Paralyzed Pit Bull Was Abused and Then Abandoned at Shelter

This story comes to us from Waggle.  Waggle’s goal is to prevent what veterinarians refer to as “economic euthanasia”; a far-too-common, tragic outcome for too many patients of veterinary practices; this occurs when a pet owner, unable to afford medical treatment for the family pet, must make a wrenching decision to let that furry family member go.

Waggle can provide a hopeful solution — a second chance — for an optimistic outcome for all. They are the dreamed-of and hoped-for safety net that so many frantic pet parents pray for.

The latest pup they are trying to save is Buster.  Here’s Buster’s story….

Buster’s story is a heartbreaking one. His previous owners, without explanation or remorse, discarded him at the local animal shelter with limited information on his condition, when it began, or what had caused it.

Diagnostics revealed a spinal injury that left him paralyzed and worse yet: he was covered with wounds, and so emaciated that you could count every rib protruding from beneath his fur.

The difficulty of living with a disability and suffering from health issues hasn’t stopped Buster’s enthusiasm and love for life.

Buster’s foster mom knows there is something very special about this sweet boy. “His absolute favorite thing are walks in his wheelchair. He will get the zoomies and just start running with my dogs! So fast that I can barely catch him.”

“That gives me the greatest joy and biggest smiles on my face. It amazes me how a dog that clearly has had a tough life is so happy, gentle, and sweet. “

Like most rescue organizations, funds are limited and depend on donations. Buster needs an MRI and a new wheelchair. His road to recovery will be long with plenty of obstacles and big vet bills.

Please consider opening up your hearts and wallets. Will you give and help Buster have a pain-free future filled with love?

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