20 German Shepherd Puppies That You’ll Want to Take Home Immediately


When one of my favorite people in the world – she’s like a sister to me – brought home a beautiful German Shepherd named Tucker, I fell instantly in love. Tucker is big, sweet, silly and an absolute doll, and just the most beautiful dog you’ve ever laid eyes on. Tucker is gorgeous, and now I have a sick obsession with German Shepherds. But my husband says that until we learn to potty train our kids, we are not getting another living being in this house that cannot use the bathroom on its own without our assistance – and he’s probably right, though I will deny this if you repeat it to him.  There is something so uniquely special about a German Shepherd and its beautiful personality, and these puppies are about to change the way you look at dogs.


Be still my heart. This is the cutest dog I’ve seen in my entire life, and he’s already well on his way to becoming a hero. It’s all just too much for my heart to handle.


This pup is so much fun chasing this leaf with his sweet little paws that we want to snatch him up right here and bring him home with us.


Who, me? You think I’m adorable? Oh, stop! You’re embarrassing me, really. I can’t help it that I’m picture perfect all the time. I just can’t.


If you cannot see the intelligence and the curiosity in the eyes of this puppy, you are doing it wrong.


Oh my. Babies and German Shepherd puppies all at the same time? Someone needs to tell my ovaries to calm the heck down. I already have four kids and a husband who can no longer have kids, so this could get me into some serious trouble.


This dog look so official and so much like it’s going to save your life that you almost forget he is just a pup.

Photo by Instagram


A warm day calls for any means of cooling off possible, and this pup has the right idea. Even if it is totally gross he’s going to drink the water he just had his feet in a little while from now.

Photo by reddit


Oh boy. These two are too cute together, and now I want them both. Stop this madness!

Photo by Getty Images


These dogs will be the heroes that save lives and change the world one day, but for right now they’re just too cute for words.

Photo by West Midlands Police Department 


Just a small town pup in a small town world, making me a lonely girl since this is absolutely not my dog.

Photo by reddit


Those eyes are currently staring deep into the souls of everyone looking. Turn away while you still can, people.


Does anyone have a clue why this dog is so darn cute? It’s not fair!


The only thing in the world more adorable than one German Shepherd puppy is three German Shepherd puppies, though you can see this for yourself.

Photo by Urma


When a German Shepherd begins to grow up a bit, he makes more friends. And this is a puppy who wants to be the friend of a dog so clearly cool that he cannot even stand it. We agree with the sentiment.


Who is so cool that they are going on a stroll and completely ignoring the doggie photographers following him around to capture his cuteness? This dog that is hopefully on a walk to find my house to live with me.


I’ve never been one to find the lip licking thing appealing when people do it in an effort to be sexy. But this dog has it down pat; he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


When these three grow up and become official police dogs on business, no one is going to want to mess with them. They are their own little gang of absolute adorableness.

My name is puppy, and I like long walks on the park, women with four kids who are desperate to have a dog as cute as me and all things that have to do with living with you. Or maybe I’m just wishing that’s what this one was thinking.


A German Shepherd puppy in a box has to be so sweet. The only thing that makes this dog even sweeter is the fact that I have high hopes that someone is mailing him to me.

Photo by Instagram 

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