What’s Kind of Home Best Suits Your Pooch’s Lifestyle?

Dog…it’s a three letter word that encompasses unconditional man and animal interaction, yet has the power to ignite much controversy. However, one thing many can agree on is that the pros of owning one outweighs any negative sentiment. Let’s face it, dogs are one of the cutest animals that we are honored to have as pets. These fur babies are the perfect cuddle companions and have the potential to make life more enjoyable with their lovable presence. It’s no wonder why many homeowners own one (or more) and often consider their fur baby when moving and looking for a new home. The home has to fit not only their needs, but it also has the be suitable for the dog. After all, they most likely will spend more time there than the owner.

With every breed of dog, there’s an ideal home that comes to mind. Homes.com has partnered with us on this a PAWsome quiz that helps find your ‘dog’s digs!’ The quiz takes into consideration your pup’s preferences and then shows you the type of home that best suits them based on your responses. While a big, dominant Boxer may need a home with plenty of yard space, a smaller dog such as a pampered Poodle may be fine in a loft with minimal requirements other than a quality indoor space for the dog bed. This is not only a fun way to test how much you know about your dog’s personality and lifestyle, but we are also bringing awareness to the many organizations and companies that pride themselves on shedding light on some aspect of a dog’s existence and are working towards some facet of greater good. So, what are you waiting for? Start the quiz below to see what results you get and be sure to share!

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