The 12 Best Dog Breeds to Travel With

It’s not easy to leave your dog behind when you travel, which is why you see so many dogs in carriers in the middle of the airport. Ideally, a small dog that fits in a small carrier that fits beneath your seat on a flight makes the most amazing travel companion of the dog variety, but there are some other dogs that aren’t so bad to travel with. If you are a frequent traveler looking for a canine companion to take with you around the world, you’re going to want to consider one of these 12 easy to travel with breeds.

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These dogs are amazing travel companions. Many people don’t believe this to be true since this particular type of dog is famous for being a bit hyper, but they’re actually great travel companions. They’re small, so they fit in small carriers. This also helps because you can carry your dog onto a plane and avoid large fees associated with placing large dogs in specialized plane compartments. If you’re looking for a small and loyal travel companion, this is the dog breed for you. It’s easy, and enjoyable to travel with this little guy.

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Labrador Retriever

This might not be the kind of dog you want to take on a plane since he is so big and heavy, but he’s going to make a great travel companion. This particular dog is in love with playing. He loves to exercise and run around, and he’s easy to train. What this means for you is that he’s going to love exploring new places with you, but he’s not going to destroy them while you’re there because he’s so obedient and well-behaved. He’s the perfect dog for people who love to take road trips and adventurous vacations.

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Yorkshire Terrier

This is one of the most common dogs in the country. Many people who own dogs own these dogs. They’re small, pretty and very sweet. Their very loyal nature makes them easy to travel with, as they prefer to stick close to mom and dad. What makes them so easy to travel with is the fact that they are small and easy to transport. However, they’re not always good with children, which is what makes them better for older people who like to travel places that don’t have kids. They’ll do well on a flight or in a car, no matter which you choose.

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They’re not small, but they are not large, either. They make great travel dogs because they are loyal and often do not want to leave the side of their owner. It’s reassuring for beagle owners to know they can take their dog virtually anywhere with them and not have to worry that the dog will run off, get hit by a car or go missing in an unfamiliar location. These dogs are very territorial, and if they are not properly trained they are prone to barking at anyone who comes near them, which means travel could sometimes be problematic.

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Golden Retriever

They make great travel dogs because they are big and lovable. They’re easily trainable, which means they’re going to understand when you tell them not to get on furniture in other locations and when to say close and behave. They’re also adventurous, which makes them great animals to take to the beach, the lake, and the mountains. There isn’t a place this dog isn’t going to love running around, except maybe the big city, where he will feel scared, overwhelmed and frequently in danger. Be very careful where you travel with certain animals.

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If you’re a city traveler, this is the dog you want. They’re very small. This makes it easy for owners to carry them around airports and cities without any issue. However, they’re not great dogs for families. They don’t typically enjoy children and have a tendency to nip at people they don’t know or like who get too close. While they make great travel dogs, they will need to stay in carriers aboard flights to prevent them from nipping at other passengers and/or any children you might be near. Additionally, don’t get one if you have kids at home.

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They’re not known for being highly intelligent animals, but they are loyal and they do have fun. They’re great for nature traveling. If you plan on heading to the mountains or woods for some rest and relaxation, this is the dog for you. The only issue with getting a dog of his nature is that you will need to pay for obedience school. They’re not all that smart, which makes them difficult to train. It’s a job that’s best left to the professionals so that it’s done correctly so these dogs make better pets.

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They’re very high-maintenance, which means they’ll travel well. They like quiet and calm surroundings, and they are pretty. They do have an abundance of fur, however, which means that finding time during or between travel to take this poodle to the groomer is an absolute necessity. They’re great for travel if you choose one in a miniature size, since they’ll fit nicely in small carriers under seats in planes or other modes of transportation. They’re very smart dogs, as well, which makes them good learners and listeners. They don’t typically have issues traveling with their families.

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This small dog is a famous hybrid. It’s created by parents that consist of a maltese and a poodle. They’re easy to train, very small and perfect for travel. They love activity and they love people, which makes them good travel companions. However, they’re very small so they’ll fit anywhere you need them to fit while you’re in the midst of traveling. They’re friendly dogs, so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re en routed. They’re fluffy dogs, which means their fur grows quickly and needs to be maintained regularly, even when you’re out and about during your travels.

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Mini Schnauzer

These sweet little dogs make great travel companions. They’re very small and very cute. They’re cuddly, smart and very easy to train. They were originally bred as farm dogs, so they make great companions when you’re headed somewhere of that nature. You’re going to find this particular dog is easy to get along with, easy to train and you’ll find him very easy to travel with. He’s small, so he makes a great carry on if you put him in a bag carrier. This will also save you fees in the airport since heavier dogs cost extra during your travels.

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Shih Tzu

They’re some of the sweetest dogs in the world. They are small, cute and easy to train. They love to be active, but they are also well behaved when you command them. They’re smart, so they train well. You can train your dog to travel well by doing it often, which is great for those who want a dog that won’t cause problems when you’re in the air or on the road. This is one of the fanciest dogs in pop culture right now, so you are bound to see a few of them on your next flight, likely bound for Los Angeles or New York City; and probably in a designer doggie carrier.

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German Shepherd

These are considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. For this reason, they are often trained as police dogs and escort dogs for people with disabilities. They are very calm and always raised to immediately obey any order. They are not excitable and they’re very good with travel. Big groups of people do not make them nervous, and they comply easily. They do like attention, and if you tell them it’s all right to accept attention, it will make them very happy travel companions. If you’re going to travel with a large dog in tow, this is the one to choose.

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