Family Camps Out at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

A social media post made by the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter in Oklahoma led to a family going above and beyond to adopt a dog. Broken Arrow shared a photograph online of a puppy that was almost ready to be adopted. She got a lot of attention because of a cute heart shaped patch of fur on her chest. The post was shared over 27,000 times and there were a lot of comments about how distinctive she looked. Over a thousand people commented on the original post, with some people expressing an interest in adopting her and others sharing their hope that she would find a good home.

There was a lot of interest in the dog and the shelter were expecting to have a lot of people turn up when it was time for her to be adopted. They told Fox 23 News that they had inquiries from all over the country. The shelter always keeps animals that it has rescued for a minimum of five days before they are able to be adopted. This gives a vet time to check them over, and all cats and dogs are sterilized before the adoption takes place. However, no one expected that anyone would turn up 27 hours before the dog was available for adoption. The shelter operates a first-come first-served policy for all pets that are to be adopted. This often means that people turn up a few hours before the animals are ready to be adopted, but nobody has ever turned up a whole day in advance before.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that adoptions have needed to be handled differently recently. The shelter have had to restrict the amount of people that are allowed in the building and so the paperwork that is needed to be completed has to take place in the parking lot. The dogs also have to be taken out into the parking lot to meet their new owners. While, this situation is not ideal, it does mean that shelters all over the country are still able to carry on finding new homes for the animals in their care.

The long wait paid off for the Johnson family, as they were successful in securing the adoption the dog. The Animal Rescue Site reported that the family turned up to wait in the parking lot on Wednesday at 8:30am. The dog was available to be adopted on Thursday at 11:30 am. The family camped overnight in the parking lot just to ensure that they remained first in line. However, there was one more twist in the tale to come. It turned out that the adoption was actually being carried out on behalf of someone else.

Kyle Johnson explained that it was another couple who wanted to adopt the dog, but because of their work schedules they were not able to come in person to spend the time to ensure they would be there first. He said that if there was any chance that they could have been there in person then they would have had no hesitation. Johnson’s sister in law and her fiance really wanted to adopt a dog, as they wanted to give a dog that had experienced a difficult start in life a loving home. They were soon to be married and so when they saw the heart on the fur of the dog at Broken Arrow shelter it seemed to be a sign that she was the dog they were meant to adopt.

As a wedding present for the couple, Johnson decided that he would take his family so they could wait in their place. They had traveled from Tulsa, which is only twelve miles away from the shelter. They chose to stay overnight in their car so that they didn’t have to move away from the shelter. The whole family sleeping in the car couldn’t have been that comfortable but it was a sacrifice that they were prepared to make. When the Johnson family got back to Tulsa, they handed the dog over to their family members. They were really grateful for the enormous effort they had put in to make sure that they were able to adopt the dog that they had fallen in love with. Having the dog with them was just the start they wanted to married life, and the wedding will be taking place very shortly.

They decided to call her Luna and she has settled happily in her new home. Broken Arrow have asked the couple to keep them up to date with how Luna is getting on. They replied that they have been concentrating on helping her settle in at the moment, but they have promised to send photos for the shelter to share with their followers. There are a lot of people who are invested in Luna’s story and they all want to know that she is doing well.

The shelter have not released any public details about the life that Luna had before she came to Broken Arrow. The fact that she needed to stay at the shelter for the five days would seem to suggest that she was a stray. The shelter would have given her new family all the information they needed to help Luna settle in and this would have included any relevant details from her past.

After Luna had been adopted, the shelter made another social media post sharing the good news. A lot of people who commented on the original post commented again to say how happy they were that her story had a happy ending. The shelter also took the opportunity to remind their supporters that there were plenty of other animals in their care that were waiting for their forever homes. News965 points out that there are currently over fifty cats and dogs waiting at the shelter to be adopted. They may not all wear their hearts on their chest literally like Luna did, but they all have a lot of love to give.

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