Meet The Pit Bull That Got Her Own Maternity Shoot

A pit bull identified as Mama Pickles was discovered wandering alone on the streets. Upon observation, it was apparent that the animal was in need of assistance, as she was determined to be 2 years of age and heavily pregnant.

The individuals responsible for her rescue immediately took action, and she was taken under the care of animal control officers. Efforts were made to determine the animal’s origins and contact any previous owners.

It was subsequently discovered that the previous owners had relinquished their responsibility for Mama Pickles and left her to be cared for at the shelter.

Her owners didn’t need her anymore

Mama Pickles was in a dire state due to her advanced pregnancy and required specialized care that exceeded the capacity of the shelter. Fortunately, she was subsequently identified and taken in by Pits & Giggles Rescue, a non-profit organization that specializes in the care of pregnant and nursing dogs, as well as their puppies.

Although Mama Pickles’ belly presented mobility challenges, she demonstrated enthusiasm upon her introduction to her new caretakers at the rescue organization.

Rescuers took her in.

Lauren is a professional photographer, operating under the brand Enchanted Hills Photography. She volunteers her services to Pits & Giggles Rescue, where she photographs adoptable dogs in an effort to facilitate their placement in loving homes.

“When Pits & Giggles contacted us to inform us of the arrival of Mama Pickles from the shelter, it was clear that her character was one of pride, contentment and care, and we felt that capturing her precious maternity moments through photography would be a wonderful opportunity,” Lauren shared in an interview.

As soon as Mama Pickles arrived at the rescue center, Lauren recognized the potential for a memorable maternity photoshoot, the results of which were undeniably adorable.

And so, the photoshoot began.

Mama Pickles demonstrated impressive modeling abilities and presented a graceful, poised demeanor during the maternity photoshoot. Despite her advanced pregnancy, which made movement challenging, she remained a cheerful and willing participant.

Lauren, the photographer, noted “Mama Pickles displayed a natural aptitude for modeling, although her physique may not be suitable for a traditional runway, she was clearly relishing the attention and affection.”

The most notable obstacle encountered during the photoshoot was Mama Pickles’ tendency to engage in exuberant displays of affection, such as enthusiastic licking. “The most challenging aspect of the shoot was getting her to stop giving us kisses, she was so eager for pets and belly rubs,” Lauren commented.

“The most rewarding aspect was seeing her so overjoyed and content, her tail wagging and tongue lolling. It was a heartwarming experience and I am deeply grateful to the board and volunteers of Pits & Giggles for saving this sweet Mama.”

Mama Pickles gave birth to puppies!

Subsequently to the maternity photoshoot, Mama Pickles successfully gave birth to a litter of eight healthy female puppies. It was deemed appropriate to conduct a follow-up photoshoot featuring the proud new mother and her litter of pups.

During this session, Mama Pickles appeared even more pleased, standing attentively next to her newborns. According to the rescue team, Mama Pickles demonstrated exceptional maternal instincts and provided exemplary care for her offspring.

The puppies were into it too!

“This girly was clearly used repeatedly for breeding and we’re excited to make sure this is her very last litter,” Lauren told Bored Panda.

Could this be any cuter???

Images via Enchanted Hills Photography

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