insist on is having a pedigree paper that shows the ancestors used in interbreeding the puppy. You will find all these and more at Sentown Pitbull breeders.

9. Fully Loaded Kennels

Fully Loaded Kennels is another awesome pit bull breeder in Pennsylvania. It is a family-owned business that provides its clients with the best services. They mainly focus on breeding pit bulls and blue pitbull puppies. Many of the clients who buy pit bulls from them have nothing but positive reviews and feedback. If you go through their Facebook page, you will notice they have many followers and over 5000 likes.

One of the main things that make this company a reputable pit bull breeder is that they have over 15 years of experience in dog breeding. The family is passionate about dogs and ensures everything they do is done to perfection. You can visit their official social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, for more information on what they do. Fully Loaded Kennels often post pictures of puppies they are selling or offering for adoption.

If you identify a puppy you like, you can click on that page and follow the instructions. According to CBS News, you can also visit them in Northeast Pennsylvania, where you can get first-hand information on what they do and how you can be part of the larger Fully Loaded Kennels family.

8. Bella-Reed Pit Bull

Located in Southampton, Penn, Bella-Reed is also one of the best pit bull breeders in this region. Bella-Reed is a non-profit organization comprising volunteers and foster homes dedicated to demystifying all the myths about pit bulls. For several years, pit bulls have been the most misunderstood dog breed. They mainly specialize in breeding the American pit bull terrier and promoting the breed. Besides that, they also work in partnership with other dog organizations worldwide.

Bella-Reed does not have a physical location, shelter, or kennel. They work with foster homes to provide a healthy and beautiful environment for pit bulls until they find a loving home. If you are looking forward to fostering a pit bull, you can visit their website, fill in your details and submit a foster application.

You can also contact them if you are looking for a place to surrender your dog. Some families find themselves in situations where they must relocate out of the country, which is a valid reason to surrender your dog for adoption.

7. Kinneman Pit Bull Kennels

It is common to hear negative stories about pit bulls, making many people shy away from owning these beautiful dogs. You can choose this for your pet with the right information from top-notch breeders like Kinneman Pitbull kennels. Pit bulls have misunderstood personalities, but this breeding company will give you the right information about them that will make you change your mind. Kinneman breeders are found in Pittsburgh and are known to have an impressive line of blue pit bulls.

It is evident from its website and social media pages that it is a reputable organization. They have many positive reviews from customers who are satisfied with their services. The breeders have registered the company and possess puppy registration and UKC papers. You can get adult dogs and puppies from them.

Once you purchase a puppy from them, they will provide information about the breed, like its life expectancy, health challenges, and weight standards. You will never have any regrets if you buy a pit bull from Kinneman Pitbull kennels.

6. King Built Bullies

King Built Bullies have extended their services from Florida to Pennsylvania. KBB is one of the leading American pit bull breeders. They have more than five hundred dogs in their locations, and you can access their services from different parts of the world. The company’s headquarters are in Florida, but they have a new branch in Penn.

They offer pit bulls for protection and also for those who want pets. The dogs come in different sizes, and depending on your preference, you can get a puppy or an adult dog. If you identify a dog on their website that doesn’t look like the one in the picture, the company will refund your money.

According to Shelter a Pet, KBB is a reputable company, and many clients rate them as one of the top breeders because of its customer-friendly policies. In Penn, they mainly offer XL pit bulls trained to welcome owners. These dogs are playful and friendly and will always be at your side.

If you live in an apartment and have no space to exercise your dog, they can do that for you because they offer clients walking services. Regardless of where you live, they will deliver your order provided you don’t violate the shipping regulations.

5. Canine Concepts

Canine Concepts is a successful dog trainer and breeder in Pittsburg. The company was established in 1989 with more than 32 years of experience in dog breeding and training. Canine Concepts aims to establish a working relationship between dogs and their owners. Their main focus is to train dog owners to handle their pets innovatively.

They breed and train dog breeds like pit bulls, German shepherds, and terriers. If you want to purchase a dog, log on to their website and create a user account.

