20 of the Most Adorable Puppies with Spots


If 101 Dalmatians taught us anything, it’s that puppies with spots are by far the cutest puppies in the world. They are seriously so adorable. It’s funny, though, that these are the dogs associated with spotted fur when so many dogs have spots. Of course, the spotted Dalmatian is one that is most prevalent and most commonly associated with the spotted coat, and that’s why people always think of them. For that reason, we thought we’d bring to you some of the most adorable puppies with spots that you’ve ever encountered. And they are not all from the Dalmatian breed, either. Prepare for excessive cuteness.


This little darling has just one spot on the back of his rump and a few smaller spots on his stomach, and we are convinced that he is the sweetest little thing we’ve ever seen.


Not only is this darling little puppy tiny, he has spots, too. We love a dog with spots because it almost seems as if the dog has a bigger and more exciting personality, doesn’t it? I have no idea if this is true or something made up in my  mind, but it’s fun to imagine.


Be still my heart. This is the cutest little dog around. His colors are so unique, his spots so adorable, that I bet there was a fight for this dog when it was time to part him from his family.


This darling pup is a bit more special than the rest for the simple fact that he has an actual heart on his back. It’s not just any old spot; this one is the shape of a heart, and we love that. Pun intended.


Dalmatians, polka dot dogs, fall leaves; all the things that make me happy right now thinking about the fact that fall is quickly approaching and the best time of the year is almost here. So here’s to the sweet Dalmatians who just excited me more than ever.


This little guy looks like he’s giving us a look. Talk about a sassy spotted pup. This one takes the cake in our opinion. And now we want cake.


All right now. Not only does this dog have some spots on his back, he also has what can only be described as a bandit’s mask around his eyes. What a cool pup.


Look at those colorful spots! This dog is beyond adorable, and we have to say that the little dots on his nose might be exactly the reason that we love this dog so much.


With a big black spot on his back, he also has a sweet little black leg. This is not a pattern that we see all that often, and that makes this spotted puppy more adorable than usual.


Go ahead and try and tell me this is not one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen. Forget the bigger dog with the tan spots. We are super excited about the small dog with the dark spots and the little heart-shaped spot on his back. Now that is a sweet dog.


I wonder if all the dogs with the little hearts on their backs are from the same litter? It seems like a really random and very cute thing to have, and there has to be a reason so many of these puppies have hearts on their backs.


These two are so cute that they look almost like sea animals. At first glance their little polka dotted eyes and bodies look like otters, then maybe like they might have some penguin cousins and then maybe like they derive from some sort of species we’ve yet to see.


More Dalmatians make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. These sweet little dogs are so darling that they have to be professional dog models, right?


I don’t know about you, but I do know that this little dog looks like something you might just pick up and keep forever. There is no way on earth that I could even consider putting this dog down if I were to encounter it in any situation. I’d probably take it home right then and there.


The only thing more adorable than a sweet spotted puppy is a litter of sweet spotted puppies. And this litter really does take the cake. I cannot get over how adorable these little pups are with their sweet faces and their darling little dots.


So sweet and so cuddly, just looking at this dog tells me that he needs a home with someone like me; someone who will love him and cuddle him and take him everywhere with me. Okay, I have four kids to take with me, so maybe not, but you know what I mean.


This little guy might not have any obvious spots on him, but he’s so cute we had to include him in the list since he’s got water spots on him from playing hard in that mud puddle. He is a darling little creature and we are totally in love with this one.


With spots in all different colors and with faces like these, it’s hard not to imagine that these are the cutest little puppies in the world. They’re so sweet and so adorable with their little puppy faces. I can’t even stand it.

Photos by imgur and reddit

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