20 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog

Of course, there are thousands of adorable and irresistible pups all around the world, and regardless of looks, most pet owners will believe in their own heart of hearts that their pet is the cutest around. However, the world has decided for years on end now, and Boo has been given the title of the World’s Cutest Dog time and time again. The little Pomeranian has made quite a name for himself in recent years, and his face strikes the hearts of everyone who comes to see him on the internet, becoming a sensation that enlightens everyone no matter how old you are. Although he may be just a pup, there are many things to know about Boo and the life he leads as the World’s Cutest Dog, and that is why we are here. In this article, we are going to count down twenty fun facts that you may not know about the stylish and well known pooch, and why he stands out among the crowd. With that said, let’s get started with our countdown.

It All Started On Facebook

When Boo was just a four year old pup, his owner, who worked for the social media platform at the time and still does, decided to create a Facebook page for him, and the rest is history. His page began to get quite a bit of attention for his sweet face and laid back lifestyle when it was first created back in 2009. The incoming attention was bringing him more and more fame as the months and years went on, and still continues to attract new fans each and every day. His ‘About Me’ page says it all, stating “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.” We know your life is good, Boo. Keep it up.

The Basics

Boo, as we mentioned before, is a Pomeranian breed of dog, which adds to his small and petite stature that makes him so cute and irresistible to so many. He was born in March of 2006, and is now eleven years young, still going strong. He was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and lives with his owner there still. His owner has chosen to stay out of the spotlight, keeping her identity a secret for the many years that Boo has risen to ultimate fame. Despite this, and for obvious reasons, not much else is really known about Boo and his life except for what is seen on his Facebook page, but we will get back to this more later in the count down.

Boo’s Unique Sense Of Style

In case the fans haven’t noticed quite yet, Boo has a bit of a different look to him when it comes to the typical Pomeranians that we often see. This is because Boo is actually considered a short haired Pomeranian, which is actually not as uncommon as you would think; However, his very short hair definitely makes him stand out from the rest. Because of his short hair, he often has a hair cut that makes him appear more like a living teddy bear, and is one of the many reasons why he is so adorable and favorable for so many fans across the globe. To top it off, Boo’s owner takes the time every day to get him dressed in various outfits and pieces of doggy apparel to show of his adorable look. His favorite clothing to wear is a t shirt that is decked out in brown and orange stripes, according to one of his many web pages.

His Haircut Has Been Trademarked

That’s right. That famous cut of his that helps him to maintain his short, thick, and coarse fur coat has been trademarked to the pooch himself. This haircut that he sports makes him appear almost teddy bear like, with his hair extra short on his body and limbs, and longer around his face and head. So, if you want your own Pomeranian to get a stylish haircut at their next trip to the groomers, just as for the Boo cut, and you will get all the cuteness that you have been hoping for right at your fingertips. Although it may not looked exactly identical to that of Boo himself, you can still have your pet look like all the cuteness that is wrapped up in the world’s cutest dog.

Cute Competition

As Boo rose and continues to rise to fame, he is beginning to be met with some fluffy and cute competition of his own. Although many owners trying to make their own pets famous doesn’t always pan out, there are some animals that make it into the spotlight. This can include the stylings of Grumpy Cat, and even the Pomeranian pup named Jiff. Although these pets don’t have the same style, charisma, or haircut as that of Boo, they definitely put a foot in the door when it comes to the cutest and most spunky animals to grace the social media outlets of our day. You can find all of these animals on several social media platforms to make your own decisions on who is the ‘top dog’ (no pun intended).

His Haircut Was An Accident Gone Right

According to his owner, who tends to go by the pen name J.H. Lee, which we will discuss a little bit later in the article, his short haired haircut that he has came about totally by accident. Apparently before, he used to have a long haired coat, similar to that of his ‘brother’ Buddy, who can also be seen on the Facebook page. However, after his hair got so knotted and tangled, and we mean to the point where a brush just simply won’t cut it, Boo’s owner decided to completely shave it off. Well, needless to say, the haircut has become the epitome of Boo’s success in the years since his Facebook page first began, and I don’t think they would change that ‘accident’ for anything in the world.

