Watch This Rescued Pittie’s Hilarious Way of Letting Her Siblings Know the Bed is Taken

Mya, a rescued brindle pit bull with a big personality, has a unique way of communicating her needs and desires to her owner and dog siblings. According to her owner, Briana Maiola, Mya uses bowls to signal various messages.

When Mya is hungry, she will carry her bowl in her mouth and make noise to let her owners know. She will also pace to a window or door with the bowl and drop it to indicate that she needs to go outside.

Recently, Mya has started using her bowl in a new way – to claim her favorite bed for naps. When Mya wants to take a nap on her favorite bed but isn’t quite ready yet, she’ll drop her bowl on the bed to let her siblings know the spot is taken.

Maiola says that they will often find bowls sitting in beds, on couches, or in other cozy spots, holding Mya’s place until she is ready for a snooze. If Mya’s siblings ignore the bowl and take the spot, she will usually just cozy up on the bed with them anyway.

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Maiola says that every time she sees Mya dropping a bowl on her bed to “hold her place,” she can’t help but smile. Not only are Mya’s unique communication skills amusing, but her siblings’ reactions to the bowl are priceless.

Maiola says that most of the time, Mya’s very patient siblings will respect the bowl and find another spot to lay. However, there are times when the spot is just too good to resist and they will ignore the bowl.

In these cases, Maiola makes sure not to disturb Scrappy and Kekie, since it is their bed too. Most of the time, Mya isn’t fazed by their presence and will just cozy up on the bed anyway.

Despite Mya’s dramatic communication style, Maiola says she is a special and loved member of the family. Maiola describes Mya as the happiest, wiggliest, and most dramatic little dog she has ever met.

She says that Mya has taught her and her family so much, and that she and her siblings, Scrappy and Kekie, are very best friends who are attached at the hip.

When they’re not running around the backyard and playing together, the trio of besties can usually be found snuggling up together for a group nap.

Overall, Mya is a lovable dog with a big personality who uses bowls in a creative and amusing way to communicate her needs and desires to her family.

Her unique method of claiming her favorite bed for naps is just one example of her endearing and amusing personality. It’s clear that Mya is deeply loved by her family and brings joy and laughter to their lives every day.

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