The 20 Best Dog Breeders in Chicago

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You have plenty of options if you want to buy a dog from a dog breeder in Chicago. After all, Chicago is the third most populous city in the country, meaning there are a lot of dog breeders catering to a lot of dog owners and would-be dog owners around the Chicago area. Various sources can provide useful recommendations. Still, you should treat those as places to start looking rather than the total of your research. People can be wrong.

Furthermore, dog breeders can change over time. As a result, it is a good idea to look up recommendations using the wide range of resources available to interested individuals. For example, the state of Illinois has a list of licensed dog breeders.

Similarly, the Humane Society has a list of suggestions for picking out reputable dog breeders from their not-so-reputable counterparts. So long as you search, you should have no problem finding the best dog breeders in Chicago and the rest of Illinois.

According to various sources, here are 20 of the best dog breeders in Chicago and beyond:

20. Dominator Dogs

Dominator Dogs isn’t the most encouraging of names. After all, “dominator” has certain connotations that don’t make for the friendliest-sounding animals, which is a serious issue when most people want companions more than anything else. Still, interested individuals should know Dominator Dogs is a reputable business with clean facilities plus a proven record of success.

Furthermore, interested individuals should know the dog breeder offers Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and a couple of Poodle-descended designer dogs. Suffice it to say that none of those dogs are what most people would associate with the aforementioned connotations.

19. Creekside Doodles

Poodles are popular. Thanks to that, there are a lot of dog breeders that specialize in either Poodles or Poodle-descended designer dogs. To name another example, interested individuals can check out Creekside Doodles, which is situated out in Central Illinois but still worth visiting for Chicago residents. The dog breeder has more than 20 years of experience. That suggests a consistent record of customer satisfaction over time, which bodes well for would-be customers.

18. Skyline Akitas

Interested individuals might want a more unconventional choice for their canine companion. If so, Akitas are an excellent option because they are loyal, intelligent, and affectionate but also aloof, independent, and territorial. They offer a serious challenge, but there has never been a shortage of people willing to take on challenges. Skyline Akitas is in Chicago itself. Moreover, this is yet another long-running business with plenty of expertise and experience.

17. Chicago Area Labrador and Labradoodle Puppies

Some businesses make themselves sound as appealing as possible through the use of fanciful names. In contrast, others have a much blunter naming sense. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, a straightforward business is often an honest business. Better still, if it does well even though it doesn’t show much interest in its marketing, there suggests that is some serious substance to its products and services. As such, you should check out Chicago Area Labrador and Labradoodle Puppies even if you aren’t impressed by its name.

16. Precious Little Paws

City dwellers often choose smaller dogs because of practical reasons. Due to this, interested individuals should check out Precious Little Paws, which specializes in three kinds of dogs. One would be the Maltese, while another would be the Yorkshire Terrier. The third is the Morkie, which is a designer dog descended from the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. All three dogs are small companion dogs, thus making them good choices for people who want dogs well-suited for living in smaller spaces.

15. Brylee’s Angels

Of course, there are a lot of other small companion dogs out there. We aren’t exactly the first generation of people interested in small companion dogs. Another option for interested individuals would be the Havanese, a Bichon Frise relative from Cuba. Brylee’s Angels is a family-run business. Reputedly, the family cares a great deal about the longevity of their dogs, which should come as welcome news for those concerned about the health of their canine companions.

14. Amazing Shih-Tzu’s

Unsurprisingly, Amazing Shih-Tzu’s specializes in Shih-Tzus. Specifically, the dog breeder has been offering Shih-Tzus of every official color for three decades and counting. Interested individuals can count on every single animal from this business to meet the AKC’s standards. Be warned that they might have to head a bit further out because the dog breeder is situated in Southern Illinois.

13. B&C Kennels

A lot of dog breeders specialize in either one or a small number of dog breeds. That has both upsides and downsides. On the one hand, they should have a better understanding of the dog breeds they specialize in. On the other hand, they offer a more limited selection, which is inconvenient. B&C Kennels is unusual in that it offers a much wider range of dogs than most of the other dog breeders on this list. Despite that, the business seems to have a good reputation, which is always a reassuring sight.

12. Treygens Cavaliers

This dog breeder didn’t always specialize in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. However, that is the dog breed it focuses on in the present. Some people might hesitate at the thought of getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because the dog breed has a reputation for inherited health conditions. This dog breeder minimizes the chances of those inherited health conditions by thoroughly testing every single one of its dogs.

11. Erica’s Doodles

Early training and socialization are critical for making a dog the best it can be. Erica’s Doodles stands out in this regard because its puppies are raised in a home environment, meaning they get a considerable head-start in this regard when compared with a lot of their counterparts. Besides this, interested individuals should also consider Erica’s Doodles for their purchase because it has more than two decades of experience, which isn’t the kind of thing that anyone can just claim.

