Pit Bull Abandoned Behind Dumpster Showers Rescuers with Kisses


Sometimes, unscrupulous people will keep dogs for profit and use them for backyard breeding, only to abandon them when they can no longer reproduce. Recent events saw such a Pit Bull abandoned behind a dumpster. Alex Babcock and JoAnn Wiltz of Hope for Paws were called by a fast food restaurant owner who informed them that an adult female Pit bull had been abandoned in the establishment’s dumpster shed. Suspecting the case was related to illegal breeding, the rescuers from the Los Angeles nonprofit rescue group hightailed it to the restaurant to save the dog. The dog’s reaction was beyond beautiful. Let’s take a closer look.

Abandoned in Shed

According to the restaurant manager that called Hope for Paws, an adult female Pit bull had been abandoned in the fast food restaurant’s dumpster shed by its previous owner. The dog was alone, scared, and in desperate need of a new home. Hope for Paws is a nonprofit animal rescue organization based in California, and many of the calls they get are about abandoned pets. When they got the call from the restaurant owner, they immediately dispatched a team of two to help. The team, consisting of Alex Babcock and JoAnn Wiltz quickly drove to the location and found the Pit bull in the shed as they had been told. The two women went into the dumpster carrying a burger to entice the dog to come with them. Upon seeing them, the Pit bull went into the shed and sat by a corner behind a big trash can. Note: You should never abandon a pet. If you cannot take care of your dog, take him to a local shelter from where he can be adopted into a new home.


While it was evident that the Pit bull was hungry, she remained wary of the strange women that were approaching her. She did not run away or turn aggressive but she did stick to the furthest corner of the shed from Alex and JoAnn. JoAnn got closer and closer, throwing scraps of meat at her, which she gobbled up immediately. The arrival of the garbage truck startled her but the garbage collector was kind enough to wait as JoAnn tried to retrieve the dog. Animals get scared and antsy at the presence of a stranger, and this was clear when the Pit bull tried to hide in the corner. She kept wagging her tail downwards, which is a sign of fear and is totally normal considering her situation. Eventually though, her hunger won, and she moved closer to JoAnn, who hand fed her some scraps of meat. JoAnn then placed a piece of meat in front of a leash and, while the pit bull reached for it, slipped the leash onto her neck. As the garbage truck pulled away, the dog slowly calmed down and began to trust her rescuers. She was soon walking with JoAnn and Alex toward their car. She then lay down for some belly scratches and was not afraid to show her appreciation for being saved by showering the ladies with kisses.

The Pit Bull’s Response

Once they had gained her trust, Alex and JoAnn drove the Pit bull to their facility. Here, she was fed, bathed, and examined by a veterinarian. The vet confirmed that she had indeed been used for breeding before being abandoned at the shed because she could no longer give birth. After a proper scrubbing and a good meal, the pit bull was back to her usual affectionate antics. The team decided to call her Kisses which is apropos. They then moved her to another nonprofit organization shelter where she will stay until she finds a new home. Even in this new place, Kisses was quick to acclimate to her surroundings and lick and snuggle with her new caretakers. The team at Hope for Paws believes that her affectionate demeanor will help her get a new home soon.

Current Status

Hope for Paws transferred Kisses to another organization called It’s The Pits dog rescue, which is currently trying to find her a new home. The shelter is taking care of Kisses, feeding her, and providing her with everything she needs until she gets adopted. Once she was bathed and fed, Kisses became very calm and well behaved. Scrubbing her snout turned the water dark gray, which meant that she had probably been abandoned and alone for a while. Kisses was very comfortable in the playroom and became quite playful and active. She soon got along with the other canines in the shelter and remained very gentle during play. Both the other dogs and her caretakers love her energy. Kisses came into the rescue shelter scared and anxious but was soon bubbling with joy and energy. This is the story of what happens when a dog is given proper care and love. When dogs feel loved and cared for, they return the favor and show their gratitude through acts of protection and affection. Kisses is acclimating well to her new home and her caretakers are optimistic that she will find a forever home soon enough. Meanwhile, she is happy, well fed, and safe. If anyone is interested in adopting Kisses they can complete an application online at Itsthepits.org. Applicants must be from San Diego or the surrounding areas.


When Hope for Paws got wind of a Pit bull abandoned in the dumpster of a restaurant, they did not waste time in sending a team to save her. Once she was safe, Kisses turned into a kissing machine and showered her rescuers with kisses for coming to get her. She continued this affectionate behavior at the shelter, which is what led to her being called Kisses. Her story might have given rise to the headline ‘Pit Bull Abandoned Behind Dumpster Shower Rescuers with Kisses’ but it was also an important lesson on how to treat pets. If for any reason you are unable to care for your dog, the most humane thing to do is to drop it off at a shelter where it will be cared for and loved. We are glad Kisses is safe now.

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