Pit Bull Mix Adopted After Cruel Video Catches Him Being Thrown Over Fence

A happy outcome has been achieved for a canine that was subjected to inhumane treatment, as captured on video, in which it was thrown over a wire fence and abandoned near a cellphone tower in Riverside County.

The 8-year-old Pit Bull mix, now named Ken, was fortunate to have been adopted just a day after the footage of the abuse was made public.

An Orange County resident, identified only as Jennifer, upon viewing the video, felt compelled to travel to Jurupa Valley to adopt Ken, as reported by Riverside County Animal Services.

The video depicts an individual, subsequently identified as a resident of Riverside County, physically lifting a canine and deliberately throwing it over a fence surrounding a cellphone tower.

The dog, in the process of falling, becomes entangled on the razor wire atop the fence before landing on the other side. The perpetrator is subsequently observed walking away, leaving the animal behind.

Animal Services Commanders, Josh Sisler, has stated that “the video is shocking, depicting the most heinous act of wilful abandonment, with the suspect committing the abhorrent act of throwing the dog clearly over 8 feet of fence and razor wire.”

This incident occurred on December 15th in the Winchester area, near the intersection of Pourroy Road and Flossie Way.

Maintenance personnel for the cellular tower, while conducting their routine duties, discovered the canine several hours after the incident. They promptly provided the animal with water and notified the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

According to Animal Services Commander, Josh Sisler, “Fortunately for the dog, it did make contact with the razor wire but sustained no injuries.”

The dog was equipped with a microchip, bearing identification records, indicating that its previous name was KO. Through the utilization of these records, county officials were able to identify the registered owner and are actively pursuing an arrest warrant for Robert Ruiz, aged 30, for the charge of Willful Abandonment of an Animal.

If the dog had not been found in time, he likely would have died in the confined space, which had no food, officials say. KO was renamed Ken. Video released by Animal Services shows him looking happy as shelter workers walk and play with him:

Animal Services treated him for a minor eye infection and said his disposition was friendly despite enduring the abuse.

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