10 Reasons to Consider Owning Blue Pitbull Puppies

Blue Pitbull puppy

A dog that’s in the news for being outlawed in many countries around the world does not make for a good pet; or does it? Blue pitbull puppies have a terrible reputation thanks to irresponsible care and training, and it’s become a big problem for the animals across the world. Many of these puppies have been outlawed in countries, killed simply because of what they are and they’re not the kind of dog that people want to consider when it comes to adopting or purchasing an animal for their home. As people, we know that sometimes a reputation can precede a person or an animal, but we’re not always open to doing the research to find out which type of animals are falsely and unfairly accused of behaving in a manner that’s just not correct.

Yes, the blue pitbull has attacked people in the past. Yes, it’s been in trouble. However, according to experts, these are special circumstances. These attacks are from animals that were not raised correctly. These are attacks from animals that were treated poorly, raised in an aggressive environment and treated like they didn’t have any other option. If a dog is trained properly, it’s not going to be an aggressive dog. What you don’t realize about these dogs is that they are actually non-aggressive animals that have been given a poor name in the media thanks to careless and irresponsible ownership. That’s why it’s so important you do your research before deciding whether or not blue pitbull puppies are right for you.

They’re Adorable

Have you ever seen a blue pitbull puppy? If not, you want to see one right now. They are some of the cutest puppies in the world. They actually have some of the most beautiful coats, the most beautiful eyes and the kindest faces. These dogs will stay like this, too, if they are treated with kindness and respect. Their adorable faces are one of the biggest reasons that people adopt or purchase these animals, and they make wonderful pets for people with children who love to play with a dog who will return their playfulness in full force. Despite their small, adorable size when they are puppies, they do grow quickly and gain weight quickly. For this reason, you need to begin training right away and not forgo it simply because the dog is so cute and small and tiny.

They’re Easily Trained

The best time to train a blue pitbull puppy is right away. Start from day one. You have to let them know that you are the alpha in the house. If you fail to make this little fact known from the start, you will find that it’s difficult to make the dog understand that you mean business and that you are the boss. The way to do this is with fairness and a firm tone. Dogs do not respond well to harsh commands, but they are very respectful of a firm tone and fair treatment. Dogs do not do well with mean people, and they will not be easy to train if you are unfair. You have to keep calm, even if your pup does something that angers you, such as use the bathroom on the new rug. Fair and firm are the keywords you must remember when it comes to allowing your dog the best possible advantage when it comes to training.

They’re Protective but Won’t Attack

The one thing that many people don’t realize about this dog is that while it is a very protective dog, it’s natural instinct is to protect, not attack. One of the biggest misconceptions about the pitbull puppy is that it’s going to attack people that walk into the yard or ring the doorbell. It’s not. It’s going to growl, bark and protect, but it is not going to attack anyone with a direct command from its owner or without being provoked. Dogs seem to know when they just need to stand guard and when they need to attack without warning. For example, a dog like this will attack someone if that person is threatening a child it loves or a family member if loves – even without a command. However, this is not a dog that will attack without provocation unless it was raised to do so. They are also easily trained to recognize silent commands such as a hand gesture that will not tip people off.

They’re In Need of Attention

These are dogs that need a lot of attention. They require a great deal of attention simply because they are so loving and loyal. When they find a forever family, the fall in love quickly and want to do whatever it takes to please their humans. These are dogs that will get up on the couch and sit on your lap unless you train them that this is not appropriate behavior. They will do what it takes to ensure that you know they love you, and they seem to ‘forget’ how big they are when it comes to wanting to cuddle and be close. You’re going to have to remind them they’re not that small or cuddly after a while. It might do you well not to spoil them by allowing them to sit on the furniture when they’re cute and small and still cuddly. They’re very affectionate, which means you have to start taking care of them and making rules for them right away or they will take advantage of you. Consider the fact that they are very much like children and that they will begin to walk all over you if you don’t make sure they know you mean business.  

