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Owning a hunting dog comes with a great deal of responsibility, and we’re just talking about finding the best name for the dog. A hunting dog is one that will love you at home and accompany you to the woods on the weekends during hunting season to do some hard work, tracking and hunting. This is a dog that’s bred to work hard and move with stealth. There is more to a name than just something you like or something you find “cute” or appropriate. A name can, believe it or not, inspire people or even animals to behave a certain way. For example, if you name a hunting dog princess and then treat her like a princess, she’s probably not going to be very bold or interested in hunting.

But if you get a dog and name him Brutus and treat him like a strong beast, chances are that’s how he’ll behave. There’s a lot to a name, and a lot of that has to do with how we subconsciously treat people based on the names they have. The hunting dog is a dog that deserves an awesome name, and Fido just won’t cut it. For that reason alone, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of hunting dog names and the meaning behind each that will blow your mind and make sure you don’t choose a name that will have your dog mocked at the hunting camp.


The name Artemis is actually one derived from Greek mythology, and it means Goddess of the Hunt. So, what better name for a gorgeous hunting dog than Artemeis? The best news about this strong, powerful hunting dog name is that it works wonderfully on both male and female dogs given the fact that the name is seemingly goes both ways. We’ve seen hunting dogs on both levels, and we think that it’s just a matter of time before more male and female dogs have the same name.


A robber or an outlaw, this is a name that was primarily used back in the 1800s in the Old West. We call them criminals today, but bandit is a name that’s so much more fun. These are people who were brave (read; Stupid) enough to rob stores, people and homes and they weren’t afraid of the law. For this reason, the name works really well for a dog that’s not afraid to fight for what it wants in the woods. It makes the perfect name for a hunting dog.


A large, scary animal is what this name means; and we love it for a dog. Whether you’re looking to name your male or female dog, we love this name because it’s so perfect for any animal headed out into the wild to hunt other animals. After all, few other animals are as scary and intimidating in the wilderness as a Bear, so naming your hunting dog the same thing makes him or her seem more terrifying and intimidating by default.


It’s a French name that means beautiful, but we can’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to name a hunting dog Belle. It’s not an overly feminine name, and it has a strong sound to it. It’s the name of a Disney Princess who bravely stands up to a beast and an over-bearing ogre of a man in order to save her father, and she appears to fear nothing. She’s a strong character with a strong personality, and any dog should be flattered to receive a name so lovely, strong and powerful.


It’s a name that you might use when discussing fire, but it’s strong. It’s a steady name that sounds intimidating without being scary. When we think of a dog by the name of Blaze, we think of a large, steady dog with a calm personality that isn’t aggressive by nature, but isn’t afraid of anything at the same time. It’s a powerful name that sounds elegant, but still just large and scary enough to make it work in the wild when you’re out hunting. The name works better on a male dog than on a female dog, but it’s not unheard of to choose this as a name for a female. Just be certain it’s a strong female dog who will complement the name with ease.


While the name means heavy and slow, and sometimes foolish, it sounds good when calling out the name of a hunting dog. It sounds powerful and unique. There are very few dogs that go by the name of Brutus anymore, as it’s just not a popular name in pop culture these days. However, the name sounds as if it might be masking something more powerful and deadly, which is what gives it that slightly intimidating factor.


It’s a name that means allies, and it’s from the Native American tribes of centuries past. The name isn’t common in dogs – or anyone anymore – but it does have a very strong sound to it. It’s a name that commands attention and makes people think of someone that’s a natural born leader. Since that’s what you want from a hunting dog, this name will fit. Additionally, this name could be used on both a male and female dog, so you don’t have to choose your hunting dog based solely on gender if you’re this set on the name of the animal you want to have.


It means gamekeeper, and what’s more appropriate than when you’re hunting than a dog by the name of Ranger? Rangers are people who are out in the wilderness ensuring that national parks are safe, campers and hikers and leisurely strollers are on the right path and good to go. They’re steady and helpful and intelligent, which is precisely what you’re looking for in a hunting dog. This is a name that can also be used for both a male or female dog, though it might seem like a name more commonly found on a male dog.

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