The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Texas

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You should consider contacting animal welfare organizations in Texas if you want a Pit Bull. Generally speaking, you can expect a much better price from Pit Bull rescues than from trustworthy Pit Bull breeders. Better still, adopting a Pit Bull means freeing their resources, thus enabling them to help more animals. Conveniently, Texas has numerous Pit Bull rescues for interested individuals to check out.

Here are the 10 of the best Pit Bull rescues in Texas:

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10. Bully Ranch – Austin, TX

Bully Ranch is on the smaller end of things. Still, it is doing good by housing and caring for unwanted Pit Bulls. As the story goes, the founders of Bully Ranch had thought about helping Pit Bulls for a long time.

However, they didn’t take significant action until the untimely death of their dog gave them the impetus to do so. Now, Bully Ranch is helping Pit Bulls find new homes, thus making a wonderful tribute to their dog.


9. Pitbull Ranch and Sanctuary – Goodrich, TX

Pitbull Ranch and Sanctuary is another small operation. Given the name, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that it focuses on helping Pit Bulls. The nice thing is that Pitbull Ranch and Sanctuary also take in other dogs when resources permit.

If the website is any indication, the people behind this Pit Bull rescue do so for two reasons. One, they feel Pit Bulls have an undeserved reputation. Two, they think the problem is compounded by widespread overbreeding.


8. Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue – Lubbock, TX

Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue came into existence because its founders were dissatisfied with the treatment of Pit Bulls sent to Lubbock’s animal shelter. It says the latter euthanizes about 80 percent of the almost 2,000 Pit Bulls taken in yearly, which are numbers that speak volumes about the severity of the situation. Due to this, Saving Grace Pitbull Rescue is focused on pushing back this problem.

The organization rescues Pit Bulls for later adoption. Furthermore, it supports Lubbock’s animal shelter and local Pit Bull owners while providing educational services to the rest of the community.


7. The Love Pit – Dallas, TX

The Love Pit is a Dallas-based organization that offers more-or-less the same set of services as the other names on this list. It takes Pit Bulls from animal shelters throughout Texas before working to make them suitable for adoption.

Moreover, it educates, thus promoting responsible pet ownership while reducing the chances of the relevant animals suffering harsh treatment.


6. Brave Bully Rescue – Houston TX

Brave Bully Rescue is a Houston-based organization that started after its founders became conscious of how bad the situation for Pit Bulls can be. They found three abandoned puppies.

Unfortunately, they were told by several local animal shelters that those abandoned puppies would be euthanized. The founders started reaching out to more people, thus providing themselves with even more awareness of the situation.

Eventually, Brave Bully Rescue came into existence, finding new homes for Pit Bulls while working to change the dogs’ public image.


5. Guardian Pitbull Rescue – The Woodlands, TX

Guardian Pitbull Rescue is another organization that places enormous importance on education. After all, responsible pet ownership means fewer animals become abandoned.

Simultaneously, a better image for Pit Bulls means a higher chance of them being welcomed into new homes rather than remaining stuck in resource-strapped animal shelters until funding runs low.

Of course, Guardian Pitbull Rescue is also involved in rescuing Pit Bulls from such fates, meaning it is working on the same problem from short-term and long-term approaches. This organization doesn’t discriminate among Pit Bulls. Instead, it takes all of them regardless of their needs so long as its resources permit.

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4. Love-A-Bull – Austin, TX

Love-A-Bull traces its roots to a group of Pit Bull fans in Austin. They became convinced that the situation was intolerable. Thanks to that, those Pit Bull fans decided to do something about it by founding Love-A-Bull, which works to help the dogs they love.

Primarily, it concerns itself with a mix of advocacy and education. That said, it does make Pit Bulls available for adoption by interested individuals. If you choose Love-A-Bull, you should make sure to use the former. After all, a well-informed pet owner is a better-prepared pet owner.

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3. Make a Stand Bully Rescue – Houston, TX

Make a Stand Bully Rescue is a new name for a not-so-new organization. Previously, it was Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue, which has been around since 2011.

The organization says it doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or health condition. Something that might make it more appealing to interested individuals.

Besides this, Make a Stand Bully Rescue tackles the same problem using more-or-less the same set of solutions. It is concerned about its integrity, as shown by the list of core principles on its website.

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2. Texas Pit Crew – Wichita Falls, TX

Texas Pit Crew has helped thousands of dogs despite its founding in 2014. That is an impressive record, though that wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of numerous volunteers.

Indeed, the Texas Pit Crew entrusts its dogs to a network of foster homes before forever homes have been found for them. Sometimes, its volunteers have been known to look for animals during the cold of winter.

That matters because Wichita Falls and the rest of Northern Texas can get colder than interested individuals might assume.

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1. Alamo City Pitbull Rescue – San Antonio, TX

Alamo City Pitbull Rescue is also a foster-based organization. It is focused on making its charges suitable for adoption. As a result, Alamo City Pitbull Rescue is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to rehabilitate them.

If you choose this organization, you should use its after-adoption support services. Adjusting to being a pet owner isn’t necessarily an easy thing. Due to that, you should use every resource available to you to make the smoothest transition possible.

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