12 Products that Make Traveling with Your Dog Easier

Traveling with your dog can be fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s without stress. Really, traveling in general is cause for a significant amount of stress when you think about packing, preparing your house for your departure and living out of a suitcase for an extended period of time. However, when you add a dog to the mix, you’re just making things even more complicated. That doesn’t mean you should leave your dog behind, however. It just means you should look into investing in a few of these amazing dog products. They are designed to make traveling with your dog easier.

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Car Window Vent

An extendable car window vent is going to make any trip easier when you have dogs to take care of. This is perfect for a road trip or even just a long trip to the airport or your destination when you land. This vent is going to circulate air safely in your car and allow your dog to breathe easily without worry that you’re going to lose anything out the window. The only consideration is that this product is recommended for use only in rear windows. Using it in a front window is not going to allow for proper safety.

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Waste Holder

The Clean Go Pet Waste Bag holder is essential for any type of travel with your dog. Whether you’re in the car or on a plane, you’re going to need to dispose of Spike’s waste as he goes. This bag is perfect because it allows you to keep things held in without allowing anything to escape – like the smell, for instance. The bags clip to leashes and belts to make them easier to carry around. The bags are shaped like dog bones and come in several bright, cheerful colors. They’re perfect for a happy dog who likes color.

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Cooling Fan

If your dog is traveling in the back of a truck or in a plane, he’s going to need something to keep him cool. This is an especially necessary product to have during the summer when the weather is hot and dogs are prone to heat exhaustion and overheating. The Metro Air Force Crate Cooling Fan is perfect for the dog who wants to stay cool in a hot place. It sits right in a crate. The air blows and circulates to keep your dog cool without putting your dog in danger or taking up too much space.

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Portable Dog Bowl

There’s nothing more disgusting than having to use a dish from someone’s kitchen as a dog dish. Homeowners and friends don’t want your dog drinking out of their dishes. So there’s no better suggestion than a portable dog bowl. It’s great for more than just travel, as well. You can use this bowl when you take a walk, head to the park or run errands with your dog. It’s a folding bowl that becomes small and unobtrusive when you’re not using it, which makes it great for travel. Use it in the car, plane or train.

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Tie Kit

When you travel with your dog, you can’t just take him or her anywhere. You’re going to have to leave him or her outside at some point, probably when you’re dining or shopping. Of course, it’s not always easy to find a place to tie your dog and leave him somewhere safe. The Rudducks Tie Out Kit is great for days when you’re out at the park or enjoying time outdoors. It comes with a spiral stake and a three meter cable. This is a great option to use when you’re camping, especially.

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Cool Pad

Dogs get hot when they’re outside. If you are taking a trip to the beach or you’re camping, you’re going to want to get this cool pad to keep your doggie friend safe and cool when you’re in the sun. You don’t have to freeze the cool pad to make it cold, either, which makes it that much more convenient. It automatically cools off when the dog lies on the pad. It helps to reduce your body’s temperature on its own without additional freezing. This makes it easy to use when you’re out and about traveling and enjoying warm weather.

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Seat Covers

This is a product that’s going to make any road trip easier for you and your dog. This seat cover is going to protect the seats of your car from so many doggie issues. It’s not just for dogs that might not be able to hold it on a long ride. It’s for dogs that shed and make a mess in the car. It’s for dogs that might drool. It’s going to save your seats, and it’s going to be something you absolutely must have if you plan on renting a vehicle and using that to transport your animal in the rental car.

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Doggie Bed

You can’t travel anywhere without a doggie bed. If you plan on visiting relatives, they might not love the idea of your dog in their guest room bed. If you’re going to a hotel, you might not want to pay any damages that the hotel may or may not charge based on your dog’s presence in a bed. The best solution for this problem is to purchase a doggie bed. This bed is something you can use when you’re in the car, when you’re at a hotel, when you’re visiting friends and even when you’re at home.

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Retractable Leash

Most people have one of these leashes already, but it’s always a good idea to get one if you don’t already have on in your home. A retractable leash is going to give you the power to keep your dog near or let him or her go far away when you’re out. If you’re in public while traveling, it’s best to keep your dog close. The retractable leash is going to make that job much easier than attempting to keep a long, regular leash close by while walking or enjoying time in an unfamiliar city.

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Whether you’re flying or driving, a kennel is an absolute must on any vacation with any dog. This is going to give you somewhere to put your dog when you can’t control his or her behavior or when you want to control his or her behavior. The kennel will work in the car if the dog starts to get excited or nervous about driving. It will keep him or her out of your lap and in one place. If your dog is flying, a kennel or bag might become necessary for holding purposes. It’s also a good idea to have in hotels in case you have to leave for something.

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Life Jacket

Dogs are notoriously good swimmers, but if you plan on spending a great deal of your time on the water when traveling, it’s imperative you purchase a doggie life jacket. The Outward Hound Pet Saver life jacket is the perfect water solution. Your dog will wear this light weight life vest in the water and on the boat so that he or she is safe in the water. It’s light enough to allow your dog to play comfortably and to prevent overheating or discomfort in the hot sun.

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Pet Car Seat

If you have a smaller lap dog, you might want to consider getting a doggie car seat. It’s the perfect idea for a smaller dog in the center of the back seat or in the front seat. This tall seat is going to allow you to keep your dog contained and comfortable. It’s also good for keeping your dog comfortable as far as body heat goes. Your dog won’t have the opportunity to shed all over your seats, either. Do your dog a favor and get him a doggie car seat to keep him comfortable during your long ride.

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