They’re Gentle with Kids

Perhaps one of the best qualities about these dogs is that they are very good with kids. They are so gentle. They’re going to stay close to kids in the yard, be gentle with kids who are being rough, and keep them away from danger when they’re out and about. For example, if your kids are playing in the yard and your dog sees a snake in the yard, he’s going to chase that snake off and get between your children and the reptile so that it will attack the dog if it attempts to lunge at children. Your blue pitbull puppy is going to do whatever it takes to keep your family, children and loved ones safe at all times. This is not at dog that’s going to put him or herself first in any situation, which is what makes it such an amazing dog to own. They have a very high pain threshold, which makes them an ideal dog breed for kids. Kids don’t always mean to be mean or overdo it, but they do. They’re kids. Sometimes they simply don’t realize they’re not being very gentle, and they can hurt a dog. This dog, however, is not going to snap at them for being a little too rough on occasion, because they are so good with pain.

Blue Pitbull puppy

It’s a Great Guard Dog

Even if your dog is the friendliest pitbull in the world and wouldn’t even dream of hurting someone or attacking anyone, it’s going to make people think twice about coming into your house or yard unannounced. This is the kind of dog that’s not intimidating anyone as a puppy, but as a full grown adult, he’s going to terrify anyone that doesn’t know him. This dog doesn’t even have to do anything mean or make a face to scare people off. Just its face and reputation is enough to terrify people with bad intentions – or solicitors (which are kind of the same thing, right?). The only time the bad reputation of a blue pitbull is good is when someone is looking to come into your home or yard and they see this guy hanging out in the living room or front yard.

They’re Active

Aside from the fact that this dog is going to keep your family safe and treat your home with respect, this is a dog that’s going to keep you healthy. Getting fit and healthy is an awesome side benefit to owning a blue pitbull, especially if you get one as a puppy. These are very, very active dogs that require frequent exercise and time outdoors. You’ll need a big yard and a large home for a dog like this, and you’re going to need to walk the dog a good distance at least once per day, and you’re going to need to play with the dog in an active manner at least 30 minutes every day. For example, if you have a blue pitbull, expect to go outside and play catch or Frisbee for a few minutes a day. They need the exercise to prevent them from becoming overweight and obese. They also need the exercise to keep them healthy, and you can use the exercise to keep yourself healthy. There are so many benefits to owning a dog of this nature, even if you can’t see them right away.

Blue Pitbull Owners Live Longer

All right, so we made that up. But it’s true that dog owners do live longer than people who don’t own dogs. Why? Well, no one really knows for certain, but there are many things that are considered the reason behind this. For one, a lot of people are certain that the exercise you get from walking and playing with your dog is enough to keep you young and healthy forever. Dogs are also very playful, so that’s going to keep you young. Additionally, being around a dog has been scientifically and medically proven to reduce the levels of stress that many people face on a daily basis. Stress is a known cause of many health issues, so owning a dog that keeps your stress level down is a good indication that you might just live a much healthier and overall better quality lifestyle.

They’re Not that Rare

One of the biggest misconceptions about owning a dog like this is that they are very rare. Blue pitbull puppies are not that rare, and they’re not as expensive as many people think. For some reason, some crazy rumor started many years ago that these dogs are very rare and people cannot find them anywhere. This led to the misconception that they must be very expensive since they’re so rare, which makes people turn themselves off of getting one because they assume that there is a lot of work and effort involved in purchasing or adopting a blue pit. What’s caused their popularity to grow over the years and make them more common is the fact that they’re such lovely dogs so many people want them. For a long time, the price was very high for a blue pit because so many people assumed they were rare. However, they’ve begun to catch on to the fact that they are not as uncommon as they thought, and the prices for these beautiful dogs are dropping quickly.

They Need Structure

You might not realize this, but blue pitbull puppies need a lot of structure in their lives, just like children. If you think that your own life is a bit too unpredictable for this type of animal, you are incorrect. Yes, you do need structure but if you don’t have structure in your life already, you’re going to learn it once you get a dog like this. Together, the two of you will learn to have more structure, stability and scheduling in your lives, which is going to work for both of you. This kind of dog is wonderful to own before you have kids in the house because they make it so easy for you to learn how to live a structured lifestyle, be firm and fair and to take care of someone else. They make wonderful companions, and they are great dogs to own whether you have a family or you are all by yourself. You will appreciate having a dog like this in your home.

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