The 10 Best Pit Bull Dog Names of 2022

Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are the most well-known dogs that are normally referred to as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American Bully. They are the favorite dog breed in America mainly because they are smart and incredibly fun. Pit bull dogs are also preferred as companion animals mainly due to their gentle character. Before getting yourself a Pit Bull puppy, you will need first to know what name to give them. Here, we have compiled some of the most popular Pit Bull names, along with clever naming tricks to help you pick the perfect name that suits the intelligent, fun, and active demeanor of your Pit Bull.


According to Hepper, the Pitbull dog came along with the immigrants to America, where at first, they were treated as versatile dogs. Their main duties included guarding animals and property, hunting for wild animals, and being completely loyal to their owners. At the time, the most common Pit Bull breed in America was the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the 19th century, Pit Bulls were used in England mainly for spectator sporting activities such as bear and bull wrangling. However, these sports were considered illegal in 1835, when they were considered to be inhumane. To date, Pit Bulls have gradually developed to become a strong and very protective dog breed and family-friendly and gentle. Despite their huge intimidating body sizes, Pit Bulls are very loving and gentle. They, however, can use their enormous body size to keep unwanted persons from your property and immediately alert you if there is an intrusion. Additionally, Pit Bulls are intelligent and extremely confident guard dogs.

Pit Bull Name Trends

According to Dogloversblog, the most popular name for Pit Bulls is the name Blu or Blue, which is mainly associated with the gorgeous coloring of their bluenoses. Also, the name Bluebell appears very common among Pit Bulls. Other popular names associated with their distinctive coloring include Red, Smokey, and Shadow. There are other Pit Bull names related to Pit Bulls’ impressive strength, including; Moose, Titan, Champ, Tank, and Diesel. Furthermore, there are some Pit Bull owners who love using “sweet” names for the dogs, including; Cookie, Daisy, and Lily. Pit Bulls were initially considered fighting dogs, but since this activity was considered illegal, they are gradually becoming man’s favorite companions. They were also used to babysit children back in the days due to their tough and overprotective nature. That said, it is advisable to select a name that matches your dog’s nature. Your preferred Pit Bull dog’s name can be based on their energetic and colorful personality.

How to pick your Pit Bull’s Name

With so many beautiful names to give your Pit Bull, it is usually difficult to determine which name perfectly suits the behavior, color, and habits of your Pit Bull. Fortunately, we have outlined some effective methods to help you come up with a suitable name for your dog. Some of these name-picking methods include:

1. Call our random name

This method becomes simpler if you are stuck between selecting a few Pit Bull names. Here, you will need to sit in a quiet room away from your dog and begin calling out your selected names leaving 20-second pauses after calling each name. If your dog responds to any of these names, that might be the perfect name for your Pit Bull.

2. Pee on trees

This method is only effective for male dogs who have naturally learned to lift their leg when peeing. You will need to tack your preferred Pit Bull name to each tree in your backyard and leave your dog to go and help himself. If the dog pees on a tree with a tacked name, that becomes the perfect name for your dog.

3. Use index cards

In this method, you will need to take a few index cards and write your preferred Pit Bull names on each one. Place a piece of dog treat or food on each of these index cards and let your dog into the room. Carefully monitor which index card your Pit Bull dog picks and eats the treats placed on it; then that is your dog’s name.

4. Family involvement

If there is a dispute on what name is the best for your Pit Bull dog among your family members, you can use this method to solve this problem. In this method, you and your family will need to form a large circle around the dog, but not too close to avoid scaring the dog. Each one in the circle will start calling the dog by their desired Pit Bull name, and if the dog goes to one of the names being called out, that becomes your Pit Bull dog’s name.

What are some of the world’s most famous Pit Bull names?

According to the Rover, the following are some of the best Pit Bull names you could consider giving your dog:

10. Sari

This is the perfect name for an ideal Pit Bull dog.

9. Smiley

This is the most suitable name if your dog has a beautiful smile.

8. Diesel

This is the perfect name for a tough make Pit Bull.

7. Nyx

This name is associated with a powerful Greek goddess of the night and is perfect for your female dog.

6. Cupid

This is the perfect name for an affectionate Pit Bull.

5. Hercules

This is the name given to the incredibly strong Greek god ideal for your powerful Pit Bull.

4. Bud

This was the name given to the Pit Bull that went on a first trip across the United States from New York City to San Francisco with his owner.

3. Bear

Perfect if you want to give your Pit Bull dog a cute name.

2. Spot

This is the ideal name if your dog has a unique marking or spot.

1. Hulk

This is suitable if your dog showcases incredible strength.


The thought of adding a new four-legged friend to your family is an amazing adventure that begins with you selecting the ideal name for your Pit Bull. The best Pit Bull name is one that reflects your dog’s personality and that you will be comfortable using for the years to come.

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