Guy Moves into Animal Shelter to Help Unwanted Pitbull Get Adopted

Love is shown by actions such as when a guy moves in to the animal shelter to help unwanted Pitbull get adopted. Scott Poore could have taken the dog, Queen, home, but he already had Leo, another rescue dog; Queen need a pet-free home. Still, giving up sleeping in his comfy bed at home to sleep on the floor with Queen seemed like the best way to draw attention to potential dog parents. Was it in vain? Find out below as you also get to learn how Scott Poore has made it his life’s mission to help rescue animals find forever homes.

His Efforts Paid Off

Scott Poore visited Great Plains SPCA shelter every day and noticed one particular dog, Queen. The canine had been at the shelter for 400 days, having arrived there as an injured animal, but the shelter took care of her, paid her medical bills, and her health greatly improved. Unfortunately, no one wanted to take her home, and Scott said the “400 days” was on Queen’s kennel card, making people think there had to be something wrong with her. Scott would not let her stay for another year without getting adopted, so he decided to help the best way he could.

The compassionate man knew all that Queen needed was attention from media outlets to attract the right family to adopt her. Consequently, Scott moved in to be Queen’s roommate in the 10-by-7 room. He confessed that it was not easy and he was looking forward to being in his bed, but still he enjoyed his stay with Queen. They played tug of war and had breakfast in bed, as documented by his videos on Facebook. The guy revealed to Ron Project that it must have been a horrible experience for Queen for the 400 days because when the lights went out and they were left alone, falling asleep was difficult.

A week after starting his campaign to get Queen adopted, one man, Tony Peluso, fell in love with her after a friend sent him a picture of the dog. Although he was not interested in adopting another dog, having lost his senior dog three weeks before, Tony felt that he had to meet Queen. Upon visiting the shelter, Tony then knew he had to take her home with him, and the staff celebrated her departure by throwing rose petals into the air. Tony said he did know that Queen’s story had gone viral and that she had been unwanted for so long; all he saw was a loving, sweet dog that reminded him of a stuffed animal.

Sometimes Moving in is Not Enough

When you thought you had read enough about a dog overstaying in an animal shelter, you get to learn of a dog that spent almost five years in one. Merrick, a terrier and blue heeler mix was at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City for nearly all his life until Scott Poore thought there was no way he would be celebrating another Christmas at a shelter. They had tried everything to get Merrick adopted, but none of their efforts paid off until Scott thought of posting his picture on a billboard. Scott figured that a billboard would enable even those who do not follow the shelter on social media to know Merrick.

Scott paid $3,000 for the billboard, which read, “Hi! I’m Merrick. Will You Be My Hero?” Well, Jordan Nussbaum saw the photograph and convinced his girlfriend that they should adopt Merrick. Scott had said that the dog needed a pet-free home, without small children, and a family that would take him on long walks since Merrick had lots of energy, all of which made Jordan the ideal parent for Merrick. The shelter staff was delighted to see Merrick go to his new home, where Jordan reported that he has already fallen in love with the neighbor’s dog.

Caring for the Animals is Scott’s Calling

Twenty years ago, Scott Poore worked as the regional manager at a craft brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. The job was taking a toll on him; thus, one day, as he thought about the future, he realized he would not be happy with the choices he was making. During lunchtime, Scott called his boss to a room and resigned, saying he needed to make some lifestyle changes. Although he felt like a burden had been lifted off his shoulders the next few days, he was anxious as the reality of being unemployed hit him. He even spent three days sending out resumes, but then it dawned on Scott that if he got another corporate job, he would not enjoy the peace of mind he had after resigning.

Scott had always been a dog lover; therefore, he started volunteering at Great Plains SPCA shelter. As he told The Harbinger, he noticed that every shelter had some dogs labeled “shy,” and only staff could interact with them. Scott was determined to figure out why those animals were treated differently and turn them into dogs that everyone wanted. He recalls how it took over a month for one dog to learn to trust Scott finally, and it was a good feeling knowing that he was achieving his goal. After spending nearly 50 hours every week at shelters, Scott started working at the Great Plains SPCA shelter.

He still needed to make a living; therefore, Scott returned to a day job, splitting his time between work and the shelter. In the meantime, he wanted to give Great Plains SPCA a going-away present, so he designed t-shirts. His friend convinced him to take the t-shirt designing business seriously, which Scott did. Once the business took off, Scott resigned from his day job again and became a full-time volunteer at the shelter. He said he neither has a wife nor a social life due to his devotion to rescuing animals, which is not a career but a calling.

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