10. DreamCatcher Hill Puppies

DreamCatcher Hill Puppies offer a wider range of dogs than most. Examples range from Pugs and French Bulldogs to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. On top of this, DreamCatcher Hill Puppies offers designer dogs, some of which descend from other popular dog breeds.

9. Chicagoland Boxers Kennel

Chances are good interested individuals can guess what dog breed this dog breeder specializes in. Regardless, Chicagoland Boxers Kennel prizes both the character and the health of the working breed. Thanks to that, it puts a great deal of effort into ensuring every one of its animals is stable, healthy, and otherwise capable. Those might sound like the basics for what a dog breeder should be. Alas, there are a lot of dog breeders out there that are much less trustworthy than those on this list.

8. Tony’s Happy Puppies

Tony’s Happy Puppies specializes in toy-sized dogs considered to be better for people with dog allergies. Strictly speaking, non-allergenic dogs don’t exist. Instead, the idea is to go for dogs that shed less, meaning they release fewer allergens into their surroundings. Thanks to that, these dogs have smaller chances of triggering allergies in people, thus making them that much better suited for being canine companions.

7. Windy Acres Puppy Adoptions

Despite the name, Windy Acres Puppy Adoptions is a dog breeder. It offers numerous purebred dogs and designer dogs. Due to that, it can be a good place to check out for people who want to see what is available to them.

6. Heartland Dachshunds of Southern Illinois

This is yet another dog breeder in Southern Illinois. Interested individuals might have to travel a bit. Still, going from the Chicago metropolitan area to Southern Illinois should be much more manageable than heading somewhere even further away.

Anyways, Heartland Dachshunds of Southern Illinois is exactly what it sounds like. That means interested individuals can expect it to offer them Dachshunds of every officially-approved color because all of its dogs are in full compliance with AKC standards. Interested individuals can expect playful but surprisingly vigilant dogs. Dachshunds might be small and a bit silly-looking. They are still descended from badger hunters, meaning they are brave animals people should never underestimate.

5. Cornerstone Bernese Mountain Dogs

Cornerstone Bernese Mountain Dogs is in Flat Rock, IL. That isn’t too far from Chicago. Moreover, the dog breeder is willing to ship its animals, which makes it even easier for interested individuals to get their hands on one of its dogs. With that said, people should expect to pay large sums for Bernese Mountain Dogs from this dog breeder.

Simply put, it focuses on producing potential champions. The ones with the best potential are kept, while the rest are made available to would-be dog owners. As a result, it charges higher-than-normal prices even by the standards of purebred puppies, meaning interested individuals should be prepared for this when they go shopping.

4. Walnut Valley Puppies

Walnut Valley Puppies breeds Bernedoodles. Those unfamiliar should know these are crosses between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, meaning they are a bit bigger than what interested individuals might expect based on the smaller varieties of Poodles in existence.

Still, if they like the general notion but aren’t sure about the size, they should know Walnut Valley Puppies also offer smaller-sized Bernedoodles presumably descended from smaller-sized Poodles. Convenience is one of the biggest upsides to buying dogs from this dog breeder. It takes healthcare very seriously, so interested individuals can expect their puppies to be up-to-date on their vaccinations and other necessary healthcare.

3. It’s a Bulldog Thing

To no one’s surprise, It’s a Bulldog Thing offers bulldogs. Specifically, it offers English Bulldogs, which are descendants of the Bulldogs that remained in England after the banning of bull-baiting and most other bloodsports. Nowadays, English Bulldogs are much more affectionate creatures than their ancestors.

Furthermore, they have a surprising amount of charm considering their appearance, thus making them extremely popular with a wide range of dog owners. It’s a Bulldog Thing puts a strong emphasis on the health of its animals. That makes sense considering the concern over the health of English Bulldogs in modern times.

2. Country Acres Puppies

Country Acres Puppies offers popular purebred dogs and designer dogs. Due to this, interested individuals shouldn’t be too surprised to see dogs such as the Maltese, the Maltipoo, and the Goldendoodle. However, they should know that the exact puppies available can see enormous variations from period to period.

Please note that Country Acres Puppies is in Fairbury, IL. Chicago residents can visit in person because that is within a day’s driving distance. Still, they might be tempted to go for the dog breeder’s nanny service instead even if they have to pay more in the process.

1. Sievers Kennels

Sievers Kennels is one of the longest-running dog breeders on this list because it has existed since 1975. Its offerings aren’t what anyone would consider rare, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers possess a host of desirable characteristics, meaning their popularity is no coincidence.

As for why people should choose Sievers Kennels rather than one of its competitors, the answer is thoroughness. Issues can always come up in dog breeding. Due to that, caution is needed to ensure nothing but the best for interested individuals. Sievers Kennels goes to great lengths to test its animals for problematic factors. Better still, it can back up its claims through documentation, thus giving them that much more persuasive strength.

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