Celebrity Status

One of the reasons why Boo’s Facebook page took off so well and so rapidly at the very beginning was because of his presence toward celebrities on the social media outlet. Many well known figures in Hollywood, the music industry, and other socialites, such as Ke$ha and Khloe Kardashian, found the page as well, and dubbed him the cutest dog in the world even before the title was bestowed upon him. In fact, it was a tweet made by singer Ke$ha that truly launched his career in the social media world, as she linked his Facebook page into a tweet saying that Boo was her boyfriend. It’s amazing what a little bit of star power can do, even for a little pooch.

Boo’s Owner Never Sought Out Fame

Unlike what popular belief may be, and what we often see with so many others who hit their claim to fame in the spotlight, Boo’s mystery owner has never used her dog to get the fame that he has found. She just decided to create a page for her pooch one day to show off cute pictures of her dog to her friends, and the rest is truly history. Even through the book deals and other promotional efforts that Boo has been a part of throughout his lifetime thus far, the mystery owner has never sought out those deals from the get go. She has always been approached, and accepted them willingly. Furthermore, many of the earnings that Boo receives goes to charitable organizations, which we will discuss more in a little bit. It’s nice to see someone who isn’t abusing the power that fame can often bring.

His Follower List Is Insane

If you haven’t looked on Boo’s Facebook page in recent times, you would have no idea the real potential and fan base that this little Pomeranian really has. Boo’s page has racked up almost 17 million followers in the time that it was created, and just continues to grow day by day, and year by year, as he continues to travel the world and have the most amazing life, all thanks to his immense success. Most people dream of having that many followers, and needless to say, Boo has most certainly hit celebrity status on the social media platform.

Someone Tried To “Kill” Boo

Let us explain this one a bit. Often times, we here of various celebrities or other famous figures that are claimed to have passed away, although this is clearly farther from the truth. This same scenario happened to Boo, and it occurred right at the height of his career. In April of 2012, an anonymous mystery person decided to post on Facebook a story that said #RIPBOO in the caption. This news, of course, made the world go into crazy mode, as they couldn’t believe that the world’s cutest dog could actually be gone. Fortunately for fans everywhere, this story was completely false, and Boo is still alive and well with his owner back in his home in San Francisco.

He’s Now A Spokesdog

One of the places where the majority of audiences will see Boo and recognize him, aside from his Facebook page, is with Virgin America Airlines. The approach to become the spokesdog for the airline came after the success of his books was publicly recognized. Virgin America approached him and his owner with a contract that would make him the spokesdog for travelers that would also want to travel with their pets on their flights. This has also shown him much success, and in July of 2012, Boo was officially named the Pet Liaison for Virgin America Airlines.

Mystery Life

As we mentioned before, there is not much else known about Boo and his wild life except for what is eluded to on his Facebook page. Many people want to learn more about his mysterious owner, who has never revealed who she is, as well as wanting to know more about Buddy, who is the other Pomeranian that Boo lives with along with their owner in San Francisco. While fans everywhere get to see Boo and Buddy take crazy and amazing adventures all across the world, know is sure how they are able to do this in the first place, and for that matter, with pooches that are so incredibly famous on social media. Regardless, this may be why Boo has so much success and fame in the first place.

He Raises Money For Charity Each Birthday

Boo is very philanthropic, and he is known to ask for fans to help him to raise money for various charities for his birthdays each year. In recent years, he has donated to charities such as Operation Smile (which helps people all over the world to get the smiles they deserve), Freedom House (which helps victims of human trafficking), Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Pet Therapy Program, Charity: Water (which helps to build various clean water projects all throughout the globe), and other programs and charity organizations as well. With some of these projects, he has also worked with some of the companies that he has contracts with, like Virgin America, which we will discuss later in the article.