Once your account is verified, you can peruse the different types of dogs they have and submit your application. The company will verify if you possess all the necessary qualifications to own a pit bull, and then they will contact you for a home visit.

4. Iron Den Kennels

Iron Den Kennels is a professional pit bull breeder in Stroudsburg. They service residents of Penn and also offer their services nationwide. Tthe company is popular because it has over 40 years of experience breeding some of the best pit bulls. The company’s main goal is to produce top-quality pit bull puppies through effective breeding.

For the company, successful breeding entails following all the rules and regulations set by the Pitbull Association of Breeders. If you are looking for exceptional services, you don’t need to look further because, at Iron Den Kennels, you will find all you need.

If there is one thing that they take seriously is dogs’ health. The company’s biggest priority is maintaining health records and ensuring that all dogs have up-to-date vaccination. They also offer regular deworming to puppies and adult dogs. Everything they do is done to perfection, which is why all their sales are final.

Once you purchase a pit bull from them, it is impossible to return it. They only allow returns if you have purchased a puppy and it has developed a health condition. In this case, they will replace the dog. According to the company’s website, this has never happened because they have managed to stay true to their values.

3. Aloadae Kennels

Aloadae Kennels is one of the best pit bull breeders in Pennsylvania. The company founders are John and Jon, who have in-depth knowledge of dog breeding. Before starting this company, the two started studying different types of dog breeding. They learned the whole process of breeding plus the dos and don’ts. One of the key lessons they learned was how to avoid inadvertently breeding. They later started Aloadae and registered the company with the breeders association.

The company stands out and is rated as one of the best breeders because they adhere to all rules and regulations the dog breeders association sets. They also have a five-star rating on their website and several positive feedback from customers who have interacted with them.

John and Jon always ensure that they provide a positive and healthy relationship between their dogs and their future homes. Besides breeding, they also provide adoption and rescue services. If you rescue any neglected or abandoned dog, you can contact them, and they will come and get the dog. Neglected and abandoned dogs are the ones placed on adoption. Dogs that the company breeds are the only ones that are sold. If you love pit bulls and wish to own one, contact John and Jon.

2. Willow Spring Kennel

Willow Spring Kennel is a company dedicated to breeding and selling pit bull puppies in Pennsylvania. The company treasures and loves dogs. Their daily mission is to ensure that they are comfortable and happy. Willow Spring Kennels works with two veterinarians to ensure their dogs receive a regular health check-up. Regularly, their dogs are monitored to ensure they don’t have issues related to knees, hips, eyes, and heart problems.

Willow Spring is found on a beautiful 23-acre farm in the rural eastern area. The wide land they own ensures that their dogs are healthy because they receive regular exercise. Once the dogs are bred, infant puppies and mothers are kept in clean, air-conditioned nurseries. The company has a dedicated team of workers who ensure that the dogs lack nothing. The rooms are cleaned regularly to prevent the breakout of diseases.

As the puppies start to mature, they are vaccinated at the recommended intervals until they are ready for sale. If you want to purchase a pit bull from them, visit the company’s website to book your appointment. You can only access their services through an appointment.

1. Primate Kennels

Number one on this list is Primate Kennels in Allentown. The company has over five years of experience in pit bull breeding. Their website has a five-star rating, meaning it is a reputable organization. Currently, they have two employees and three hires on a home guide. Primate kennels are made up of dog lovers who are dedicated to making pit bulls likable in every home.

The company’s owner is Damien, and he has a vast knowledge of pit bull breeding. Damien started breeding dogs at the early age of 15, and 18 years later, he is ranked as one of the best pit bull breeders in Pennsylvania. The majority of his customers are always satisfied with the services they receive.

They are always amazed at his training experience and the way he can explain complex matters in a simplified way. According to Damien, his main motivation is seeing the joy of satisfied customers. He also loves to see dogs ending up in loving homes where they can be taken care of by their owners. This motivated him to start Primate Kennels, a company that is his pride and joy.

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