50 Signs You Might be Obsessed with Your Dog


OK we decided to give it a whirl here and see if you’re obsessed with your dog.  Most dog lovers would say no but sometimes their friends might say, “of course they are!”  Well here are 50 (funny) signals that your relationship with your dog might be a little too strong!  Thanks to Oocities for the list.

1. You’re dog has a homepage and you don’t.
2. You’re obsessed dogs even if you and your dog has a homepage.
3. You talk to your dog as if he/she is a real person.
4. You like people who your dog likes and hate people if your dog hates them.
5. You have a subscription to DogFancy
6. Everyday people say, “You’re like, obsessed with dogs, aren’t you?”
7. You have Jingle Dogs Unleashed – Dogs barking out Christmas Carols
8. You’re wall is covered with pictures of dogs and dog calendars.
9. You have more than two Dog-a-Day desktop calendars.
10. For Christmas most of the gifts you get have to do with dogs.
11. You surf the net looking for dog sites.
12. Your desk has more pictures of your dog on it than of your friends/spouses/kids.
13. Everybody knows you as the dog lover.
14. Your dog is your best friend.
15. Your white sweaters are now brown as the result of your dog jumping on you with muddy paws.
16. Your dog sleeps on your bed.
17. The wallpaper on your Windows 95 desktop is a blown up picture of your dog.
18. You throw your dog a birthday party and invite all his/her doggy friends.
19. You go shopping only to bring home more stuff for your dog than for yourself.
20. You pay the dog trainer but don’t pay your bills.
21. Your dog knows that anything can happen (that your dog wants) when she/he looks up at you with those sad, lovable, huge puppy dawg eyes.
22. You have pictures of dogs in your wallet instead of people.
23. You let your dogs stay on the couch and not lets your kids get on it.
24. You give your dog a bone every time that she/he comes in from being outside.
25. You put off your dinner just so you can feed your hungry dog.
26. Your Dog Has COMPLETELY covered the house and your clothes with hair and you still don’t mind.
27. You are awake all night with cramps in your legs, and you won’t move them because you’ll wake up the dog.
28. The staff at the pet supply stores knows you AND your dogs by name.
29. You greet the dogs by name, but forget the peoples name.
30. Your s/o calls from home long-distance and you ask him/her to put the dog on the phone.
31. You get a special baby-sitter for the dog for only 3 days.
32. You start calling your dogs pups your grandchildren.
33. People send you letters addressed to you and your dog!
34. Your dog’s each have their own pillows and blankets at night.
35. You spend more money on a pool for your dog than your car payment!
36. Your dog sleeps with you more often than your s/o, and you don’t mind the snoring.
37. You start giving out gifts that your dog “bought”.
38. You buy cards “from the dog”.
39. Someone asks if you have kids you say you have dogs.
40. You give your dog a kiss before your parents.
41. You’re friends get sick of you telling them how adorable your dog is.
42. You’re dog eats dinner before you.
43. At Christmas you spend more money on your dogs presents than anybody else’s.
44. Looking around, you see more than 5 dog related items in your room. (clock, calander, stuffed animal, figurine, book, and of course, the dog!)
45. Your motto is “Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz
46. You work all night on your dog’s homepage, even though you have an essay due the next day (sigh).
47. Your dog has a theme song (incidently, Molly’s is “Brown-Eyed Girl”).
48. Your dog watches TV with you, sleeps on your bed, eats when you do, and you think of him as your equal.
49. The thought of eating dogs is more appalling than cannibalism.
50. Your role model in life is Dogbert.

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