10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brindle Pit Bulls

Brindle Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is a fascinating breed. These dogs are very loyal to their owners, they are very playful, and the are fierce protectors. Unfortunately, the Pit Bull has a bad reputation of being a viscous dog.

Anyone who has ever owned a Pit Bull knows that the dog’s temperament and behavior all depends on how the dog is treated and how it is raised. There are several types of Pit Bull dogs.

One of the most beautiful and unique is the Brindle Pit Bull. It has several differences from other breeds of Pit Bulls. There are several things that you may not know about this amazing breed that makes them stand out above the rest.

1. They Have a Varied Colored Coat

The Brindle Pit Bull’s coat is it most obvious distinction. The coats on this breed can be shades of black and brown. Their fur is not one solid color like other breeds of Pit Bulls.

They can have crisscrossing patterns, tiger strips, and a variety of other patterns that make each dog incredibly unique. Other breeds of Pit Bull are often a solid color with a slight pattern near the head or the rear end.

2. The Brindle Pit Bull’s Ancestors Were Fighting Dogs

Years ago in the United Kingdom, the people entertained themselves with blood sports. The earlier sports included bear-baiting, bull-baiting, and eventually, they started dog fighting.

The Brindle Pit Bull was bred specifically for these competitions due to their physical strength and their aggression. It is partly due to their ancestors that the Brindle Pit Bull has a bad reputation.

Sadly, there are some heartless individuals who continue to use this amazing breed for fighting and gambling. Not only is it inhumane, it is illegal. Football superstar Michael Vick was arrested and sent to prison for his part in a dog fighting ring.

3. Brindle Pit Bulls Have Respect for Strong-Willed Owners

If you are considering adopting a Brindle Pit Bull, you would need to have a strict and firm personality. You should also be fair to the dog and discipline him accordingly.

If you lack these qualities and you let the dog control the home, you can expect to have a very disobedient dog in the home who believes that he runs the show.

4. Brindle Pit Bulls Have Very High Energy Levels

The Brindle Pit Bull has incredible stamina for vigorous exercise. These dogs can run and perform heavy exercise for between 30 and 45 minutes each day without needing a break.

If you adopt a Brindle Pit Bull, you will need to make sure that he gets the exercise that he needs each day. If he doesn’t get the amount of exercise that he needs, he can suffer from cataracts and chronic hip dyspepsia.

For his best interest, if you are going to adopt a Brindle Pit Bull, you should have the time and the space to allow him to get the necessary exercise.

5. The Brindle Pit Bull’s Coat is a Recessive Trait

Many people believe that the coat on a Brindle Pit Bull is a rare trait. This is not true. It is actually a recessive trait. When it comes to the colors, combinations, and patterns on your dog’s coat, it is based on breeding and a bit of luck. If you breed two Brindle Pit Bulls, you cannot be sure what color or patterns the dog will have.

6. The Brindle Pit Bull is Very Skillful

Brindle Pit Bulls are one of the most skillful breeds of dogs. Not only are they great companions, they can also have jobs. Some of the most popular jobs are policing and soldiering.

They can also be search and rescue dogs and seeing eye dogs. Sadly, some unethical individuals breed these dogs to fight, which is not only inhumane and illegal, it is also what gave the Brindle Pit Bull its bad reputation.

7. Brindle Pit Bulls Love Humans

Due to their ancestry and their history of being fighting dogs, many people believe that the Brindle Pit Bull does not like people and that they lack socialization skills. This is not true.

An obedient Brindle Pit Bull who is treated properly is a very loyal and affectionate dog. If they perceive danger to themselves or their owner, they can become hostile.

8. They Look Tough But They Are Sweet

When you first look at a Brindle Pit Bull, they are very intimidating due to their muscular bodies. Most of these dogs have very little fat on their bodies. All of their meat is muscle. While they may look scary, they aren’t.

They are very affectionate, friendly, and playful, making them a great family pet. Many Brindle Pit Bulls are so friendly that they will not guard the home against intruders. Most will want to play with the intruder. Luckily, the intruder will see the dog, be intimidated, and leave.

9. They Are Very Easy to Groom

Brindle Pit Bulls have very short, wiry coats. The best thing about these dogs is that they don’t shed. This will keep your rugs and furniture free of pet hair.

To groom the dog, you would just need to brush him occasionally and wash him with dog shampoo when necessary. There is no need to have their fur cut or shaved. There are many dogs who need to be taken to the groomer on a regular basis. This is not the case with a Brindle Pit Bull.

10. They Can Be The Best Pet You Have Ever Had

The Brindle Pit Bull is one of the best pets that you could ever own. As long as you have the time to spend with him and the space to let him exercise, he will be a loyal, affectionate, and happy dog. Even though they don’t have the best reputation, they are wonderful and friendly dogs.

If you are considering adopting a dog, don’t count the Brindle Pit Bull out just because of their reputation. The reason that these dogs have been in the news time and time again for attacking humans and children is due to the way that they were raised.

If you train your dog properly and you give him the love and affection that he needs, you can have a fun, faithful, and loyal companion for years and years.

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