The Beagle Basset Hound Mix: Five Things You Didn’t Know

The Beagle Bassett Hound mix is a cross between the two breeds – the Beagle and the Bassett Hound. They are both tracking dogs, and used for tracking game for their owners. They are both excellent trackers with amazing olfactory senses. They are also both used for jobs in different organizations for their sense of smell, locating drugs, cadavers, and missing people, bombs and more. The mix is affectionately called a Bagle Hound, and they grow to be anywhere between 33 and 55 pounds. Although there is a general idea of what the mix will look like, long droopy ears, square muzzle, and large skull, the details are really dependent as to what the genetics of the parents are and what specific traits they develop. These are adorable dogs, and maybe you’ve seen one or own one. But here are five things about the Beagle Basset Hound that you don’t know.

1. Can be stubborn

These dogs have a stubborn streak due to their need to track. They are known to get on a scent and just go with it and not listen. With all these instincts inbred in them, this stubborn streak will play out during training your pup, too. You should plan on your Beagle Bassett Hound being a bit difficult or stubborn to train. The best way to train a Beagle Bassett Hound is with positive reinforcement. Instead of scolding or loss of temper, use treats and rewards. And most of all, consistency.

2. Heath issues depend on lineage

Of course all dogs and all dog breeds are susceptible to health issues, but when you have a mixed breed, you have to worry about the health issues that are associated with both sides of the dog’s lineage. Although the Beagle Bassett Hound breed is typically a healthy breed, the Beagle Bassett Hound also has the specific health issues that run in the Beagle and the Bassett Hound family to worry about being passed down to them. It’s always a good idea to keep up with regular doctor’s visits and check ups to make sure nothing is developing. Talk to your vet about the different types of illness or medical conditions that have the potential of developing with this breed so that you are knowledgeable and aware.

3. Loving and affectionate

These are very loving and affectionate dogs. They love their owners and are very loyal to them. They are cheerful and playful and want your attention. These dogs do not do well with being left alone for very long periods of time and get bored quickly and easily. Although they like to be with you in your home, they also like to have time outdoors and one-on-one time with their human. So give these dogs a lot of love and affection to keep them healthy and happy.

4. Require a lot of exercise

The Beagle Bassett Hound has a lot of energy since they are used to working and hunting. They need lots of exercise and lots of time outdoors. You will want to make sure you take your Bagle Hound out for a walk a few times a day and spend quality time playing with him. This breed is athletic and loves to play catch and fetch. It’s also a great way to bond with your pet when playing games.

5. Grooming

These are short haired dogs that do not require a lot of grooming. They do need to be brushed about once a week in order to remove loose hairs and prevent too much shedding. If you bathe this breed too often, you will strip their fur of its natural oils, which can cause drying of the skin and lead to irritations of the skin. When dogs have long, low-hanging ears, you need to clean them regularly to prevent dirt and debris form building up inside. Check their ears regularly and clean them out gently, then dry the to prevent water from settling into the canal, which can lead to ear infections.

One of the best things about this breed that people love, is the low maintenance that they come with, not to mention that they are not very large dogs, so they do make great pets for smaller living quarters.

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