10 Nonprofit Organizations that are Great in Helping Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, which is precisely why so many men and women take it upon themselves to found nonprofit organizations that are designed specifically to care for dogs. These organizations are not in business to make money. They are in business to help animals. Some nonprofits are designed exclusively for dogs and others are designed to help all types of animals, and dogs merely benefit from that help. Read on to find out more information about 10 great charities that are out to help dogs that are in need, whether they need shelter, food or medical attention.

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The purpose of the ASPCA is to prevent the mistreatment of dogs and other animals all over the world. The ASPCA wants to prevent animal cruelty, so they work hard to provide education, awareness and laws that will help make animal cruelty something punishable by law and deeply unlikely to occur as regularly as it does now. The organization has saved and protected hundreds of thousands of animals in need of help over the years, and their goal is to eventually no longer have any animals to protect and save because it’s no longer a necessity.

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Humane Society

The Humane Society is designed to protect animals of all kind, and they’ve been very good to dogs over the years. Their job is to protect animals from danger and abuse. Part of their mission is to pass laws to make it illegal to harm animals and use them for anything other than caring for them as a family member, to provide assistance to animals when needed and to find homes for animals that are in need of families to love them forever. The Humane Society is one of the largest companies in the country fighting for the rights of dogs and other animals.

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Many people assume PETA is out to ensure that celebrities and wealthy people simply do not wear animals as shoes, handbags or fur coats. And while the nonprofit does believe that animals are not yours to wear, this is not their only goal. The company has made it their mission to ensure that people do not eat, wear or kill animals for their own personal gain and they’ve helped countless dogs. They’ve saved dogs from being used for work purposes that are inappropriate to their nature, and several other different acts of kindness toward our doggie friends, which makes them a great nonprofit.

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World Vets

This is a unique nonprofit organization that does a wonderful job helping animals, particularly dogs. This organization is filled with professional vets that take veterinary students all over the world to learn how to help save animals. They are taught by vets all over the world and taken to countries where there are animals in desperate need of help so that they can get to work and help save these animals from certain death, disease and illness. It’s a wonderful organization that trains and educates future vets so that they may adequately care for our dogs.

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Maddie’s Fund

This amazing nonprofit takes to task the difficult concept of killing animals when there is no longer room to keep them. It’s not a big secret that many animal shelters will take to euthanizing dogs and cats when they are at capacity. They will kill animals that are old, sick, have been there for a long or simply have behavior issues that they no longer want to deal with. Maddie’s Fund works to prevent this from occurring. They work tirelessly to find homes for these animals so that killing them is no longer a requirement.

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Best Friends Animal Society

This particular nonprofit organization is one of the largest of its kind in the country. They don’t just house dogs, either. They house everything from birds to pigs to puppies and kittens. Best Friends Animal Society has one of the largest homes for dogs in the country. The purpose of this nonprofit is to rescue animals in need and provide them with shelter and care until they find their forever families. This is a very strict no-kill facility, which is just one more reason it’s such an amazing place for animals to go when they’re in need of care, a home and some TLC.

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Stray from the Heart

Without a permanent shelter and employees that accept compensation, Stray from the Heart is a great nonprofit dog organization. The loving people behind this particular organization pick up homeless dogs, sick dogs, underfed and under cared-for dogs and they place them with foster families who will work with the dogs and provide them with a safe and loving home until someone comes in and adopts the dog. The people here are truly selfless, working day and night to rescue dogs that are going to be euthanized, die from exposure or are otherwise being neglected at home.

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Aunt Mary’s Doghouse

What’s so awesome about this particular doggy nonprofit is that there is no specific place of business and everyone who works for the organization does so on a volunteer only basis. Dogs that need shelter, have been neglected, abused or given up are taken to Aunt Mary’s Doghouse and placed with a volunteer foster family. Each foster family is carefully screened to ensure that all dogs will have a good home. They are fostered until someone makes the decision to adopt the dogs and take them home to live in a loving home forever.

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Hope for Paws

This Los Angeles-based nonprofit was started eight years ago by two residents of the city. Eldad and Audrey Hagar house and foster dogs that are being mistreated, abused and neglected, and they do it in their own home. They take in as many dogs as they can possibly care for and foster them to health until someone with a good heart and a great home decides to come in and take the dogs to their new forever home. It’s a nonprofit that can always use a little help in caring for their beloved foster dogs.

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Dogs Deserve Better

This is a nonprofit organization that began business to help dogs that are chained. The people that founded this charitable organization did so with the hopes of freeing dogs that are being mistreated and abused. They are currently located in the same place in which NFL star Michael Vick used to house his dogs he used for illegal dog fighting, the Bad Newz Kennels. The nonprofit works daily to ensure that the kennel is transformed into a place dogs are helped, not abused and beaten. They’re desire is to save and rescue dogs in need of kindness.

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