Five Tips For Training your Dog in a Big City


Training your dog is a tough enough proposition but it can also be instrumental and fun (here are 10 great training tips).   However, there are certain environments where training your dog might be more difficult than others.  For example if you live in a big house with a big yard there’s more running room for your dog and he or she might be a little more comfortable as well as receptive to training.  On the flip side you might live in a big, crowded city and in a small apartment.   This article is for those of you who live in big cities and are trying to train your dog.   We hope you enjoy these five tips….


Your Leash is Extremely Important –   It’s not that we’re saying not having a quality leash isn’t important.   It’s that we’re saying there’s a big difference between your dog’s leash snapping because they see an insect in the yard and when your dog see’s a candy wrapper in the middle of a trafficked street.    The best leashes are those made with bungee cords.  Also never use more than a six food lead if you’re in a crowded place.


No Slip Collar – Something common in collar land is that the collar should not be able to slip over your dog’s head.  This most likely means a prong collar, chain collar, or a martingale collar that is “no slip,” preferably with a chain. Nylon training collar and head halter type collars are not usually recommended in the city. (Credit Dogster)


Hydrate your Dog – Always have water and always have a bowl that can collapse for you.   You can’t just walk into any store to feed and hydrate your dog.  Sometimes you gotta drop right on the ground and do it.


Bring Food, Treats, Poop Bags – There are tons of styles of poop bags and carry ons that you can stuff with dog treats and poop bags.  If you’re in an Urban city you might want to go with one of these.   Regardless, know that you’re dog will be hungry and most likely have to poop at some point.


Final Tips – Finding the right time and place is also key.   Look into dog parks so that your dog has room to run.  Look into sidewalks or parking lots as well.   There might be walking paths or areas that are cornered off.  You might live in a crowded place but there are always places that have less crowds than others.   Also, you might want to consider early morning when there’s less hustle and bustle going on.

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