10 of Your Stranger Looking Dog Breeds


Other than a “Mexican Hairless” most dogs don’t really seem to fall under the “unusual” category.  However, there are also so many dog breeds out there that one couldn’t possibly cover them all.  So while it might appear that “strange and unusual” doesn’t fit the bill there’s just too many dogs out there to not find any.   Whether it’s the type of hair, lack of hair, abundance of wrinkles or the many hair color combinations they have, we found 10 dog breeds that could easily be characterized as “strange.”  We hope you enjoy this list!  Also, if you want to check out other strange dog breed articles they can be found at Reader’s Digest, Dog Guide, and Featured Creature.


Bouvier Des Flandres – This dog also goes by the name Vuilbaard, which means ‘dirty beard.’  These are known to be rugged herding dogs.   Personally they just need a little haircut don’t you think?  Why they’re known for dirty beards is odd to us.  They should be known for that patch of hair that covers the eyes.


Cirneco Dell’Etna –  This dog originated in Italy.  They are known for being able to go hours without food or water.  Though we can’t imagine that being necessary if you actually own one.   And obviously they’re known for those ears that just perk up anyone’s day!


Xoloitzcuintli – This is what people commonly know as the Mexican Hairless Dog.  It speaks for itself doesn’t it?  It rare to see a hairless dog whereas cats have three hairless breeds.


Mudi – What makes the Mudi so distinct is that they can have more hair colors than any dog breed.   Almost every color on the spectrum is covered in some way given the exceptional amount of hair color combos these dogs can have.

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Bedlington Terrier – Most people mistake this dog for being a lamb.  And rightfully so.  Have you ever seen a face like that on a dog?  Me neither.  Kind of cute though if you ask me.  Maybe we can pair them up in the barn with some other zoo friends.


Bergamasco – If you take one look at the Bergamasco it should be pretty obvious what the distinguishing feature of this breed is.   Look at that hair.  Dare we say dread locks?  Honestly we can’t think of any other description.  They should call this the “Rasta” dog.


Catalburun – This dog is found primarily in Turkey.   The catalburun is characterized by its “split nose.”  No other dog has a nose like this and we’re glad they don’t.   This breed’s nose was cause by faulty breeding.


Chinese Crested –   Not quite hairless but their hair patterns make it look like a lion.  Apparently these dogs are pretty high maintenance since their skin can dry up pretty easily.


Pumi – The Pumi’s trademark is its ears, which make it appear always alert and very lively.  Add the tongue to that as well.  They always look happy as well as hungry.  Better have a treat ready!


Neopolitan Mastiff – Look at those wrinkles!  Too adorable.   Great dog for guarding your home and family.

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