A “Disneyland for Dogs” Is Coming to Texas

Pet lovers and their favorite pups are in for a real treat because Puptopia Festival is coming in 2020. With the year almost over and the holidays coming, lots of pet parents are looking for a way to show their fur-babies a little extra fun. You’ll have to delay the gratification a while, but tickets to this dogstavaganza would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for fido and friends. The event, hailed as “A Disneyland for Dogs,” is coming to Texas. They chose the area because dog owners in Texas are especially dedicated to their pets and tend to spend more time doing things for and with their furry pals.

What is Puptopia?

The Puptopia website calls the event “A place where doggy dreams come true,” and it certainly looks like that’s exactly what they have planned. The day-long event will be available in three different major cities in Texas next spring. If your pooch loves to be spoiled, play doggy games, work on their agility, or meet new friends, then this is going to be the perfect pet-and-person day out. The list of events and features is extensive, so there’s something for every dog and the humans they bring along. If you want updates, be sure to follow them on Facebook to learn more about the event as they reveal more.

What We Know So Far

There will be giant fire hydrants! The nine-foot-high red decorations are going to provide plenty of fodder for doggy daydreams for the rest of the year, plus you can get some outstanding pictures with them. Joining those giant fire hydrants will be some massive oversized dog bowls. They’re going to fill the bowls with kibble balls, so your pup can get a snack and another excellent photo opportunity.

While we’re on the subject of photo ops, there will be some extra special furry guests. Some of the famous dogs of Instagram will be in the house. There will be ‘pupformances’ to watch, meet, and greet sessions and chances to grab a photo with your pup’s favorite canine celebs. Humans aren’t the only ones who get star struck. We don’t doubt there will be a few doggy versions of the fan-freakout. We’re not sure if you can get a paw-tograph, too, but it never hurts to ask.

No dog event would be complete without the ‘pawground,’ for dogs to play and socialize with each other, and just be the fun-loving dogs they are for a while. If you like a more structured and interactive form of play, Puptopia has that too. You can take your pet to the agility course and lead them through a series of fun and practical steps. Compete with friends for the best time, or tackle the course and work those team-building skills for your next dog show.

We’re sure you’ve seen the people who give cat massages to their feline friends, but Puptopia is doing them one better. You and your bestie can chill at the Spaw and get pampered for a little while. Doggy massages are a must when spoiling your canine crew. Check out the ‘aromatherapup services’ too while you’re there. A dog spa is bound to be a hit with the pampered pooch crowd. Likewise, if you have an older dog, then this is the perfect spot to take a mid-day rest during all the excitement. You can even get your dog a ‘peticure’ so they can strut their stuff around the rest of the event. We’ll admit it. We’re a little jealous.

Once you and your favorite doggo are all worn out and ready for a snack, you can head over to the K-9 Lounge. There you can get a treat and a refreshing drink to replenish yourself and your pooch before deciding what to try next. There will undoubtedly be plenty of choices, and Puptopia is releasing more exciting details all the time.

It all looks like so much fun. We can hardly wait! In fact, the only downside is that you can’t do this every day. Whatever kind of dog you have, sporty, spoiled, social or shy, they’re bound to have a blast at this one of a kind “Disneyland for Dogs” event.

Get in on the Fun

Pet pooch lovers can grab their tickets in advance. They go on sale in December for just $25 (A lot less than a day at human-Disneyland), and you should be able to get them from I Heart Dogs.. The Puptopia Festival will visit three major cities next year, so dog owners from all over Texas can have the chance to get in on all the fun. Plus, buying your event tickets from IHD will help donate to pups in need and shelters everywhere so you can share the love with some sad dogs who are still seeking their fur-ever homes. We’re all for helping out the needy, and the holiday season is the perfect time to give a little something extra back to help out our furry friends who aren’t as fortunate as the dogs who get to visit Puptopia.

Here’s The Schedule for Puptopia Festival:

  • Dallas – March 21st
  • Houston – March 28th
  • Austin – April 11th

We aren’t sure how fast the tickets will sell out, or how many are available, so you shouldn’t wait too long once they go on sale. No one wants to hear about all the fun they almost got to have from friends who were faster to the ticket counter.

Final Thoughts

Taking your furry best friend for a walk to the dog park is fantastic. However, if you live in the area or your pup likes a long car ride, then you may want to consider kicking things up a notch. Giving your favorite pooch a day they’ll never forget is an excellent way to show your love and appreciation. Plus, you’ll have a blast too when you hang out at “Disneyland for Dogs.” If you get the chance to visit, let us know how things went in the comments section. We’d love to hear about all the fun you had with your fur-baby.

We don’t envy the folks who have to clean up after the event, but it’s worth it to treat our best friends. Still, bring your pooper scooper out of courtesy for the other visitors.

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