Man Saved From Stroke by His New Rescue Dog Gets Reunited

When you adopt a rescue pet you’re saving an animal from the likelihood of euthanization. Thousands of healthy and amazing animals are euthanized daily in shelters across the nation. These pets need to be saved, but they are also capable of saving you in many ways. We recently learned about a rescue pet that helped to save her owner’s life. Here is the heartwarming story. People ran the incredible story about a man who decided to adopt a rescue dog, only to have the dog repay the favor. Brian Myers of New Jersey adopted Sadie, a German Shepherd, from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. Her owners had surrendered her to the shelter for undisclosed reasons. Brian and Sadie made their home together in Teaneck, New Jersey. A few months after the adoption, Myers suffered a stroke. After he collapsed, Sadie physically dragged the man across the room to put him close enough to his cell phone to call for help. She continued to lick his face to keep him awake until help arrived. She stayed by his side until he received the medical care needed to save his life.

His thoughts were about Sadie

While Myers was en-route to the hospital his concern was for Sadie’s well-being. He asked the emergency technician to make sure that Sadie would be taken care of. He was taken to the hospital and stabilized, then sent to recover at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. Myers shared that the dog’s instincts kicked in and she seemed to know just what to do. This shows that he is highly intelligent and also very caring. She was repaying him for bringing her home and giving her a family.

The story touched everyone’s heart

Although the details are unclear, Sadie was returned to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge for care until her owner recovered his health and was able to take her back to share their home. Arrangements were made by the shelter to have Sadie in the parking lot at the exact time that Brian was released from the rehab center. As soon as Sadie saw Myers she rushed to his side and the entire heartwarming incident was captured on camera. Brian fought back tears of joy as his dog rushed to greet him. He promoted pet adoption and encouraged others to adopt their next pet. Sadie is Brian’s hero for life. The shelter has also set up a fundraiser along with their version of the video that they share on Facebook. Since Brian must now go on disability he could use a little help for Sadie’s care and everyone is getting on board to help him out with their donations. These are two lifelong companions that richly deserve one another’s company. This is a remarkable story about a man and his dog and how the brief relationship grew into something beautiful for each of them.

The case for adoption

Many pet owners look for months for breeders that have new puppies for purchase. There are quite a few puppy mills that capitalize on the high demand for dogs. Instead of supporting these unethical dog vendors, it’s a better alternative to adopt a pet whose life may depend on finding a forever home. While there are reputable breeders who are doing a good service, it can be tough to tell them apart from the mills. There are many good reasons to adopt versus purchasing a puppy.

Why adopt?

According to Dog copilot, adopting a dog saves a precious life. Annually, there are 2.7 million dogs and cats that are otherwise adoptable that are euthanized in the USA. Adopting a pet from a shelter can save his life. We learned from Sadie and Brian’s story that the life you save may also end up saving yours. You can reduce the chances of supporting a puppy mill. Seventy percent of dog purchases are from these cruel and inhumane setups. They’re animal production factories that are only interested in profits and not in the well-being of the animals they produce. Many raise the animals in poor conditions without proper medical care or socialization. When we stop supporting puppy mills they are no longer profitable and in time they will go away.

Adopting a pet helps more than one animal. For every pet that is adopted, space is made for another potential pet that has nowhere else to go. Shelters are overburdened and they do their best to take in as many unwanted animals as they can but they have resource limitations. By taking one animal out of a shelter you’re making room for food, shelter, and medical attention for one more pet. Some dogs that are adopted from shelters are already housetrained. Many of them are either turned out because of death, illness, or other reason that an owner cannot or will not care for them. There are quite a few shelter pets that are completely housetrained and they’re ready to enter a new home with an awareness of the basic rules of house etiquette. So many of these amazing animals have wonderful and loving personalities and they have a lot of love to share if they’re only given the chance.

Adopting a pet from a shelter is less expensive than buying a new puppy. Many shelters have already taken care of the expense of spay or neuter along with first vaccinations. It’s all included in the adoption price, which is usually cheaper than buying a dog from a puppy mill. You actually save money when you adopt a pet from a shelter. Sometimes the shelter also includes microchipping. If you get a dog that is already housetrained, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of good reasons to adopt a pet from an animal rescue shelter. Sadie serves as a good example of how a pet can change your life in very profound and meaningful ways. She is a hero who physically saved her new owner’s life, but there are other ways they can save us. They make wonderful companions and give us love and entertainment. Pets can also be good for our mental health by bringing unconditional love and loyalty into our lives.

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