Five Things you Don’t Know about the Miniature Dachshund

The  Miniature Dachshund is a spectacular breed for many reasons. First and foremost, the dog is utterly adorable. Like “people will stop to take photos with it” adorable. On top of that, they are are so much more than just a cute, sausage shaped body. We have a few people who work in our office who share a collective love for this breed, so we decided to take a moment to share with you all five things you may not know about the Miniature Dachshund.

Dachshund means Badger Hound in German

Come on, you can’t even pretend you knew that. Well, unless you are German, that it would make sense that you knew it. They got this name from their small bodies and ability to chase smaller prey through their burrows.

They Have Three Varieties

These varieties of Dachshund are all based of what size they are. There is the mini, the tweenie, and the standard. Yes, Tweenie is a very cute and fitting word.

They Love To Roll in “Stuff”

We will call it stuff, but trust us, whatever it is is sometimes pretty nasty. For this reason, you may find yourself giving this breed more baths than your typical breed. Luckily, they are tiny, which can make bath time much less stressing than if you had a larger dog.

Prone to Back Problems

Because of the long shape of their spine and natural curve to it, this breed sometimes suffers from some spine problems later in life. To avoid this, simply hold and pick them up when needed to keep them from having to jump and struggle, which can put strain on their spine. Nothing to worry about. Just something worth taking note of.

Quite Clever

You may THINK you put that package of bacon jerky well out of reach, but guess what. Your Miniature Dachshund spent the last two hours figuring out how to get to it when you are not around. Don’t believe us? Go see how much is left?  See, we told you!

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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