TikToker Creates Small Living Room Just for His Dogs


HGTV is one American channel that gives insights into home designing, decorating, and remodeling ideas. Most viewers are usually only interested in transforming their houses but imagine making your pets just as comfortable. You do not even have to watch the channel; a little creativity will go a long way, as it did for a TikToker who created a small living room just for his dogs. The videos he has uploaded are breathtaking, garnering millions of views, and the public is excited, even giving him ideas on how to improve it further. It was a project that lasted about a month, and here is the story of what prompted it.

For the Sake of Dogs’ Health

Ben Mazer, an ER doctor who goes by the username @bam12008, owns three dogs, namely Challah, 8, Peaches, 8, and Mitzi, 7. According to Business Insider, the ER doctor has to work long hours. Thus, he had to confine the pets to a spare bedroom to prevent them from hurting themselves by jumping on the furniture in the living room. He had already witnessed the adverse effects of the dogs jumping on furniture that was too high for them because the three canines have injured their spines in various instances. Peaches even had to undergo neurosurgery. He, therefore, decided to buy the miniature dachshunds some height-appropriate furniture. At first, all he wanted was the small couches, and he focused on buying ones that would be appealing to the dogs. Mazer had read that dogs see things in blue and yellow, so he bought a blue and yellow couch. However, he also has an eye for interior decor and wanted something to match the living room furniture, so he added a gray couch.

He purchased the three couches from Wayfair and was surprised at how well they complimented the d├ęcor in the rest of the house. Therefore to make the living room cozier, he added a few items around the house, and Mazer saw the living room come together. The more Mazer went window-shopping, the more his creative side was tapped into creating the ideal space for his beloved dogs. He even bought a 24-inch television which he disclosed was from Walmart at a pocket-friendly price. One side table is a child’s organizer he bought from HomeGoods; he sanded it, painted it, and added legs. Unfortunately, he could not find all he wanted, so he started repurposing some of the objects. For instance, he used a salad bowl and plate to create a coffee table. Another side table is a dessert stand, while a bathroom organizer was repurposed as a bar cart. The bar is fully stocked with shot glasses and mini liquor bottles; metal cotton ball holders act as an ice bucket.

The Room Captures Attention

Incorporating the television and couches helped Mazer transform the entire room into a comfortable living room for his dogs. However, he would not have made it as good as it looks now without the public’s input. When he first posted a Tiktok video showing the room, some people suggested that he put art at the dogs’ eye level. He even had the light switches at the dog’s height. By the end of a month, everything had come together, and once again, Mazer shared his progress with the public. One video uploaded on TikTok shows him petting his dogs with “What a Wonderful World,” playing in the background. It is a beautiful world indeed for the dogs who seem relaxed, each one on its couch. As soon as Mazer walks in, the dogs rush to shower him with kisses as if to show him gratitude for being the best dog dad. Some viewers can’t help but exclaim at the beauty of the 10ft-by-10ft room, saying it is more beautiful than their own living rooms. Mazer added that even those who have had the pleasure of visiting the room in person are awestruck. Still, he achieved more than just preventing them from being injured; the dogs relax and will only be out of their room if something interesting happens elsewhere. Besides, Mazer remarked that the television keeps them stimulated, and he even allows them to watch sitcoms like “Schitt’s Creek.” He said that anyone looking to borrow his idea would find that repurposed materials are cheaper than buying furniture.

Another Dog’s Room Transformed

The three dachshunds are not the only dogs whose owners wanted the best relaxing space for them. According to Newsweek, Ollie took over his sister’s bedroom when she moved out. The TikTok video shows the girl waving at Ollie, and then it moves on to show Ollie jumping on his sister’s bed. It appears that it was already decided that it would be his room going by how well he starts helping move the laundry basket and throw pillows. An appropriately labeled pillow reading “Reserved for Ollie” is placed on the armchair while a toy basket replaces the laundry basket. Pictures of Ollie are hung on the wall, replacing what was previously there, and the drawers are filled with his leashes, bow ties, and collars. Currently, the clip has been liked 4.2 million times and shared 72.7K times. In the 26.6K comments, people said that Ollie has more stuff and even his own room, unlike them.

Interior Decoration Tips for Pet’s Room

QC Design School shares a few tips on interior decoration for your pet’s space, among which is choosing suitable fabric. A leather couch will do for dogs that shed hair because it will not pick up hair easily. Besides, if your dog pees on it, it is easy to clean and does not stain. Crypton is also recommended for pets because it is stain-resistant and does not retain moisture, odors, or germs. Another tip that Mazer seems to have adhered to well is picking the right color scheme. Although the article revolves around trying to pick a color that matches your pet’s fur, Mazer was considerate enough to pick colors that appeal to his pets.

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