Naked Wednesdays

For those who religiously follow Boo and his shenanigans on his Facebook page, it is well known that Boo is often sporting some type of wardrobe or piece of doggy style apparel in his pictures and adventures. In fact, his wardrobe is so advanced and sophisticated that he often is wearing a different outfit every single day. The only exception to his wardrobe and style is that of ‘Naked Wednesdays’ which was dubbed by his mysterious owner. On ‘Naked Wednesdays’, Boo gets to run free, just like most dogs in the world get to do as well. Either way, Boo is definitely one of the most fashionable and stylish dogs around.

Boo’s Net Worth

With all of the fame and success that comes with his Facebook fan base as well as his many projects and gigs that occupy his day to day life, it is no wonder that his net worth is well up there. As of recent years, it has been reported that Boo, the world’s cutest dog, makes an average of $1 million annually thanks to his promotional status and various contracts. However, aside from this amazing bank that he makes each year, Boo is known for giving a good portion of his earnings away to charities and other benefits, as we mentioned previously in the article. Its good to know that all of the fame and earnings don’t get to Boo’s, or his owner’s, head.

He Has His Own Book Series

As if fame on social media isn’t enough, just shortly after a year from his takeoff to stardom on his page, Boo and his owner were approached by the publication company, Chronicle Books, to begin creating a book series based on the Pomeranian and his life. It was in 2011 when Boo and his owner, who has taken the pen name J.H. Lee, wrote and released the picture book ‘Boo: The Life Of The World’s Cutest Dog’ alongside Chronicle Books. The picture book so immense success, being translated into ten different languages for audiences and readers all across the globe. It also led to a sequel, which is entitle ‘Boo: Little Dog In The Big City’, that has also seen quite a bit of success.

Other Projects That Followed

After the amount of success that Boo and his owner, who we will refer to as J.H. Lee, saw from the books that were published with Boo as the main character, other small projects began to make their way to the public as well. These included a calendar that featured pictures of the adorable Pomeranian as the center focus, and there also developed plans to make a cut out book and other children’s books with Boo as the main character, obviously. His projects and merchandise has even gone so far that there is also a Gund stuffed animal that looks like the World’s Cutest Dog for people to purchase all over the world.

All In The Family

Boo’s fan page on Facebook isn’t only devoted to the little Pomeranian pup, as many would believe without first seeing it. Boo is most often featured with his brothers on the adventures that they take. Boo’s first brother is that of Buddy, who has been with him since the beginning of the fame and the success of it all. Buddy is also a Pomeranian, and he still sports the traditional long haired coat that we are used to seeing. Buddy unfortunately passed away late in 2017. Boo also has another brother who is a newer addition to the family. This brother is Sir Blueberry Pie, or Blue for short, and he is a Golden Retriever. Although he is the youngest of the brother, he most certainly exceeds them in size, but they all love to play with each other all the same.

Modeling Gigs As Well

Aside from all of his fame that has built his empire both on social media platforms as well as from a publishing standpoint, Boo the Pomeranian has also done very well with modeling gigs. Boo has become the face of many projects, brand names, and even charities. Some of his well noted modeling gigs that he has taken part in include that of an online boutique that is entitled Tobi, and his work with Operation Smile to help raise money for the charitable cause that helps individuals all over the world get the smiles they deserve.

Suspicions Of Boo’s Owner

As time has gone on, there has been much speculation regarding Boo’s mystery owner. As we have mentioned before, it is known that Boo’s owner does indeed work for Facebook out of San Francisco. With this information, and with many years of digging, one lead has come about that might reveal the true identity of Boo’s owner. Many believe that the owner is none other than Irene Ahn, who is in one of the top positions of Facebook’s financial department. Although this has neither been confirmed or denied, it seems quite likely that this is the case. Either way, Ahn has never intentionally tried to make Boo more famous in any way, and his fame has just grown naturally as the years have gone by. Regardless of this fact, though, there are many individuals around the world who strongly believe that Ahn is using her status within the company to get her dog the amount of followers that he has seen over the years. I guess we will never know the truth as to what the true intentions are, or how everything got to its status that it has hit, but either way, we love the life that Boo leads.

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